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Emma By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $1.39
'Emma' was written by Jane Austen in 1816. In all her novels, she is primarily a moral writer, striving to establish criteria of sound judgement and right conduct in human life. In Emma she presents... More > her lesson so astutely and so dramatically, with such a minimum of exposition, that she places extreme demands upon the reader's perceptiveness. Get ready for Jane Austen’s sparkling comedy of manners with wit and vivacity, that brings the characters to life. Mr. Woodhouse worries and frets, Miss Bates chatters on, and Emma blithely manipulates and misunderstands her friends and family until she finally learns her lesson!< Less
The Glorious Effervescence of Blubbo By Don Reis
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Two young scaly skinned humos, Zarchia and Ambo decide to help their friens, Aandt find his missing older brother, Yaart. This invoves a dangerous journey through the pipo system on their world where... More > everything is powered by a pink substance known as Blubbo. On their journey they are attacked by a giant serpents, web making creatures called Greuba Greulas, and finally invado humos from the neighbouring territory. On their journey they pick up mysterious travelling companions, a white creature that seems to be able to disappear and reappear almost instantly and a conically shelled humo of the type known as a Weinisplat whom they name Babblo because of her incessant chattering. They are rescued by a part of Soldats led by the veteran,Newtobero.< Less
The White Company By Arthur Conan Doyle
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The great bell of Beaulieu was ringing. Far away through the forest might be heard its musical clangor and swell. Peat-cutters on Blackdown and fishers upon the Exe heard the distant throbbing rising... More > and falling upon the sultry summer air. It was a common sound in those parts—as common as the chatter of the jays and the booming of the bittern. Yet the fishers and the peasants raised their heads and looked questions at each other, for the angelus had already gone and vespers was still far off. Why should the great bell of Beaulieu toll when the shadows were neither short nor long?< Less
October Queen By John Blackard
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John Blackard has been influenced by the Voice of America, his love of all-night diner short order call-and-response, and his active participation in on-field baseball chatter. He is known for the... More > unexpected music of free-radical syllabics and his rhetoric of serial disinformation. Inspite of these shortcomings, he has somehow managed to obtain advanced degrees in English Studies and Library & Information Studies; have a career in teaching and librarianship; and receive Fulbright and NEH fellowships. He lives with his wife, the poet Valentina Gnup, in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit< Less
Cannabis Shamanism By Penelope Stewart
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Cannabis has been utilize for thousands of years to help humans spiritual develop,thought it can be challenge and the right skill set to work with cannabis. There are number of factors at play,... More > strain, dosage, attitude toward plant, state of mind, and body during the time of usage.The setting is the most important factor when using cannabis for your spiritual development, you as a practitioner must attain the ability to still the mind from busy chatter. This book contains several techniques in helping others amplify spiritual work, enhance group rituals, and attain spiritual insight.< Less Platform Fundamentals By
eBook (PDF): $0.00 Fundamentals is an introduction to the platform, designed to lead the reader through the functionality provided natively by the platform. The book walks the reader... More > through the creation of a standard recruiting application. This book covers designing and creating objects, modifying the appearance of the standard interface, the security scheme, using Chatter, reporting on your data, and using workflows and approvals. The book also introduces Visualforce, sites, and other advanced features. Normally priced at $29.60 we are offering it here for half price!< Less
The Power Of The Present Moment By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $4.99
It's important to learn about awakening out of the egoic brain and living in the here and now.This book is intended to assist you do just that.The chapters are reminders that may be read in any... More > order.We all need reminders to be more present in our lives to our true experience and brush aside what is damaging and takes away from real happiness,which is the chattering of the egoic mind.“The Power Of The Present Moment”looks into The Egoic Mind,Understand,What's Important,Experience Self and How To Live In The Here and Now...< Less
Quieting the Mind - Controlling Your Thoughts to Control Your Life! By Tommy Rogers
eBook (ePub): $0.99
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This book can help everyone improve their thinking for a less stressful and a happier lifestyle. I have battled pessimistic thinking habits, anxiety, and depression. If you have had no success on... More > creating a healthier and overall more pleasant state of mind, this book will teach you not only how to quiet the mental chatter of every day life but also help promote positive thinking habits that will create a positive mentality. The best part is overtime this will become more automated subconsciously with daily practice and require less and less energy daily. Small daily mental and physical thought patterns to help promote a more positive and confident lifestyle.< Less
Cyber Fraud Online: Have Reports of Online Ad Fraud Been Greatly Exaggerated? By diane hult
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Nobody debates that online advertising has a fraud problem. But as chatter about it reverberates around the industry, some executives now claim the issue is being exaggerated. A portion of online... More > ads can never actually be seen by real consumers, largely because of scammers that use non-human “bot” traffic or “invisible” ads to cheat marketers out of ad dollars. But questions about the size and severity of the issue remain unanswered. It’s essentially impossible to quantify what percentage of ads is fraudulent across the entire Web, or to estimate the number of ad dollars being wasted as a result.< Less
Instant Info Riches By Allan Wilson
eBook (PDF): $25.00
This is a step-by-step action course designed to provide you with a simplified approach to producing, packaging and promoting your own information products. You can really get rich from information... More > products if you diligently apply the strategies revealed in this course. There are no fluff or fillers here and each strategy is given to you in a straight-forward manner. Short and sweet it’ll be, I won’t want to bore you with useless chatter too. Information product marketing is not a complicated process, this course is kept 3rd grade simple to show you just how easy it is.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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