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Kidnapped By Robert Stevenson
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Kidnapped is one of Stevenson’s most enduringly popular novels. At its centre is a historical event: the murder of Colin Campbell, the ‘Red Fox’ of Glenure in Scotland. The fiction... More > that is developed around this event involves the child David Balfour whose father dies leaving his son with nothing to live on. David goes to live with his uncle Ebenezer. Ebenezer is a cruel and miserly individual. As a result of the illegality of his acquisition of the Balfour estate he instigates a series of malicious manoeuvres against David. Firstly he attempts to have the boy killed and then has him kidnapped. So David finds himself on a ship to the Carolinas accompanied by Alan Breck, an ‘honest gentleman’ and Jacobite. As fate would have it, the ship is wrecked on the rocks at Mull. The novel then follows David and Alan as they journey across the Highlands through numerous dangers and after witnessing and becoming suspects in the murder of Colin Campbell.< Less
Kidnapped Recruits By Ben Ambrose
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It's Scotland 503 AD. The day is ruled by the humans, but the darkness is ruled by the creatures of the night. They are at war with the humans. Ken Forster is a child who finds himself all alone in... More > this world.< Less
Kidnapped Recruits By Ben Ambrose
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It's Scotland 503 AD. The day is ruled by the humans, but the darkness is ruled by the creatures of the night. They are at war with the humans. Ken Forster is a child who finds himself all alone in... More > this world.< Less
Kidnapped In Overtime By Ricky Ginsburg
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Senator Kingston's fourteen-year-old daughter has been kidnapped by a woman who claims that she knows the child's real mother. Rosie Epstein, Boston Police Department's first female detective has to... More > find the girl before her captors can fly her out of the country. Standing in the way is one of the city's seediest editors and the possibility that the kidnappers might not be wrong in their accusations.< Less
The Black Arrow, A Child's Garden Of Verses, Kidnapped By LewisRobert Louis CarrollStevenson
eBook (ePub): $1.76
Collection of 3 Classic Books: The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. A Child's Garden Of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson.Please visit our Spotlight at... More > for more books.< Less
KIDNAPPED A Parent’s Worst Nightmare By David Pietras
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The kidnapping of a child is every parent's worst nightmare. Statistically, the vast majority of kidnapped children are never returned to their parents. In the past few years, especially recently,... More > there have been some well publicized cases of children being returned to their parents. Some of these abducted children are returned after many years of being held captive. Obviously, this is very unusual, since most children are never returned and many times not even any remains are found. Most parents who lose a child through kidnapping, never even get an answer to the question of, "Is my child alive or dead?" We will look at some of the cases of children who were kidnapped and returned, while others were either found murdered or have yet to be found. We will journey into the world that no parent wants to ever tread. KIDNAPPED A PARENT’S WORST NIGHTMARE< Less
In Appropriate: A novel of culture, kidnapping, and revenge in modern Japan By ARUDOU Debito
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Gary Schmidt, a small-town American boy, meets a Japanese girl in college and follows her to Japan to start a family. Little does he know that her conservative Japanese clan has hidden agendas and... More > secret intentions. Gary eventually realizes that he must escape their clutches – and convince his family to do the same before it’s too late! IN APPROPRIATE is a book about child abductions in Japan, where after a divorce, a non-Japanese man comes back to Japan to retrieve his children back to America. Although a work of fiction, it is an amalgam of several true stories of divorce and Left-Behind Parents in Japan.< Less
The Missing Child By Lisa Clare
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This book is about a young child being kidnapped by a man.lets find out if she gets rescued.
The Child Of Lightning By Jivanjot Singh
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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A sweet camping vacation is interrupted by the wolves and out of five, three are kidnapped. The trio, Solace, Trinity, Mark encounter weird things on their way to the magic school in mountains. They... More > embark on a quest to find the sword of lightning but someone else, the Lightning lord is also after the sword but not for a good cause. The trio, with the help of magical creatures and magic have to find this sword as fast as they can or the whole world will perish. This quest will take them to places they never have gone and their chances of getting the sword are not more than one unless they take help from the magical elements. More secrets are revealed as you read on...< Less
The Storm Child By Becka Sutton
eBook (PDF): $4.01
The Dragon Wars Saga continues… The Stevens quadruplets have stumbled into the Heartlands, a strange world inhabited by every mythical creature Earth's peoples think they've dreamed up.... More > Almost every being hates humanity, but for the three "heart friends" mystically bound to three of the quads. The red dragon Gerian has nearly killed Karen Stevens and kidnapped Salia, princess of the Storm Territories. Her mother Valeria has raised Salia to believe all dragons are evil, but her captors treat her kindly; she begins to doubt what she's always been told. Queen Valeria and the Stevens make an uneasy alliance to get Salia back. Before they can make a move, a coup threatens to topple the Queen. Dragons may be the only way to defend against the coup and rescue Salia, but trusting in dragons can be deadly... The Storm Child is the second book in the Dragon Wars Saga.< Less

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