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Good Mother, Bad Daughter? - An Adult Daughter's Guide to Coping With an Emotionally Abusive Mother By Martha Penn
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As daughters, we look to our mothers for the much-needed protection, guidance and encouragement, especially as children (though also as adults). Such motherly attributes help us to grow into happy,... More > confident and well-balanced women. In an ideal world, we would all be born to such nurturing mothers however not everyone is so lucky. I know this because like many others, I was born to an emotionally-abusive mother. Yet having grown up in the hands of emotional abuse, it has taken me most of my adult life to finally overcome the effects of this mistreatment, mainly through trial and error. Fortunately the strategies that I have learnt have enabled me to develop the much needed peace of mind that everybody is entitled to. If, like me you also grew up with a mother-figure who was emotionally abusive to you, then Good Mother, Bad Daughter? is the book for you. Learn how to overcome the emotional abuse perpetrated by your mother, whether she be alive and well or being dead for many years.< Less
Language Arts at Home: The Homeschooler's Guide to Teaching English Grammar, Composition, and Literature Appreciation By Rachel Ramey
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(PRINT) This guide is designed to provide you, as a homeschool parent, with the structure and resources you need to confidently teach your children English grammar, composition, study skills, and... More > literature appreciation. Built around the KISS Grammar timeline, it provides you with a suggested course of study, as well as the basic information (such as definitions) the average parent will need to teach these topics. It does not include specific assignments, as the author believes it is better to use the student's current reading and writing for the study of English. 100 pp., coil-bound NOTE: Dr. Vavra is in the midst of revising the order/timeline of KISS Grammar, to better accommodate the government school requirements. I have intentionally left this guide alone, as I believe his original timeline was better. I use this information: rather than the newer workbooks. Language Arts at Home can also stand alone, if you prefer.< Less
This is Mr Bob - Kindergarten Reader By Liza Thomas
Paperback: $11.60
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Are you being left behind at home whilst your child goes off to BIG school? It can be scary, sad, happy ;) and also a very steep learning curve for parents. Things have changed slightly since you... More > went to school. The schools look the same, but appear to be smaller? The chairs are also so much smaller?? Something else that has changed slightly, is the methods of teaching. This book was created so you can read with your child at home, with the confidence that you are reinforcing the skills that they are learning at school. This book is both easy for your child to read along with, comprehend, and also fun for their age group. This is the 2nd book in a series of books that contain kindergarten focus words. BEST OF ALL, THIS BOOK HAS AT LEAST 30 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS AND LOTS OF SIGHT WORDS THAT YOUR CHILD WILL COME ACROSS MOST OFTEN WHEN READING. THE COMPLETE SET OF BOOKS CONTAINS 100 FOCUS WORDS THAT CHILDREN LEARN IN THEIR FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL.< Less
Princess Nia and the Magic Bluebird By Dr. Kimarie Machinga
Paperback: $16.99
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When Princess Nia becomes accidentally locked in the darkest, scariest room in her enchanted castle, she soon becomes very worried that maybe her wonderful life is not real at all. “Princess... More > and Bluebird provides an incredibly valuable lesson. Without realizing it, it’s easy to find ourselves in a prison of our own making. It’s tempting to blame others when things don’t go our way. How often have we “locked” ourselves into ways of thinking and actions that keep us from reaching our dreams, believing that, what we want is just beyond our reach? Once we realize that these barriers, like Princess Nia’s, are of our own making, the world is suddenly wide open to us, and the world becomes our oyster. This is an important message all children (and frankly, adults too) would benefit from learning, to help them become bolder and more confident in their lives." -- Fabienne Fredrickson, founder of and author of Embrace Your Magnificence.< Less
Sally's Story By Melody Su
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SALLY, a third grader, does not feel confident in her appearance after a fall which leaves a scar.
Żarbun Imsaħħar By Norman C. Borg
Paperback: $6.02
Prints in 3-5 business days
David kellu problema - David kellu ħafna problemi! Ried jilgħab fit-tim tal-iskola, imma kien imferfex wisq u ma kienx jilgħab tajjeb. Barra minn hekk, kien hemm Robert u Gordon li... More > qabdu miegħu bl-ikrah! Kif seta’ jikkonvinċi lis-Sur Mangion iħallih jilgħab fit-tim tal-iskola? U kif seta’ naqra ta’ skarpan xwejjaħ jgħinu jilgħab tajjeb daqs champion? David had a problem - David had many problems. He wanted to be part of the school's football team, but he was not a good player. And two of the school bullies were setting their eyes on him. How could he convice the school coach to include him in the team? And how could an old cobbler help him become football star material?< Less
Żarbun Imsaħħar By Norman C. Borg
eBook (PDF): $2.56
David kellu problema - David kellu ħafna problemi! Ried jilgħab fit-tim tal-iskola, imma kien imferfex wisq u ma kienx jilgħab tajjeb. Barra minn hekk, kien hemm Robert u Gordon li... More > qabdu miegħu bl-ikrah! Kif seta’ jikkonvinċi lis-Sur Mangion iħallih jilgħab fit-tim tal-iskola? U kif seta’ naqra ta’ skarpan xwejjaħ jgħinu jilgħab tajjeb daqs champion?< Less
My Paperback Book By Laura Kristiansen
Paperback: $5.37
Prints in 3-5 business days
Une Journée Avec la Ballon Bleu is an illustrated early readers Sight Word book. It is intended for children between the ages of 4 and 6 and derived only of sight words from a list provided... More > to children in Kindergarten to recognize and memorize throughout the school year. Originally, this short story was written for my 6 year old step-daughter to practice during the summer between Kindergarten and grade one. It helped her immensely with pronunciation and recognition of sight words, which assisted in preparing her for grade one. Advance your child's education with this encouraging story. The repetitive yet delightful style of this book is essential to building strong memorization abilities. Kids will love this illustrated story they can read all by themselves. You'll love the fact that this book builds reading skills and confidence.< Less
Yosef Hebrew Learning Made Easy By Roshanda Morris
Paperback: $11.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this beginning reader, adults and children meet Yosef and his new friend Kelba the dog. Within this story repetitive vocabulary and high-frequency words are used to build readers confidence while... More > reading Hebrew. The sentences are simple and goes right along with the clear illustrations. Also provided is a glossary translating every word learned in English and Hebrew, and reference guides to help with pronunciation. As an added bonus Yosef could be used as a coloring book.< Less
The Enchanted Garden - Hebrew By Koty Lapid
eBook (PDF): $3.00
This book is the Hebrew version of The Enchanted Garden. The main character of this book is Lorie, her mother Lilly is a digital fashion designer who sells her digital clothes over the Internet. The... More > book starts out showing the lovable little Lorie enjoying daily events such as helping her mother. As the story unfolds, Lorie finds herself experiencing a great adventure which will charm young children and provide hours of fun. (38 pages)< Less

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