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The Chamber By Ben Cornell
Paperback: $10.70
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Rick lost his mother and brother in a car accident. Now fourteen, his father barely lets him out of his sight, even where he works on a secretive project - The Chamber. Rick discovers it is a... More > time-machine, and the scientists he has come to know as family are using it to rewrite history. They are planning to remove key figures from history to prevent the major world religions ever arising. Tonight sees the initial mission to first century Palestine to kidnap a particular small boy and bring him back to the present. Once accomplished the scientists must decide what to do with the boy. Whilst they are debating this Rick is attacked and the boy and one scientist disappear. The alarm is raised and the search begins. Rick stays behind and unexpectedly meets Michael, an archangel. Michael explains that the scientist who took the boy is a daemon. The race is on to rescue the only son of God before he is delivered to senior daemons who will use him as a bargaining chip in the war of Heaven.< Less
Adventure time with cole chambers By Cole Chambers
Paperback: $10.67
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Well this book is mainly about nothing but some random poetry and a few good stories that i personally wrote during my time in Mr. Kelly s class.
Derrick Chambers ("Kidney Friendly" Recipes") By Derrick Chambers
eBook (PDF): $10.99
This book is designed to help others with there kidney diet. Not just for those who have received a kidney transplant, but also for those. On dialysis who wish to have a greater variety of foods to... More > eat!< Less
Craig Chambers By Ron Kobrine
Hardcover: $49.80
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Craig Chambers Life
The Diamond Chamber. By M.K. Al Sardar
eBook (ePub): $1.50
The author receives a letter from his friend saying that he wants the author come to visit him for a few days, but the author finds a strange chamber which cosed his friend to start behaving mad, and... More > tries to find out what's in it.< Less
THE SLEEPING CHAMBER By charles jason byrley
Paperback: $14.66
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A book of five short horror stories. This book will leave you wanting more. Each story is different than anything you have ever read. Horror at it's best.
Star Chamber By Antony James
Paperback: $12.17
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The main characters Terry, Barrington and Jerry, who become sick and tired of simply talking about youths, street crimes and the spate of gun and knife killings in the area. They realise that no-one... More > is doing anything about it, just like them it is the topic of everyone’s conversations but everyone is waiting for the “authorities” to act. Barry the lawyer sees this at first hand when so many are let off with simply a slap on the wrists, he understand that something more radical needs to be done. Terry, the youth worker continues to get more and more frustrated as his efforts to ‘save’ young people in the community keep failing amidst fear of crime and crime itself. They enlist Jerry their successful business man friend, who is having problems relating with his teenaged son into the group and set up a vigilante group to ‘regulate’ and ‘reform’ those causing harm to the community. They use Ezekiel 25:17 as their mantra and charter as further justification for their actions.< Less
Light in the Chamber By Francesca Jimenez
Paperback: $9.50
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Light in the Chamber is a collection of poems, stories, and illustrations created by Francesca Jimenez through 2004 and 2008. Within these pages, she has expressed her emotions, experiences, and... More > opinions through poetry, short stories, drawings, and photography. Light in the Chamber is a complied display of her development in literary and visual art.< Less
Chambers of the South By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $516.78
Job 9:9 Who maketh the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades, and the chambers of the south; The meridion constellations in astrology for the Age of Pegasus II. RTRRT inside.
The Third Chamber By Vernon William Baumann
eBook (PDF): $1.00
What does a ritualistic murder in 1940’s South Africa have to do with the end of the world? What is the Third Chamber? And why will the Guardians of the Chamber die – and kill – to... More > protect its terrifying secrets? Detective Chief Inspector Logan must confront enigmatic suspects, secret societies as well as bizarre anachronisms and historical oddities as he battles to discover the enigma behind the Third Chamber. It’s a race against time as the world around him slowly descends into chaos ... and Apocalypse. Part Science-fiction, part murder mystery, this strange tale is a bizarre journey into a world where nothing makes sense. Yet where everything has a secret meaning. Hurtling towards a startling and horrific conclusion, the Third Chamber holds the riddle to mankind’s extinction ... and genesis. Dare you enter the Third Chamber?< Less