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Shimomuran Economics and The Rise of The Tokyo Consensus By George Tait Edwards
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The Japanese acknowledge that Dr Osamu Shimomura is their most influential post-war economist but his works and his "economic model of Japan" with its key modification of the Keynesian... More > investment-saving equilibrium condition to create an exploding economy, seems to be virtually unknown in the economics departments of Western universities. This book traces the timeline of the development of Investment Credit Creation economics - the economics understanding which has produced explosive economic growth - from its apparent beginning in FDR's USA during 1938-44 through the adoption of almost identical measures in post war Japan, with the active involvement of Dr Osamu Shimomura, and then the transfer of that new system to post-rapprochement China after 1972. In the view of the author, the Tokyo Consensus nations - China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan - are using and continue to use the mindset of Shimomuran Economics to achieve great economic advantages and the West now needs to learn what part of Asia knows.< Less
The Paradox of Power: Sino-American Strategic Restraint in an Age of Vulnerability By David C. Gompert & Phillip C. Saunders
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The second half of the 20th century featured a strategic competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. That competition avoided World War III in part because during the 1950s, scholars... More > like Henry Kissinger, Thomas Schelling, Herman Kahn, and Albert Wohlstetter analyzed the fundamental nature of nuclear deterrence. Decades of arms control negotiations reinforced these early notions of stability and created a mutual understanding that allowed U.S.-Soviet competition to proceed without armed conflict. The first half of the 21st century will be dominated by the relationship between the United States and China. That relationship is likely to contain elements of both cooperation and competition. Territorial disputes such as those over Taiwan and the South China Sea will be an important feature of this competition, but both are traditional disputes, and traditional solutions suggest themselves. A more difficult set of issues relates to U.S.-Chinese competition...< Less
Journal of Strategy and Politics, Issue 2 (Autumn 2015) By Institute for the Study of Strategy and Politics
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Seventy years ago this summer, Japan surrendered after B-29s dropped two atomic bombs and the USSR declared war on Japan. These events, and the strategies and policies that produced them, have been... More > hotly debated ever since. The end of the Pacific War did not merely end World War II, but determined the power structure in Asia for subsequent decades. It is imperative to understand 1945, whose legacies affect the peace and stability of the region to this day – for example, in the disputes over the Senkaku Islands, the division of Korea, and the status of Taiwan. This full day event will include presentations from Richard B. Frank, author of Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire; prolific naval analyst Norman Friedman; D. M. Giangreco, author of Hell to Pay; David Glantz, author of The Soviet Strategic Offensive in Manchuria, 1945; John T. Kuehn, author of A Military History of Japan; and Richard C. Thornton, author of China: A Political History.< Less
New Knowledge in the Twenty-First Century: The Past, Present, and Future of Humankind; Medicine, Science, Religion, and Politics for the Global Mind. By Charles H. Chen, MD, FACOG
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In medicine and human health,loss weight by scientific method,good and bad fat and carbohydrate, where cancer came from and how it can kill you. In science, new god theory vs. Darwin's evolutionary... More > theory, where original living things come from,how old the embryo be considered alive, is it possible to recreate big bang theory now. in religion;new interpretation of real god, new interpretation of human soul. In politics, ideal US health care system, new ideas to solve war and terrorism problems. in social issues;correct interpretation of firearm in US constitution, correct definition of various abortions. In international affairs, new role for united nations to promote world peace,new innovative ideas for middle east peace talk, new innovative peace talk between China and Taiwan.< Less

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