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Illustrated Biographies: Albert Camus By Marie Publications
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He is well known for his absurdist ideas of life and the philosophy which is very hard to ignore. Albert Camus was born on 7 November 1913 in Drean (then known as Mondovi) in French Algeria to a... More > Pied-Noir settler family; he was a French Algerian author, philosopher, journalist and footballer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957. He was a key philosopher of the 20th-century and his most famous work is the novel L'Étranger (The Stranger).< Less
Words of Wisdom: Albert Camus By Students' Academy
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Albert Camus is considered as one of the greatest writers and philosophers from France. This Nobel Prize winning writer and journalist contributed greatly to the philosophy known as absurdism. The... More > Rebel is one of his most famous essays. He writes that he devoted his entire life to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving deeply into individual and sexual freedom. In literary and philosophic circles, Albert Camus draws deep respect and admiration. Besides being a great writer and philosopher, he was a very powerful orator. Through his precise diction and powerful sentences and thoughts, he often left his listeners amazed. Several of his witty lines and ingenious thoughts have become very popular quotes. The present book Words of Wisdom: Albert Camus includes hundreds of intelligent lines spoken or written by this great writer. They are bound to educate and entertain the prospective readers.< Less
One Year Membership Booklet By Camus Society
eBook (PDF): $16.28
One year membership of the Albert Camus Society. All the required information is contained within this booklet. To complete your membership application please follow the instructions printed inside.
The Plague By Albert Camus
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Nobel prize-winning Albert Camus, who died in 1960, could not have known how grimly current his existentialist novel of epidemic and death would remain. Set in Algeria, in northern Africa, The... More > Plague is a powerful study of human life and its meaning in the face of a deadly virus that sweeps dispassionately through the city, taking a vast percentage of the population with it. This edition contains extensive overviews of both the author and the novel.< Less
Muhammad the Prophet Miracles and signs of prophet hood By Alfred Camus
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This book is a collection of authentic texts that recount; miracles and wonders performed by the prophet Muhammad, all the texts contained in this book are authentic from a historical perspective,... More > collected from the most important collections of Islamic tradition. I included in my book texts that explicitly tell miracles or contain facts and stories that attest the veracity of the Muhammadan claim. this book is the only one that contain only the authentic texts, all other books that fit in the same category present all the existing texts in the sources without separating fact from fiction nor even mention the degree of authenticity of these texts, leaving the reader in front of an infinite number of stories, which sometimes if not often fall under the myth and legendary.< Less
Webster's Albert Camus Picture Quotes By Penelope Webster
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This book of picture quotes from Albert Camus. Motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, and pure wisdom!
Madding Mission "Camus In Alphabet Soup" Jotter Book By DESMOND KON
Paperback: $9.90
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“Camus In Alphabet Soup” is a Madding Mission Jotter Book. Created by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, the Madding Mission Series encourages hypergraphia. It thinks Plath writes... More > awesome poems. Plath should have met Dickinson. Dylan Thomas too. Shelley. Poe. Lord Byron. Artaud and Baudelaire. Who can forget Hart Crane? Versus Eliot. John Berryman and Robert Lowell, who knew they joined these ranks? And of course, Celan. Whitman, whose “right hand points to landscapes of continents, and a plain public road…. Perhaps it is everywhere on water and on land.” Together they would write great things, Plath thinks out loud, to no one in particular. She has brought her pen to paper. There is madness in the method, and sometimes a little bit or a whole lot of genius too.< Less
Camus l'incompris By Robert Davezac
Paperback: $9.91
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Ma conférence s’attache à démontrer qu’Albert Camus était loin de l’image qu’il a laissée dans la mémoire collective de ses... More > contemporains, qu’ils soient Métropolitains ou Français d’Algérie. Je ne m’attache pas, bien entendu à sa pensée philosophique ou ses talents d’écrivain. Ce qui m’a conduit dans ma recherche historique, c’est de suivre sa relation avec ses compatriotes Pieds-noirs et son pays depuis ses premiers écrits dans Alger républicain en 1934 sur la Kabylie jusqu’à son dernier ouvrage publié de son vivant Les chroniques algériennes et son œuvre posthume Le premier homme. C’est un regard d’historien qui est porté sur cet itinéraire qui est beaucoup moins fluctuant que d’aucuns le disent. C’est bien au contraire un itinéraire rectiligne, même si un temps il s’était éloigné de ses racines, qui le caractérise par rapport à l’Algérie et surtout ses habitants. Thèse : La montée des violences dans le Grand Alger (01/06/1958-30/04/1961)< Less
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This book tells the story of treasure hunter, born adventurer, one wolf sea and former Marine who is a team initially made up of seven people. Pyerry the commander of the Iceberg and his crew, his... More > friends, including his son Flanklyn hover over a personal conspiracy on and I believe that it was the crew!The girlfriend of his son Ariell is part of the conspiracy and indirectly crew people close to compose the rest of the cast!In one night the crew get valuable information about the Enchanted River! A supposedly full of riches river, especially with large and unknown dangers to be faced by explorers your visitors! Travel to the Gulf of Bengali but in mind as soon return brave the Enchanted River! Who will survive? Who will return tired of riches this trip the The Enchanted River?< Less
El extranjero By Albert Camus
eBook (PDF): $3.09
Todo comienza con la muerte de su madre. Meursault que se encuentra en Argel, ciudad donde desempeña un trabajo sin ambición, sin futuro; una vida sin metas, sin deseos, tiene que... More > viajar unos cuantos kilómetros, para despedicirse de su madre. Allí muestra una actitud poco usual para la mayoría de la gente que lo juzga, inhumano, ya que, en vez de preocuparse por su madre, solo se fija en el cansancio que siente, en el calor que lo abruma, pero nunca menciona ningún dolor, por el acontecimiento, que para muchos es muy triste y doloroso. Considerado para el solo como un trámite, regresa a Argel, su vida no sufre ningún cambio por la muerte de su madre, y es de entender, ya que tenía varios meses de no vivir con ella, y ni si quiera ir a visitarla. Su vida, lleva un tono de aburrimiento perpetuo impresionante, a pesar de tener un romance con María, antigua mecanógrafa de su oficina, su vida, su persona parece no tener ningún sentimiento, ni de tristeza ni de felicidad...< Less

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