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The Life & Times Of Jake C. See By Carl Callaway
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A Folk Memoir of Jake C. See of San Luis Obispo California The story of Jake C. See is the stuff of legend during the early days of the California frontier when San Luis Obispo was cow... More > country―a time ruled by cattle ranchers and the cowboy way, where the vigilante’s rope and the law of the gun prevailed. This particular story originated with Rachel Jane See whose family adopted the orphaned Jake while crossing the Great Plains by covered wagon train on the way to California. Considered the “Robin Hood” of the West by friends and the Devil incarnate by the rest, Jake (as history tells) was eventually arrested and convicted of sheep rustling but served only one year of a four year term after local residents petitioned the governor for his early release. The paper reported that Jake died of influenza in the same year but this story tells a different tale of his final demise and colorful life.< Less
The Long Way Home By Lindsey Castellano, Jessica Castellano
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Heartfelt, powerful, & often melancholy, the music & photos of Don Castellano tell the story of an ordinary man with extraordinary talents. Don came of age in a working class family in... More > New Jersey, where he learned to make a living with his hands & attended Rutgers University for literature. In the early ‘70s Don bought a Martin guitar, moved to Northern California & began writing music. Inspired by his surroundings & his tumultuous young adult life, Don’s song writing developed quickly. His stirring & honest lyrics chronicled his exploration of himself, the world, & his quest to find love. In the 1980s Don met & married his wife Betsy with whom he has two children, Lindsey & Jessica. Don passed his love of music on to his daughters who are talented musicians in their own right. Don Castellano now lives in the house he built himself in Honesdale, Pennsylvania where he owns and runs Northern Light Natural Foods. He is still writing music with his Martin guitar.< Less
Purple Silk in Andromeda By Alan Anderson
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Aaron Grey had low expectations of this world and lived life accordingly. He sought a home he could not find, a love he dare not imagine. He wondered why the world wasn’t a better place and why... More > people seemed in decline. Aaron Grey knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put his finger on it until a mysterious girl revealed all to him in a most remarkable way. This compelling and unusual story of love, friendship, tragedy, and finally the ultimate discovery available to us all is told across three continents and through the lives of some very extraordinary people—Dr. Emile De Broglie, Nobel Laureate astronomer and Dr. Hernando De La Croix, Nobel Laureate economist—and others who seem to be just plain folks. If you’ve ever questioned why things seem to be a little off, why the world isn’t a better place, you may find your answer here, or at the very least, shelter from the inevitable rising storm we all must weather and learning why in Purple Silk in Andromeda: A Cosmic Romance of Life on Earth.< Less
The Pearl By John Steinbeck
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The Pearl is a novel by American author John Steinbeck. It is the story of a pearl diver, Kino, and explores man's nature as well as greed and evil. Steinbeck's inspiration was a Mexican folk tale... More > from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. In 1947, it was adapted into a Mexican film named La perla. The story is one of Steinbeck's most popular books and has been widely used in high school classes. When Coyotito, a very young child, is stung by a scorpion, Kino, his father, must find a way to pay the town doctor to treat him. Shortly thereafter, Kino discovers an enormous, lucid pearl which he is ready to sell to pay the doctor. Everyone calls it "the pearl of the world, " and many people begin to covet it. That very night Kino is attacked in his own home. Determined to get rid of the pearl, the following morning he takes it to the pearl buyers in town.< Less