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Mars Colony By Charles Roland Berry
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Ten billion dollars might not change the course of human history, but it was worth a try. When five aging billionaires formed the Cartel, they all agreed humanity's past was a muddle, a vast bloody... More > wasteland, with only a few bright moments of inspiration. Humanity's self-definition needed some work, and that work was not being done on Earth. Over a decade, the Cartel bought everything required to send one-hundred-seventy-five people, with one giant leap of faith, to colonize Mars. In 2014, three ships left Earth to rendezvous ten thousand miles past the Moon. Here twenty agile astronauts transformed thirty modules to create one unified ship, the Erasmus. Eight meters high in most places, eighty meters wide and eight hundred meters in length, this ship would transport the colonists, and remain in orbit around Mars...just in case someone wanted to come back. Most of the crew had no intention of coming back.< Less
The Case for Mars - La questione Marte By Robert Zubrin
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Fin dall’inizio della storia umana Marte è stato un sogno allettante – materiale per leggende, divinità e misteri. Il pianeta più simile al nostro lo si crede tuttora... More > impossibile da raggiungere, tanto meno esplorarlo e abitarlo. Ora con l’avvento di un nuovo progetto rivoluzionario, tutto ciò è cambiato. L’eminente autorità per l’esplorazione spaziale Robert Zubrin ha forgiato un nuovo audace progetto, il Mars Direct, presentato qui con illustrazioni, fotografie ed aneddoti coinvolgenti. Il libro spiega passo dopo passo come possiamo usare la tecnologia attuale per inviare uomini su Marte entro dieci anni; produrre realmente carburante ed ossigeno sulla superficie del pianeta con risorse naturali; come possiamo costruire basi ed insediamenti e come possiamo un giorno fare il “terraforming” di Marte – un processo che può alterare l’atmosfera dei pianeti e spianare la strada alla vita sostenibile.< Less
Between Venus and Mars By M.L. Knarr
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Raised as a boy and home-schooled by her single mother, Jessie Jacks is unlike other boys and girls. Jessie is an intersex child born both male and female, although her countenance and appearance... More > are strikingly female. After the death of her mother, she is placed in the care of her aunt, Annie Sheldon, where she is faced with a whole new set of circumstances that she must adapt to - peer pressure, social prejudice, first love, issues of sexual identity, as well as the biological, physiological, and psychological changes she experiences as puberty raises its ugly head, or in this case, beautiful head.< Less
Case of the Missing Millionaire By Nora Quick
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When a missing persons case leads to a secret stash of millions, Marly Jackson P.I. is hot on the trail. The Case Of the Missing Millionaire takes her deep into a world where sin sells for any price,... More > and every friend is foe. Evading mobsters, a killer, and the FBI, Marly teams with her ex-lover Finn, a retired police captain, a deviant heiress, and a former whore to find the truth in a sea of sex, lies, and betrayal. When passions run hot, Marly Jackson must keep her cool to win the ultimate prize…survival.< Less
Klassik Komix: Creepy Cases By Mini Komix
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Klassik Komix breaks open its files under "X" and looks into some Creepy Cases! Your hostess Winnie the Witch gives you some ghostly scares with: Web Of Evil, Treasure Of The Tomb, Return... More > Visit, Partners!, and I'll Never Leave You. Plus: The Painted Beast rampages a small village, The Thing In The Pool sees a couple getting a house with a horrific creature in it, super-science gives someone The Last Laugh, a sexy specter comes between newlyweds in Someone Else Is Here, The Corpse In The House claims another victim, a man is granted supreme power in Super-Human, a werewolf hunter doubles as a doctor in Giver Of Life, I Chopped Off Her Head brings out ghosts of the past, The Devil Birds arise from the depths, the hypnotic Mr. Spyte torments a young couple in Hide And Eeeeek, and Jack the Ripper is caught in The Deepest Cut Of All. Aliens, monsters, mad science, and witchcraft from the Golden Age of Comics!< Less
Confidence Tricks - Presenter By Alan Mars
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For over thirty years, Alan Mars has coached individuals and groups of delegates from leading public and private businesses and organisations. He has also taught Alexander Technique and voice-work in... More > performing arts schools. Alan has taken the best techniques from the world of the performing arts, Alexander Technique and NLP, and set them out in this book, with practical exercises, case studies and insights.< Less
A Martian Odyssey By Stanley G. Weinbaum
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Stanley G. Weinbaum is best known for his pioneering science fiction short story, A Martian Odyssey, published in 1934 to large (and continuing) praise, which introduces a sympathetic alien, Tweel.... More > Other stories by Weinbaum deal with Dixon Wells, a playboy who runs afoul of the inventions of his erstwhile tutor in "Newer Physics", Prof. van Manderpootz, a boastful genius who rates Einstein as his intellectual equal (or even a bit inferior). In "The Worlds of If", the professor’s invention exposes what might have been; in "The Ideal", Manderpootz constructs a device that can show the image of someone's ideal (in Wells' case, his perfect woman); the invention in "The Point of View" allows one to see the world from another's perspective. This collection of Weinbaum's stories include A Martian Odyssey, Valley of Dreams, The Adaptive Ultimate, The Mad Moon, The Worlds of If, The Ideal, The Point of View, Pygmalion's Spectacles, Parasite Planet, The Lotus Eaters and The Circle of Zero.< Less
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Every day of our lives is a new opportunity to strengthen our connection to the Divine. It is an opportunity through our prayers to create different levels of energy, strength and protection against... More > negative influences that may want to enter or realm. When we are grateful to the universe and bow to the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Earth and Water everyday our consciousness connects with the universe in a manner that allows all of our desires to be fulfilled. If every day we make that connection, all the elements will be in our favor and we will feel safe, protected and blessed as we live our lives in prosperity and ever-increasing happiness. When we ignore that connection to the universe we create a negative consciousness that makes it seems like everything is falling apart. This daily prayer book has been designed to help you maintain a continuous connection with the universe for positive feedback in your life.< Less
Hyperdrive By Tim Parise
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Europe, 2300 AD (more or less). A Marquesan scholar spontaneously begins developing the ability to act as the long-sought hyperdrive, a device--or in this case, a person--capable of reprogramming the... More > space-time continuum and transporting people and objects across the galaxy at will. His abduction by agents of the city-state of Toulouse, who desire to put his abilities to work for them, prompts his boyfriend and childhood best friend to embark on a rescue mission: to Mars. The formerly barren planet has become the garden spot of the solar system, but the societies that flourish there are dramatically different from those that remain on Earth. And even as the would-be rescuers find themselves navigating the fierce local politics of the Martian outposts, they begin to realize that the hyperdrive is already at work.< Less
Pillar of Rock By Stuart Haywood
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65 million years ago a catastrophic event caused the inhabitants of Mars to abandon their home world for a primitive planet close by. The evolution of mankind - was it natural or was the human race... More > designed? 1099, during the siege of Jerusalem, a Knight discovers a golden box. He returns with it to England. It is safeguarded for centuries until 2014. Two factions need the box; both have the desire to use it for their own ends. But both will result in the annihilation of mankind. Detective Inspector Carlisle joins the quest when she is assigned to a murder case. She then finds that she is as equally sought after. Mel teams up with a professor to solve the remaining clues leading to the box. From Derbyshire to Edinburgh Castle, they are pursued by the deadly Messorem. The White House and Downing Street have faith in the detective and assist in the quest. She finally has to decide which course of action to take once she recovers the artefact, to save humanity or to save herself.< Less

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