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Analysis of the Change of Organizational Structure in Higher Education Institutions: The Transition of the Role of the Chief Human Resource Officer at a Research Extensive University By Dr. Kevin L. Clarke
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Recent significant events have brought the role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) position within higher education institutions to the forefront of analysis of the benefits it provides to... More > the institution. This research investigated three aspects of the elevation of the CHRO to the position of Vice President that reported directly to the President. The aspects investigated were the process by which the decision was made to initiate the elevation; the actual process by which the position was implemented as applied to three cultural change frameworks; and the effects on the university caused by the elevation of the CHRO to the Vice Presidential level. Recommendations of this study provide evidence of improved frameworks to implement the administrative change, and the potential benefits from the elevation of the CHRO to the Vice President level.< Less
Human Capital Trends 2012 By Deloitte Touche
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This year, it is clear that businesses are calling on HR to leap ahead and help manage change in the face of complex challenges that touch so many parts of the enterprise. Understanding the 2012... More > Human Capital Trends — what they mean for both leading HR and for leading the business — is a great place to start. The Deloitte report examines the broad impacts of eight human capital trends that are reshaping both HR in the business – and the business of HR. It highlights which trends will have the most potential to impact businesses over the next 18-24 months.< Less
The Gikkie Bokkers Book One By Jason Conway
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Jason Conway’s first published novel is a spectacular mythical tale of an ancient world inhabited by immortal creatures. Their existence is only revealed to the chosen few down the... More > centuries. Now however their covert parallel environment is under threat from human interference. Old Hugo Muckbucket renounces his hunting career and seeks a new life of adventure. On holiday in his childhood wexford he overhears a story of goblins, demons and lady warriors told by a crazy old ex priest. Reinvigorated by the old mans tales he hires him as a guide and sets off in pursuit of these creatures. Along the way Hugo finds himself confronted by his past, learns about his missing father and faces the consequences of his actions in a magical land were the hunter now becomes the hunted. This wondrous tale is suitable for readers of all ages and has philosophical and moral aspects that will appeal to the more open-minded and spiritual.< Less