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The Catalina Collection By Catalina UnLtd
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The Catalina Collection is an anthology of four plays that premiered at the Catalina Theatre in Durban, South Africa during 2011 and 2012.
Nights on Catalina: A Romance By Madison Martin
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Jet-setting Isabelle O’Connor will do anything to make VP with her real estate agency. And right now, anything means getting the ruggedly handsome Zach Taylor to sell his valuable Catalina... More > Island property in gorgeous Southern California. Forced to slow down by the island and the solitary Zach, Isabelle soon realizes that falling for the mysterious pilot could mean having to finally take the greatest risk of her life. A daredevil Coast Guard pilot running from his past, Zach wants Isabelle off the island and out of his life as fast as she came in. She’s everything he’s tried to get away from, but even he can’t deny the simmering attraction between them. But are their soul-shattering kisses and great sex just part of her plan? Will he figure out in time that the only deal Isabelle really wants to seal is the one for his heart?< Less
Catalina, A Soldier's Daughter By Charles Hunter
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Catalina loses her father to the war in Iraq and is left to the mercy of her stepmother and stepbrothers. This story is about her struggle to come to terms with her father's death. During this... More > struggle, the President invites the children & siblings of those lost in battle to a ball at the White House -- will Catalina be able to make it?< Less
Catalina 36 -- Owner to Owner By Alex Lynch
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Upgrades, mechanical tips and maintenance advice by Catalna 36 owners, for Catalina 36 owners - this book is a must-read for every sailboat owner. This how-to book is centered around the Catalina... More > 36 -- the most popular, best-selling 36' sailboat in the world. Comprising 198 pages, it has over 50 articles, over 330 photos and graphics, over 28,000 words -- a compilation of the best suggestions/idea/tips from 31 different contributors. Whether you own a sailboat, once owned a sailboat, or dream of sailing the world someday, you'll read and re-read this until the pages fray!< Less
Catalina Anaís By yibett tejeda perez
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mi hija hermosa
In Love With Crazy By Catalina Gooden
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Sadie Goodman was a young dreamer and deeply spiritual hopeless romantic. She would find herself falling for an actor after a move to Los Angeles. Saide LaFont, her new love interest, was already in... More > a relationship, and being the mistress eventually began to take a toll on Sadie’s psychological and emotional well being. Sadie then began to lose sight of her self and her sanity, bringing about a devastating experience to her new life. Will Sadie ever get to be with the man of her dreams, or will she have to truly give up when she seems to be so close to success? NOTE: This is a short piece of fiction, up to 14,000 words.< Less
natur By mihaela catalina
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Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race A Mental Challenge By Jeff Cohn
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The story of an endurance athlete as he prepares and races across the channel from Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach, California.
Catalina 36 - Owner to Owner (Standard Revised Edition) By Dennis Stovall, Alex Lynch
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Created by Alex Lynch & Dennis Stovall, this the Revision of "Catalina 36 - Owner to Owner", adding seven additional articles, 24 more pages, and a larger font size for easier... More > readability. Owner-written articles of upgrades, mechanical tips and maintenance advice, all written by Catalina 36 owners, for Catalina 36 owners. Over 350 photos, 28,000 words, and a dozen more charts/designs -- a compilation of the best suggestions/idea/tips from 31 different owners. Whether you own a sailboat, once owned a sailboat, or dream of sailing the world someday, it's a book you'll read and re-read until the pages fray! But be warned, for wives who've seen the book, it can also become the "Honey do..." manual of ideas for boat owners. This less-expensive standard edition has black & white inside pages. All royalties go the Catalina 36 International Association.< Less
La Paradoja de Catalina By Daniel Ovando
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La paradoja de Catalina es un deslumbrante historia en donde el amor de un padre demuestra que es capaz de rebasar fronteras impensables para lograr hacer feliz a una hija a la que le habían... More > borrado su sonrisa. Descubre todo lo que el amor y la esperanza son capaces de hacer cuando estas se convierten en lo único con lo que cuentas para poder seguir.< Less