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Cleaning for their lives By Ian Cosgrove
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Working in the United Kingdom as a cleaner pays one man enough to live on and still send money to Cambodia to support a further ten people.
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War and love and resentment and penitence. Gain and loss. AWAY FROM HOME SEASON tells you about the life of young Vietnamese soldiers in the Cambodia-Thailand frontier during the Eighties. From the... More > firing-hot experiences of the author as a Vietnamese veteran in Cambodia, lots of moving details about the war and tear-breaking love stories between the young Vietnamese and young Khmer girls will make you smile and laugh and shed tears. Why and why and why? Read it! And you will find many questions which have no answers long ago seem to be unchanged now all over the world. Yet what that may stay in your mind for a long time is the real and true meaning of war and love and separation.< Less
Thailand, A Land of Elephants and Other Wonders By Linda Hester
eBook (PDF): $2.99
An illustrated full-color children's book to be used as an introduction to culture and travel in Asia. It includes highlights of the country and references to its money, alphabet, religion, king,... More > Thai boxing, snakes, culture, hill people, monks, and Thai exports. To pique children's interest and lead to further research on the subjects introduced. A softbound published copy may be purchased by contacting< Less
Gramma Was Born In Long Xuyen By Terrah Tullie & and children
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A wonderful simply put book based on Vietnam,colorfully illustrated by children-for children & adults.Portraying the way of life in Vietnam.A lesson about the daily life, Vietnam war &... More > history, the New Year holiday,products & crops,people and much more.Come take a trip over the seas and through the tropical forests to the beautiful country of Vietnam.< Less
We Are Off - The Journal By Fredrik Stenshamn & Heather Stenshamn
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How often do you dream about just forgetting about your job, your apartment, your furniture, all your… stuff, and just grab a backpack and wander the earth? And how many times does it remain... More > just a dream? This is the true story about a couple that was not content leaving it just a dream, but actually did it. Heather and Fredrik circled the globe on the trip. They traveled across Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and North America for one full year and stepped foot in twenty countries. But it became more than just sightseeing. They learned about countries, cultures, and people, but also about their friends – old and new – and themselves. It was never certain how the trip would end, but as the journey progressed, it became even more uncertain where...< Less
Nope, It's Real By Nope It's Real 2014
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Creating this book wasn’t in our plan, and staying two months in red light districts was definitely never part of our plan. However, when you stare reality in the face, or in our case, wake up... More > next door to it; you have the chance to change your plans. We didn’t do anything drastic or noteworthy, we never busted down a brothel door or planted secret cameras, in fact our response was shockingly small- we simply decided to make ourselves available. We shrank down our judgments and walked up willing to be fully there, to listen, to speak, and to understand. The voices of the women sounded surprisingly like our sisters and mothers, the voices of the men like our fathers and brothers. We make this book for ourselves, in order to remember these people and to remember the face of our God whom we saw in the midst of it. These pages of art are our reactions to the darkness and the heaviness, as well as the resounding joy and forgiveness that live in these two countries.< Less
Angkor: Eighth Wonder of the World By Andrew Forbes et al.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
For much of the second half of the 20th century Cambodia was racked by war and famine. Considered a sideshow in the Vietnam War, the country was nevertheless invaded by both North and South Vietnam,... More > bombed to smithereens by the United States, and—worst of all—ruled, between 1975 and 1979, by Pol Pot’s genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. Things were so bad that the very name Cambodia became synonymous with pain and suffering. Yet it was not always so. Before its rice fields were stained with blood, Cambodia was celebrated as a land of fertile tranquility where a Buddhist people continued the myriad artistic and cultural traditions of the old Khmer Empire, exemplified by the extraordinary temple of Angkor Wat, surely the Eighth Wonder of the World. Angkor has to be seen to be believed. It is the largest religious site in the world and the major cultural and historical attraction in all of Southeast Asia. 20,000 words, 81 contemporary images, 18 historic images, 7 maps< Less
Youth Around the World By Marilyn Wertheimer
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This book contains pictures of young people, some in unusual settings, in locations including eastern and western Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean, North Africa, the former Soviet Union, east and... More > southeast Asia, and the south seas. All pictures are reproduced from 35mm slides on Kodak film with no enhancement or cropping. Marilyn Wertheimer especially enjoys taking photos of children, because they either don’t seem to care one way or the other or, more often, like to have their pictures taken. And their parents frequently take special pleasure in showing them off.< Less
Oriental Tales - volume 1 By Jason Gaskell
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Oriental Tales is a quarterly magazine devoted to showcasing entertaining and thought-provoking travel stories from East Asia. This book anthology features a collection of 19 of the best short... More > stories from the magazine - written by 16 authors from all over the world. This is not a travel guide. Authors document their experiences from a particular region by presenting a microcosm of events, intended to spark readers’ imaginations and curiosities about their travel destinations throughout Asia. A sliver of a culture and a snapshot of a people – that is what this collection is all about. And from the unique perspective of the adventurous traveller— Oriental Tales brings you prose travel entertainment. * This volume, edited by Jason Gaskell and illustrated by Hyomin Hwang, features stories from Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, and Malaysia< Less
Now I Can Sit With the Old Men - Journeys on the Road to Wisdom By Margaret L. Bishop
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If you set foot in one hundred lands, you can sit with the old men, say the people of West Africa, where age is equated with wisdom. The acknowledgement that travel imparts wisdom lies at the heart... More > of this engaging, poignant, non-fiction book of global adventure, misfortune, insight, inspiration, and reward. Using rich descriptions to paint colorful tableaux, the author carries the reader on her journeys as she recounts highlights of her personal experiences, keen observations, and a few lessons learned in nearly two decades of traveling, living, and working in some of the poorest, most challenging, most dangerous, and most interesting countries around the world. Travel with her to Cambodia, Mali, Costa Rica, Tajikistan, the United States, Rwanda, Iraq, and more in this quick but delightful read.< Less

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