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Cyber Infrastructure Protection [Enlarged Edition] By Tarek Saadawi et al.
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This book provides an integrated view and a comprehensive framework of the various issues relating to cyber infrastructure protection. It provides the foundation for a long-term policy and roadmap... More > for cyber security as well as technology challenges. The book is divided into three main parts. The first part deals with strategy and policy issues related to cyber security. It provides a cyber power theory, discussion of Internet survivability as well as large scale data breaches and the role of cyber power in humanitarian assistance. The second part covers social and legal aspects and discusses the attack dynamics of political and religiously motivated hackers. The third part discusses the technical aspects including the resilience of data centers, intrusion detection, and with strong focus on IP-networks.< Less
Cyber Infrastructure Protection: Volume II (Enlarged Edition) By U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
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Increased reliance on the Internet and other networked systems raise the risks of cyber attacks that could harm our nation’s cyber infrastructure. The cyber infrastructure encompasses a number... More > of sectors including the nation’s mass transit and other transportation systems, banking and financial systems, factories, energy systems and the electric power grid, and telecommunications, which increasingly rely on a complex array of computer networks, including the public Internet. However, many of these systems and networks were not built and designed with security in mind. Therefore, our cyber infrastructure contains many holes, risks, and vulnerabilities that may enable an attacker to cause damage or disrupt cyber infrastructure operations. Threats to cyber infrastructure safety and security come from hackers, terrorists, criminal groups, and sophisticated organized crime groups; even nation-states and foreign intelligence services conduct cyber warfare.< Less
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REVEALED! THE SECRETS TO PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM CYBER-CRIMINALS A plain-English, no-nonsense business owner’s guide to protecting yourself and your business from the dark side of the... More > internet.< Less
Cyber Defamation Laws By shahid jamal tubrazy
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Defamation laws protect people from untrue, damaging statements. They provide important recourse for people whose careers, reputations, finances and/or health have been damaged by the harmful... More > statements. However, defamation law often intersects with laws that protect freedom of speech, guaranteed by the Constitution. So, just as it is important to protect people from the harms that untrue statements may cause, it is also important to protect speakers so that they may speak freely without fear of reprisal. Cyber defamation is not a specific criminal offense, misdemeanor or tort, but rather defamation or slander conducted via digital media, usually through the Internet. Penalties for "cyber defamation" vary from country to country, but the fundamental rights covered in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and European Union Fundamental Human Rights. Stopping or addressing defamation can be difficult< Less
Best eBook on Cyber Security By Anonymous
eBook (PDF): $4.69
Everything you wanted to know about... Discover The Strategies To Protecting Your Internet Security! Are you worried about your security when you go online? Do you panic at the thought of your kids... More > on the internet? Have you always wanted to buy items online but were afraid that you would get your information stolen? Do you worry about computer hackers? You are not alone. Most people, including myself, worried when the internet was first introduced to us. Even today, there are many people who are afraid of the internet and the idea of "letting strangers into their home." No longer will you be afraid of using the computer, instead, you will embrace it!< Less
Cyber Terrorism: A Guide for Facility Managers By Joseph F. Gustin
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In the current climate of terrorism, the facility manager is in a more critical position than ever before. Protecting the organization's infrastructure from cyber-based attacks that are designed to... More > disrupt and/or destroy business operations is becoming increasingly important for facility managers. Renowned author and instructor, Joseph F. Gustin (author of Disaster & Recovery Planning), in this new timely book, addresses cyber terrorism and other forms of terrorist activity, including mailroom security, bomb threats, and the constant attack from viruses, hackers and other invasive programs. Also covered in detail are the necessary steps for prevention, how to assess vulnerability, emergency preparedness, prevention strategies, and incident response and recovery.< Less
CYBER SECURITY: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Safety By $2 Publishing House
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Discover The Strategies To Protecting Your Internet Security! This book gives yo step by step details on everything that you need to know about staying safe online. It even discusses such aspects... More > like cyber bullying and how to prevent anyone from getting information from your online bank account. It is your one stop shop for all things regarding cyber security. If you follow the advice in this book, you are guaranteed to be safe online!< Less
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare: The New Frontier of Warfare By Daniel Garrie et al.
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FOREWORD Cyber Warfare, What are the Rules? By Daniel B. Garrie ARTICLES Cyber Attacks and the Laws of War By Michael Gervais If You Wish Cyber Peace, Prepare for Cyber War: The Need for the... More > Federal Government to Protect Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Warfare. By Michael Preciado They Did it For the Lulz: Future Policy Considerations in the Wake of Lulz Security and Other Hacker Groups’ Attacks on Stored Private Customer Data By Jesse Noa A New Perspective on the Achievement of Psychological Effects from Cyber Warfare Payloads: The Analogy of Parasitic Manipulation of Host Behavior By Dr. Mils Hills< Less
Protection From Brand Infection By CMO Council
eBook (PDF): $199.00
The new Protection from Brand Infection report explores the degree to which senior global marketers are sensitized to, and concerned about, brand hijacking, product piracy, cyber fraud, and other... More > Internet reputation risks, and it quantifies the impact these incidents are having on brand trust, confidence, credibility and affinity among consumers, channels and business partners. Through both enterprise and consumer research, it also identifies best practices for pre-empting digital and/or physical counterfeiting and containing or mitigating the resulting damage to bruised or battered brands. The full report includes conversations with leading global marketers about the strategies and effectiveness of resources, solutions, and services being employed in the both the detection and protection of brand infection worldwide.< Less
Protection Résidente By Sidney Z.Romus
eBook (PDF): $6.35
Fin du XXI ème siècle. Dans une Europe Fédérée affaiblie par les catastrophes naturelles passées, la plupart des habitants se sont réfugiés... More > dans d'immenses mégapoles protégées contre les cybercriminels. Ceux-ci trompent leur ennui en s'immergeant dans "l'Agora Sacrée", véritable monde entièrement virtuel où tous les rêves sont possibles, et où chacun partage ses ressentis. Cependant un homme envieux de leur confort trouvera le moyen de forcer les serrures pour pénétrer dans l'enceinte parisienne, provoquant ainsi l'événement historique le plus marquant de tous les temps. A cheval entre policier et anticipation, ce récit, inspiré d'une documentation scientifique détaillée, mêle réalisme, virtualité et situations rocambolesques pour nous plonger dans un monde insolite.< Less