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The CR FAQ - An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism By Kathryn Price NicDhàna et al.
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The release of The CR FAQ – An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism is a landmark in the field of Celtic religion and spirituality. The first book completely devoted to the... More > spiritual path of Celtic Reconstructionism (CR), it is the work of a diverse group of CR elders, including some of the founders of the tradition, making it a foundation document for this growing religious and cultural community. Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism (CR) is a movement that seeks to rebuild and revitalize an authentic, pre-Christian, polytheistic spiritual practice, one that is true to the ancient sources and the ways of the ancestors, yet also contains deep relevance to our lives in the modern world. With a welcome glossary and pronunciation guide, The CR FAQ provides a much-needed and helpful introduction to the Celtic languages, as well as suggestions for personal practice and a resources section. All proceeds are being donated to Gaelic language and cultural preservation charities.< Less
Sok and The Celtic Treasures By Blythe Perry
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What would you do if you had released The Ancient Treasures and the Hero would rather play on his Games Console? The Salmon of Knowledge finds out Heroes aren't what they used to be, a water sprite... More > would rather be a Secretary and some Ancient Treasures are just plain scary!< Less
The Celtic Crystal Yearbook By Maryelle Grace
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Not a diary of dates as we know it but a Crystal Yearbook, to share in a journey through the cycles of the Celtic year with the crystals to guide you month by month. Crystals have been used for... More > centuries in many countries including Egypt by the high priestesses for many reasons from healing and cosmetics to lining goblets to prevent poisoning. In Siberia and Mexico the shamans worked extensively and still do for healing and extraction work. First nation people worked them into their beaded robes and jackets as well using them as for healing. Wands were made from them in the old English religion and healers, wiccans and druids still use them today in their healing work. Used with their correspondences’ such as oils herbs and elements we journey together month by month through the year with meditations, healing layouts, grids and much more. A journal for your use is provided at the end of each month to record your experiences.< Less
A Celtic Country Book 1 By Delenn Harper
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This initiatory trilogy takes place in a remade world where History is different. Here, the Romans didn’t win against the Celts, and there are still druid schools in Europe. Travel with Lania... More > and discover the Celtic society and tradition from within, find out what is being a pagan woman and how to live a Celtic spirituality in this modern world. Descend into the depths of Winter and learn the way of Avalon, follow the wheel of the year through all the different seasons and the book series.< Less
Draiocht - A Primer of Celtic Sorcery By Ian Corrigan
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This short introducion offers the basics of a Celtic magical system, firmly based in traditional lore, and fully realised for modern practice. Based in Druidic spiritual practice, it teaches... More > practical magic and spellwork, as well as methods of vision. • The Tools and Rites • NIne Invocations of the Gods & Goddeses • Nine Visions & Trances • Nine Spells & Charms Ian Corrigan has been practicing Druidic Artes for over 25 years. He is an Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein.< Less
Celtic Dragon Ritual By Marlevane
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This ritual was written in a general context with emphasis on the Celtic aspects with the main focus of Draconic magick. Written by the authors of Magickalpair Realm. Download is for one ritual.
A Celtic Country Book 2 By Delenn Harper
eBook (ePub): $6.68
This initiatory trilogy takes place in a remade world where History is different. Here, the Romans didn’t win against the Celts, and there are still druid schools in Europe. Join Lania in this... More > second feminine volume and learn about the power of the Feminine Mysteries and her sacred body. A new season brings new challenges. Lania continues to confront her study of the druidic teachings, and her journeys back and forth between the two countries. But will she maintain the balance between a modern world and the ancestral traditions of this Celtic world?< Less
A Guide to Pagan Worship By Ian Corrigan
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A non-Wiccan traditional ritual style for modern Pagans! Pagan Ways - based in the reality of nature and the visions of ancient wisdom, offer a platform for many people to seek their own spiritual... More > fulfillment and growth. If you seek a personal Pagan practice, the blessings of the Gods, the Ancestors and the Sacred Land, this small manual offers clear instructions and easy-to-begin methods. Arranged for modern living but rooted firmly in tradition and scholarship. • Easy Prayers and Simple Offerings • Simple methods for meditation and divination • Making and Using a Pagan Home Shrine • Building Your Own Practice • Formal Invocations and Seasonal Rites For those seeking the ways of ancient cultures, this book offers a simple ritual format that is in accord with the basics of traditional Paganism. For anyone who wishes to grow closer to the spirit and spirits in the Holy World, it offers a door, and the first steps of a path.< Less
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This is the second book of the God Seals: Celtic Pantheon. All gods & goddesses are of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Gaulish, Eastern & Western European, British, and more. These are the actual... More > symbols and sigilum to summon them. There are over 120 seals and each one has its own unique powers and abilities.< Less
Druids and the Celtic Religion By Andrew McKnight
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An introduction to the ancient Practice of Druidry; a worship of not only the Earth and Her Energies, but all creatures both wild and tame- the light that surrounds us; the very Universe that we... More > float in. Steeped in mystery over centuries of mythic text, the eldest of Gods and Goddesses who still capture the hearts and inflame the souls of Celts and Pagans worldwide can still be found among the forests and the streams... If one knows where to look... Starting here we have the legends, customs, histories and rudimentary practices of the ancient people who are rising again amongst us, shining in groves all over the world, hand in hand with the shining ones they worship through ritual and magick.< Less

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