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Youth and Other Fictions [Hardcover] By Jonathan Cook
Hardcover: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jack: the lonely boy who hears a voice inside his head. Jason: the stoic and cynical man who returns home in search of his lost childhood. Jamie: the pretty goth girl loved and hated by... More > both. Over the course of ten years, the children of Freedom will watch as their world burns itself to dust and ashes, first over a vicious school rampage and then over something far more insidious. In the world envisioned by Jonathan M. Cook, reason is a luxury, explanations are elusive, and desperation is absolute. Some stories never end. Some stories cannot be escaped. This updated printed edition features a completely reset text and a brand new Postscript to the novel.< Less
Fiction, Fact and Follies By Doris J. Paterson
Paperback: $15.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
How is it possible for a stay-at-home mother of ten children to excel with painting and then with writing? How can the world need the stories of someone so uneducated in the writer’s... More > world? Encouragement for writing was always there for me so I did not hesitate to write when something triggered my interest. I've collected all the bibs and bobs of my writing and put them in book form. A lot about my feelings and stories of people who have turned up in my life, and throughout the years I have been making up and telling my brothers original stories when we were young, writing essays at school, reciting poetry, I have been in plays, writing letters back home and writing in diaries. I have been honing this discipline all the time without knowing it. And I must say, throughout my life everything I have done was honest.< Less
Inspired Writing By The Children Of CCPS
Paperback: $11.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
A selection of fiction work by children from Clenchwarton Primary School
A Closer Look at Fiction (Study Guide) By William Walter
Paperback: $25.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This study guide is a companion to the reader (separate purchase) which contains many stories of oral tradition, romance and adventure, detective and mystery, science fiction and others from many of... More > the best classic authors. The guide contains multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions and questions for essays and class discussion. An answer key is forthcoming.< Less
Paws for Change: The Furry Fiction Anthology By Donna Troka
Paperback: $14.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
An anthology of stories written by children about real dogs from real animal shelters, and their adventures.
The Freedom of Responsibility: Reality: Fact or Fiction By Cliff Woffenden
eBook (ePub): $6.99
We find ourselves in a time when we are just beginning to understand ourselves and are on the verge of destroying all life on the planet. It is a paradox beyond our normal way of understanding. The... More > time has come for a new perspective, to become as children again and rediscover who we are.< Less
Wild Imaginings - Flash Fiction and Essays By Nancy Schoellkopf
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Day-old loaves of bread morph into feral cats, a water goddess dresses her children in corduroy, two magical boxer dogs comfort an angry divorcee: the flash fiction of Nancy Schoellkopf is at turns... More > comic, poignant and surreal. Her essays aim to hit the heart of the matter, exploring the messiness of anger, grief, aging and oranges. This brief collection is chock-full of gems, a fun read.< Less
Arthur Gask (crime fiction collection) By Arthur Gask
eBook (PDF): $3.39
Arthur Cecil Gask (10 July 1869—25 June 1951), dentist and novelist, was born on 10 July 1869 at St Marylebone, London, fourth of five children of Charles Gask, merchant, and his wife Fanny,... More > née Edis. In this ebook: Marauders by Night, The Vaults of Blackarden Castle, The Silent Dead, The Storm Breaks, The Dark Mill Stream, The Man Of Death, His Prey Was Man, The Beachy Head Murder, The Tragedy of the Silver Moon, The House on the Fens, The Vengeance of Larose, The Grave-digger of Monks Arden, The Night of the Storm, The Jest of Life, The Hangman's Knot The Poisoned Goblet, The Judgment of Larose, The Hidden Door The House on the Island, The Shadow of Larose, The Lonely House, The Dark Highway, Cloud The Smiter, The Fall of a Dictator. And more...< Less
All Giamotti's Children By Sean Munger
Paperback: $21.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
As an immortal being with the ability to shift universes at will, Steven Giamotti has had an eternity to make enemies. Emerging one by one from the pages of great (and not-so-great) works of... More > literature, they haven’t been much threat to him—until they begin to organize themselves to strike him down at the height of his greatest accomplishment. Four random people—a sailor aboard a 19th century whaling ship, a welder at an Antarctic research station, the bookish daughter of a California vintner, and an idealistic ‘60s flower child—are about to become pawns in a cosmic chess game that transcends the boundaries of time and space. But the most difficult move is figuring out whose side they’re supposed to be on... [All Giamotti's Children is the sequel to Life Without Giamotti.]< Less
eBook (ePub): $2.10
When Jenny Wren learns that Peter Rabbit would like to know more about the four-footed friends who share the Green Meadows and Green Forest with him, she encourages him to speak with Old Mother... More > Nature who is only too happy to help. During their "classroom" chats, she not only teaches Peter about Arctic Hare and Antelope Jack but also tells him about such creatures as Flying Squirrel, Mountain Beaver, Pocket Gopher, Grasshopper Mouse, Silvery Bat, Mule Deer, and Grizzly Bear. Told with all the warmth and whimsy of Burgess's stories, this engaging book acquaints youngsters with many forms of wildlife and the animals' relationships with one another. The charming collection of entertaining tales is sure to transport today's young readers to the same captivating world of nature that delighted generations of children before them.< Less

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