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A Director's Work: Re-thinking Non-Traditional Casting By Daniel Banks
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Director Daniel Banks speaks about the complexities of non-traditional casting in American theatre using his own directorial forays as illustration.
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Norman's Cast of Characters By Bernice "Birdie" Bass
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Norman’s Cast of Characters: It was fun, comical, stressful, exciting, glamorous, and sexy. I was a psychiatrist, a mentor, a fashion guru, a buyer, a manager, and most of all, I was a director... More > with a very diverse cast of characters. We catered to housewives, professional women, wives of athletes, and women, and even men, of unconventional sexual inclinations: a wonderful sprinkling of spicy personalities. Yes, for 37 years I owned a very high fashion boutique in Buckhead, Atlanta – this writing is a brief memoir of that history.< Less
THE SCRIPT By Cast Member
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God is the eternal Author and Director of it all. He has given me a glimpse of how things might look from his perspective to empower my human spirit and broaden my worldview. God has communicated... More > these insights to me through spiritual and written means as well as through other people who have influenced my life. The concepts I am attempting to convey are deep and often mind-boggling. I have chosen to present this unique worldview creatively by introducing our lives as elements of a well-written story with a beginning, a plot, an underlying theme, rising action, a climax, falling action and an ending. God is the Author and Director of The Script, the universe is the set and people are the cast of characters.< Less
Casting Nets: Stories on Mentoring in the Context of Christian Community By Derek Perkins
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Derek Perkins is the former director of Harambee Christian Family Center in Pasadena, California and directed the NEXUS youth program in Valparaiso, Indiana where he mentored children of all ages in... More > the context of Christian community living. Parents, teachers, mentors and youth leaders alike will find Casting Nets: Stories on Mentoring in the Context of Christian Community invaluable. Casting Nets takes you on a journey through the many years of experience Derek has accumulated mentoring young men and women to become strong community leaders, college graduates, and most importantly, followers of Christ. Pick up a copy of Casting Nets at!< Less
Casting-Virtual Magazine nº 3 By Casting-Virtual Directorio de artistas
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Número 3 de Casting-Virtual Magazine, septiembre de 2011. Premier de "Trip", película guatemalteca, colaboración de Teresa Jimenez Patty Álvarez, Actriz y... More > cantante Julia, Modelo Alberto Zafra, Actor y director Francesca Vegas, Actriz y doble de Angelina Joulie Entrevista al Sr. Barragán Entrevista a Jorge Onieva, Director Maylett Heredia, Modelo "El manipulador manipulado", película de Reyes Caballero Argentina: Soda Stereo, colaboración de Cristina Barcelona< Less
Casting-Virtual Magazine nº 2 By Casting-Virtual Directorio de Artistas
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Número 2 de Casting-Virtual Magazine. Alejo Crisóstomo (director de cine guatemalteco) que de la mano de Teresa Jiménez nos contará sobre su última película:... More > Fe. Abel Pérez, fotógrafo alicantino. Esther Munuera, actriz y presentadora de televisión. Fran Palacios, actor, actor y ahora productor. La modelo Fatou en portada. José Quiñones, doble oficial de Sean Penn en España, "Gamurri. Jefe de banda", del director Jorge Onieva. Fabiola Hidalgo, músico y cantante, desde Chile nos comenta su pasión por la música y por el teatro. El book de Jon Bermudez, actor. Y Sergio de Val, actor especialista, nos habla de los riesgos que entraña su profesión y de su dilatada experiencia, en una entrevista realizada en los estudios de Radio Millenium de Alicante y que puedes escuchar y bajar desde nuestro podcast.< Less
Actor's Blueprint By ralph kinnard
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A practical hands-on guide for the successful actor
Harry's Island (the Screenplay) By David Michael Zink
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Cast screenplay not directors...........................................................................................................................................................................
Inside The Audition Room: The Essential Actor's Handbook for Los Angeles By Jason Buyer
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Inside The Audition Room: The Essential Actors Handbook For Los Angeles is a step-by-step manual specifically designed for actors looking to break into the film and television industry. This book... More > will allow actors to create a precise marketing strategy and business plan in and out of the audition room. An actors results depend greatly on the balance of talent, business savvy, and marketing - the heart and soul of this manuscript, and biggest difference amongst its copy cat competitors.< Less