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C Files By Ian Beardsley
Paperback: $45.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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In order to model the future we have to understand something about climate science. We look at theories for modeling the future and for climate science. We model in C, and provide the source code.
No More C's By Maurice Patterson
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
No More C’s teaches children about the negative effects of unhealthy eating and the positive effects of eating healthy. Questions are at the end of the book to reinforce what the children have... More > learned.< Less
Sonatina in C By Mike Parker
Paperback: $6.11
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A small sonatina written in the style of the late 18th C, intended to introduce students at a fairly low level of experience to sonata playing. In three movements, each with it's own character, and... More > mood, it makes a gentle introduction to larger works, and a pleasant, and interesting short concert work.< Less
C is for... By mick mercer
Paperback: $32.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sometimes I don’t have enough photos of a band to merit their own book so I create a series of smaller set compilations. This ‘C’ volume contains 944 photo of the following (figure... More > in brackets indicates number of images of that band): Cable (36), Cadaver Finesse (10), Carcrash International (52), The Carpettes (50), Cassandra Complex (3), Casual (27), Cathal Coughlan (4), Catspa (9), Catwalk (31), Cecil (34), Celebration (28), Charge (23), Charlie’s Angels (32), Charlottes (19), Chelsea (62), Cherry 2000 (12), Chicane (38), Chin (19), Chodburger (36), Chuck (38), The Clash (34), Clockwork Dogs (54), Colour Noise (42), Compulsion (16), Conch (51), Concrete Garden (10), Consultants (25), Cosmic 666 (1), Cosmopop (11), Cow (11), Crawling Jesus (19), Cries Of Tammuz (18), Cuckoo Club (26), Cut (47), Cyndi Lauper (4), Cyril Trotts (12).< Less
C17 By angela martz
Paperback: $8.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Lexi was just a normal teenage girl, until the day she was abducted. She was taken into an experimental program that made people into monsters, demons even. While attempting to make the perfect race... More > they found Lezi, and she is the only one that has worked, until she escaped. Soon after her escape she found a home with the creepypastas (eyeless jack, jeff the killer, slenderman, etc.). There she found peace, or was it really? Has Lexi found a home? A love? A new life? Or is everything just going to come crashing down on her once more?< Less
Getting A "C" By Sarah Smith
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Belle sat at the back of the class on purpose. She was at the farthermost corner of the room but right at the end of the isle. She had a mission and she wanted to see it done today – any other... More > day would be a fail. Today was the last day of classes and soon thereafter the grades would be submitted. She knew if she didn’t do anything drastic, she would not pass. Her parents would torture her to death if that happened. Belle had been a very naughty girl of late. She had been skipping school more often than she skipped breakfast. Of course she always asked for some money from her adoring yet strict parents before she left the house. She’d make her way to school, but only to meet up with friends and head somewhere else. They even brought spare clothes so that no one would notice she had been skipping school should they meet anyone they knew.< Less
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Age Verification Required
Code C By Pavitra Gupta
eBook (PDF): $0.00
In societies infiltrated with greed, material gains and people wanting to be at the ‘top’, a small group of modern heroes work diligently to reclaim peace and justice from those criminals... More > who try to own and control it with their own agenda of corruption. This anthology alternates between scaring the simple folk with wild bizarre beliefs and threats and controlling the emotional connect of people. With nothing to lose, the courageous come forward to free society from the clutches of evil. An in-depth original tale of crimes fascinating for all ages< Less
C Is For Community By Use Your Noodle Students
Paperback: $33.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Use Your Noodle is about fun, inclusive, project-based learning. In 2010-2011 over forty students between the ages of five and twelve participated. We made puppets, walked in a parade, helped tend... More > the High Rocks garden, and explored a stream. We also studied community and culture through the collaborative art projects featured in this book.< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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