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Fiction translated automatically with the translator Google. Wanted publishing houses, in any language and nation, who are interested in this and my other books. Presentation of the author It 'a... More > fairy tale for children and no. It 'a story told in un'Irlanda imaginary, between elves and goblins, magic and courageous young people, but not too much. It 'a small and lightweight story to be read, spread to those who love fairy tales, with the simple and naive taste of a world populate a little' forgotten. And 'only to read and let carry. Arduino Rossi< Less
Les aventures de Telemaque suivies des aventures d'Aritonous [French] By Francois de Salignac de La Mothe- Fenelon
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon... More > (French: [də la mɔt fenəlɔ̃]), more commonly known as François Fénelon (6 August 1651 – 7 January 1715), was a French Roman Catholic archbishop, theologian, poet and writer. He today is remembered mostly as the author of The Adventures of Telemachus, first published in 1699.Fénelon was born on 6 August 1651 at the Château de Fénelon, in Sainte-Mondane, Périgord, Aquitaine, in the Dordogne river valley, the second of the three children of Pons de Salignac, Comte de La Mothe-Fénelon by his wife Louise de La Cropte. Reduced to the status of "impecunious old nobility" by François' time, the La Mothe-Fénelons had produced leaders in both Church and state. Excerpt from:< Less
Viriatho: Narrativa epo-historica [Portuguese] By Teofilo Braga
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Joaquim Teófilo Fernandes Braga (Portuguese... More > pronunciation: [tiˈɔfilu ˈbɾaɡɐ]; 24 February 1843 – 28 January 1924) was a Portuguese writer, playwright, politician and the leader of the Republican Provisional Government after the abdication of King Manuel II, as well as the second elected President of the First Portuguese Republic, after the resignation of President Manuel de Arriaga.Teófilo Braga was born in the Azores, in São José, Ponta Delgada, the son of Joaquim Manuel Fernandes Braga (probably a grandson of one of King D. João V's illegitimate children), from Braga, and Maria José da Câmara e Albuquerque, from the island of Santa Maria, another descendant of Portuguese nobility (probably traced to Infanta D. Urraca, as the genealogist Ferreira Serpa has shown). Excerpt from:< Less
DIIHAAL-REEB By Khaalid Jaamac Qodax
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Diihaal-Reeb is a fiction story which is based on authors’ vision; it’s written in a series way. This story is talking about street child called Sahardiid and his way of living from his... More > childhood and the loss of his parents, the dismissal of his uncle’s house, the street life in Hargeisa, the devastating and hard way of living that he met after he has been taken to rehab organisation. The humanitarian support he gets from the community, after rehabilitation the way his whole life changes and became well prominent and educated person. Diihaal-Reeb tells the reality on the ground and enlightens a significant issue which is the current situation of Somaliland street children. On the other hand the book may motivate and give encouragement in many ways for the street children which are facing the same situation that the book is talking about because the character of the novel aftermath Sahardiid become a well prominent rich man and he realized the significant achievement he made during his legacy.< Less
michael smith and magical triangle*1 By soroor dehbozorgi
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سلام به همه دوستداران کتابهای... More > تخیلی.موضوع این کتاب چند جلدی تخیلی که برای سنین حدودا 10 تا 16 سال میباشد.درباره پسری 12 ساله به نام مایکل است که با خانواده اش به درون مثلث برمودا کشیده می شوند و در داخل آنجا با موجودات خیلی عجیب به نام الکا و موجودات فضایی آشنا می شود وبه این حقیقت پی می برد که دارای قدرتهای زیادی بوده که تا به حال به آنها پی نبرده بود.او در آنجا مجبور می شود با قدرتهایی که دارد به جنگ موجودات فضایی و ماوراالطبیعه برود و جهان را از نابودی نجات دهد و در اینجاست که داستانهای مهیج-عجیب و ترسناک بسیار جذابی شکل می گیرد...hello to all lovers of fiction.the theme of this multi volume book of fiction for ages between 10 and 16 years-children about a boy called michael is 12 years old with his familiy dragged into the bermuda triangle and inside there beacuse very stronge and scary creatures called ELKA and other space creatures meet.And to the fact that the great powers realized that they had to.He did not understand where he is forced to go to war with stronge creatures and power is go and...< Less

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