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Fishing for Palmer in What Cheer By Todd Waters
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FISHING FOR PALMER IN WHAT CHEER - The story of Old Dad Chiro in What Cheer, Iowa. The Chiro-picker's second book in a series of four of the founder of Chiropractic D.D. Palmer. This book covers the... More > years Fish Palmer lived in What Cheer Iowa 1882-1886. Palmer owned a grocery store and sold fifty varieties of fresh fish. Of interest to Chiropractic historians are new details of the birth of B.J. Palmer the developer of Chiropractic. Also new discoveries are revealed about B.J.'s mother Louvenia Palmer and Palmer's third wife Martha Henning.< Less
CHASING D.D. - D.D. PALMER IN THE NEWS 1886-1913 By Todd Waters
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The Chiro-picker, Todd Waters, who brought you Chips From Sweet Home—Writings of D. D. Palmer 1869 -1881, has not finished telling the story of Old Dad Chiro. Chasing D. D. follows Palmer's... More > fascinating life as a Magnetic Healer to his death as the Founder of Chiropractic. This book of compiled newspaper stories, along with Palmer's letters and articles, attempts to chronicle Old Dad's activities and treks across America. It is true that Palmer discovered Chiropractic and was instrumental in developing its philosophy; however, the Big Idea he ignited took on a life of its own that could not be controlled. This is the story of Chiropractic's beginning and the rise and fall of its founder, Daniel David Palmer — a man who believed he was right. Chasing D.D.— D.D. Palmer in the News 1886-1913.< Less
The Casters - Magnetic Healers By Todd Waters
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Dr. Paul Caster Ottumwa's famed magnetic healer was a firm believer in the Deity. He also believed that his strange power was a divine gift and, unlike some later healers, he did not believe that it... More > could be taught to another, but must come to each one from the same high source. Before his death he became firmly convinced that his son, Jacob, possessed the same power, and urged him upon his deathbed, to take up the work where he was compelled to lay it down, predicting that in so doing alone would lie his future success in life. His son in 1889, carried out his father's wishes by engaging in the work as a public healer and is carrying it forward at Burlington in a manner not only creditable to himself, but also to the reputation of his noted father.< Less
When is a Subluxation? By B.J. Palmer
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As a collector of Chiropractic relics I often come across old items that are unidentified, never categorized, nor placed into the cannon of our Chiropractic history. Such is the case when six leafs... More > of very old hand-typed, newsprint came into my possession entitled “WHEN IS A SUBLUXATION?” by ---“B.J.” This lecture from 1932 explores the question that had troubled B.J.'s mind: “The Periodicity of Disease and Subluxation.” Herein B.J. attempts to scientifically solve the problem "When is a Subluxation?" As such, I am pleased to present this rescued piece of Chiropractic history and preserve it for posterity. Todd Waters –Chiro-Picker< Less

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