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A Director's Work: Re-thinking Non-Traditional Casting By Daniel Banks
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Director Daniel Banks speaks about the complexities of non-traditional casting in American theatre using his own directorial forays as illustration.
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Norman's Cast of Characters By Bernice "Birdie" Bass
Paperback: $14.00
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Norman’s Cast of Characters: It was fun, comical, stressful, exciting, glamorous, and sexy. I was a psychiatrist, a mentor, a fashion guru, a buyer, a manager, and most of all, I was a director... More > with a very diverse cast of characters. We catered to housewives, professional women, wives of athletes, and women, and even men, of unconventional sexual inclinations: a wonderful sprinkling of spicy personalities. Yes, for 37 years I owned a very high fashion boutique in Buckhead, Atlanta – this writing is a brief memoir of that history.< Less
THE SCRIPT By Cast Member
Paperback: $6.87
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God is the eternal Author and Director of it all. He has given me a glimpse of how things might look from his perspective to empower my human spirit and broaden my worldview. God has communicated... More > these insights to me through spiritual and written means as well as through other people who have influenced my life. The concepts I am attempting to convey are deep and often mind-boggling. I have chosen to present this unique worldview creatively by introducing our lives as elements of a well-written story with a beginning, a plot, an underlying theme, rising action, a climax, falling action and an ending. God is the Author and Director of The Script, the universe is the set and people are the cast of characters.< Less
Casting-Virtual Magazine nº 3 By Casting-Virtual Directorio de artistas
Paperback: $43.75
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Número 3 de Casting-Virtual Magazine, septiembre de 2011. Premier de "Trip", película guatemalteca, colaboración de Teresa Jimenez Patty Álvarez, Actriz y... More > cantante Julia, Modelo Alberto Zafra, Actor y director Francesca Vegas, Actriz y doble de Angelina Joulie Entrevista al Sr. Barragán Entrevista a Jorge Onieva, Director Maylett Heredia, Modelo "El manipulador manipulado", película de Reyes Caballero Argentina: Soda Stereo, colaboración de Cristina Barcelona< Less
Casting-Virtual Magazine nº 2 By Casting-Virtual Directorio de Artistas
Paperback: $39.13
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Número 2 de Casting-Virtual Magazine. Alejo Crisóstomo (director de cine guatemalteco) que de la mano de Teresa Jiménez nos contará sobre su última película:... More > Fe. Abel Pérez, fotógrafo alicantino. Esther Munuera, actriz y presentadora de televisión. Fran Palacios, actor, actor y ahora productor. La modelo Fatou en portada. José Quiñones, doble oficial de Sean Penn en España, "Gamurri. Jefe de banda", del director Jorge Onieva. Fabiola Hidalgo, músico y cantante, desde Chile nos comenta su pasión por la música y por el teatro. El book de Jon Bermudez, actor. Y Sergio de Val, actor especialista, nos habla de los riesgos que entraña su profesión y de su dilatada experiencia, en una entrevista realizada en los estudios de Radio Millenium de Alicante y que puedes escuchar y bajar desde nuestro podcast.< Less
Actor's Blueprint By ralph kinnard
Paperback: $16.50
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A practical hands-on guide for the successful actor
Harry's Island (the Screenplay) By David Michael Zink
Paperback: $21.52
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Inside The Audition Room: The Essential Actor's Handbook for Los Angeles By Jason Buyer
Paperback: $12.95
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Inside The Audition Room: The Essential Actors Handbook For Los Angeles is a step-by-step manual specifically designed for actors looking to break into the film and television industry. This book... More > will allow actors to create a precise marketing strategy and business plan in and out of the audition room. An actors results depend greatly on the balance of talent, business savvy, and marketing - the heart and soul of this manuscript, and biggest difference amongst its copy cat competitors.< Less
The Model's Handbook By William Robert Gately
eBook (ePub): $14.98
The Model's Handbook is designed to assist any model or actor in navigating the waters that lead to landing an assignment and developing a career. It was written by a producer, director, former... More > talent agent, and photographer. It is direct and encompasses the basics for making a living as a model or commercial actor. Over 100 photos, 200 pages and dozens of tips.< Less