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Clouds By Giulio Gonella
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Polaroid Nuvole
Clouds13 By Massimo Barbaro
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A year of Clouds. 2013. Photography by Massimo Barbaro. Quadrichromy.
NW photography By Andi Bowe
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A Journey through time and space...
Long Exposure Photography - Photography Compact By Markus Kapferer
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Learn how to create dynamic, photographic artworks. Dive into the exciting world of long exposure photography and create stunning photographic artworks. The author puts many useful tips in a nutshell... More > and created a comprehensive and easy to read guide. This book will help you to bring your photography to a new level. You will learn about the equipment you need, the technique to create long exposures, the post processing in Photoshop and you will also get lot's of examples. Table of contents: Intorduction My definition of long exposure photography Equipment Shooting Technique Composition Cloud Formations Post Processing Inspiring Examples< Less
Cloud13 (ebook) By Massimo Barbaro
eBook (PDF): $13.60
A year of Clouds. 2013. Photography by Massimo Barbaro. Quadrichromy.
Clouds on my mind, in the sky. By AA Reyes
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collection of photographs of CLOUDS over eastern seaboard of the United States
What's Up? Clouds! By MJ Griffith
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Your mind will love this book! Let your imagination discover shapes within fluffly white clouds. Fun for all ages!
eBook (PDF): $17.99
“CLOUDS: Collection One” is Nawfal Johnson Nur's first series of 13 cloud formation photographs, captured during November and December 2011. Nawfal has observed that many wonderful... More > stormy clouds seem to form near the ocean and this is good for cloud photography as he lives near the ocean, on Penang Island, Malaysia. The dimensions of this 'eFolio' of Black & White cloud photographs is 13" x 12". This work would not normally be considered an eBook. Rather, this electronic compilation is an 'electronic Folio' (eFolio)of images. Folio is a term used often by photographer and editor of LensWork magazine, Brooks Jensen. This work is a beginning for Nawfal Johnson Nur, to look more seriously at clouds as a photographic subject. Clouds are ever-changing and wonderful subjects, but it takes patience and some technical skills to get the results one desires. Nawfal's main goal was to capture cloud formations that could be interpreted in photographs using a full-range of Black & White tones.< Less
eBook (PDF): $17.99
CLOUDS – COLLECTION TWO is a new photography series by Photographer, Nawfal Johnson Nur, showcasing cloud formations of extreme forms and interesting shades of gray. The CLOUDS –... More > COLLECTION TWO series includes 15 photographs that were created between December 2011 and January 2012. All of the photographs were taken from Penang Island, Malaysia. Nawfal says that when he looks up to the sky, he wants to see clouds—of course—but behind and through the clouds, he wants to see intense rays of sunshine, and he wants to capture the fringe of the clouds on fire, which is caused by the powerful light of the midday sun blasting the clouds from the background. That is the visual magic of this collection of cloudscapes.< Less
A Day in the Life of Cloud By Larry Degala
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A compilation of photographs of clouds. A special feast for the eyes! (Please note that the book preview may appear in 16-bit / 256 colors; the photographs in the book, however, are in full color,... More > 127 pages). This book is suitable for all ages. Please visit my storefront for the new book-- "ANIMALIA ANGELICUS: A Romantic Tragedy from the Animal Kingdom" . . . *****Also coming soon! "ANIMALIA ANGELICUS REVISITED: The Tale of Ms. Kat." And in the third and final installment, "ANIMALIA ANGELICUS REQUIEM: House of Ullyses."< Less

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