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An Ode to Charles Bukowski By Ritika Shah
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This book is an ode to the world famous poet Charles Bukowski. It contains some of his most famous poems.
Bukowski & Me By Jory Sherman
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This book is not a chronological narrative. Rather, it is about a twenty-year friendship with Charles Bukowski, a friendship steeped in a love of language, a lusty passion for life with all its... More > humiliation and degradation. In particular, it chronicles those struggling years when we were both just beginning to publish our poems in the literary journals, the so-called "little magazines," where poets fought each other and the world in thousands of bloodless, but terribly wounding, battles. "Jory Sherman delivers. In a tradition of literary memoir, he delivers a clear, informative, and entertaining portrait of his relationship with Charles Bukowski..." - Neeli Cherkovski "This memoir is, to use an overused word, compelling. It reads easy, almost like a long, vivid letter that opens doors, by invitation, into both Bukowski's and Sherman's personal lives..." - Tom Geddie< Less
La scrittura che esplode dal basso: Charles Bukowski, l'America e i suoi ubriaconi. By Francesco Amoruso
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Quando mi è capitato tra le mani Storie di ordinaria follia, non sono riuscito ad inquadrarlo subito, né come scrittore, tantomeno come uomo. I quarantadue racconti che lo compongono... More > sono tanti e per qualcun altro potrebbero apparire abbastanza per poterne tracciare un'analisi, tuttavia la prima domanda che mi sono fatto è stata: ci è o ci fa? Non è stata la volgarità a spiazzarmi, né tutto quell'alcol che trabocca dalla pagine, ma quell'alternarsi di colpi di genio, oscenità e attimi da egomaniaco cronico, per dirla con le parole di Kerouac ne “I sotterranei”. Com'è possibile far conciliare tanta diversità?< Less
OGHR By Charles Ray Hastings Jr.
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A collection of poetry and short stories from the shithead savant, Charles Hastings.
Hope Is Rain on a Fly's Wings By Charles Ray Hastings Jr.
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"Hope" is one chapbook from the three part series, Unholy Trinity, filled with transgressive writing and abrasive poetry. Hope is Rain on a Fly's Wings is the chapbook focusing on... More > despondency.< Less
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Here is a collection of fifty poems written in fifty minutes by Charles Ray Hastings Jr. For fans of: short poetry that barks like a spider and fights like a feather.
As the Sparrow By Hayley Ingram
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Literary works inspired by the poet, Charles Bukowski.
ThisNever Happened By Kimberly Little
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Some profanity, my interpretation of real life
to the tits fatboy By adam temple
Paperback: $19.99
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Raw,humorous and often offensive. this centuries Charles Bukowski's first and only book of poetry. Definitely not for the squeamish!
The Underground Poets Society Volume 1 By Rich Hillen Jr Publishing
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A collection of underground poets from around the world. The Underground Poets Society is an online group of people gathering to share their thoughts through prose and poetry. This is the first... More > publication of our efforts to express ourselves through writing. Featuring poetry and prose from Art Glib, Chris Sondey, Dwayne Vanaman, Thomas Michael Garcia, Jo Hewitt, Joey Jap, Anthony Gray, Sid Bolden, Brian Michael Waters, Heather Souza, Ethan Urban, Lawrence McCay, Joseph Bonaparte Jr, Marcus Shepherd, William Marlin, Abigail Elizabeth, Tommy Pancrazio, Tara Seuss, Thomas Michael Garcia, Seth Rosen, Andy Martin, Jake Thompson, Ilan Miller, Victoria Misonthropic, Lotta Lovin, Lee Hampton, Amanda Hinski, Nora Needham, Brody Halliday, Sheri Neumoyer, Matthew Aaron, Angelique M. Bouffiou, Christopher Emerle, Eddie Threat, Matthew Layne, Ronnie James, Donna Sims, Ginetta Correli, Daniel James Hill and more.< Less