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OPEC Buhl and Sir Ian Shag deals with a Soviet Union assassination team who wants to assassinate CIA and MI-6 agents. Mister Boris and the Prince of Shanghai meets Queen China in North China. They... More > all go to Africa where they bring the three MI-6 agents will help break in and steal diamonds from a diamond mine that belongs to the British government. Later, OPEC Buhl and Sir Ian Shag meets Mister Napoleon who invented a formula that can turn the earth into dust and smoke. So enjoy.< Less
Corporate Espionage Among Friends By Larry Dean
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Corporate Espionage Among Friends - The book is fiction but based on a true story. This story revolves around one of the largest trade secret theft cases in US History. Three ex-employees quit and... More > took over 1.5 million pages of paper wrapped very neatly on a USB portable hard drive. This story is based on my personal experience and the legal battle that ensued. The battle ended up with working closely with the FBI and the U. S. Attorney’s Office. The three ended up getting indicted and one was prosecuted as the ringleader of the theft. This did encompass another company, which had connections to a manufacturing company in China. The actions that were undertaken, not only caused the government to prosecute what was considered the ringleader, but also stopped all of the documents from leaving the U.S. or be of any benefit to anyone. The names, places and companies have been changed to protect those innocent people and workers.< Less
Communist Chinese Cyber-Attacks, Cyber-Espionage and Theft of American Technology By Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives
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The United States is under attack. Cyber-attack and cyber-espionage traced backed to China have been dramatically increasing every year. What kind of damage is being done? How is our national... More > security being compromised? The Office of the Secretary of Defense in their 2010 annual report to Congress, which was the "Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China [PRC]"; outlined this challenge: "The PRC utilizes a large well-organized network of enterprises, defense factories and affiliated research institutes and computer network operations to facilitate the collection of sensitive information and export-controlled technology." The heavy use of outsourcing of computer and consumer electronic production to China, not only by American but also by Japanese, Taiwanese, German, and South Korean firms, has helped create a Chinese cyber threat that now compromises the security of the Western world.< Less
Slave Women of the S.S. By J.K. McGrath
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Commander Joe Wilson, USN, is up to his neck in trouble in an exciting new adventure that takes him from Imperial Japan to war-torn China and the German concentration camps of the S.S., with a... More > stop-over in the mountains of Tibet!< Less
Slave Women of the S.S. By J.K. McGrath
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Commander Joe Wilson, USN, is up to his neck in trouble in an exciting new adventure that takes him from Imperial Japan to war-torn China and the German concentration camps of the S.S., with a... More > stop-over in the mountains of Tibet!< Less
My Soul To Keep By Brian Waters
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A single text message on a random Tuesday morning thrusts Jill Weston into the end of America. Conscripted into the ranks of the specialized programmed elite, Jill wanders the militarized college... More > campus in the affluent suburbs of Louisville where she is stationed, shielded from the horror outside its brick walls. But Jill harbors the fact that her programming is faulty, functioning enough to prevent detection but incapable of fully immersing Jill into the blissful facade of a college co-ed. Risking detection in the search for her brother feared dead, Jill struggles to maintain her ruse while simultaneously forging relationships with her comrades. Can anyone be trusted in a world that is ruled by the combined Chinese and Russian governments? As the country adjusts to the new regime and rumors of resistance swell, Jill begins to suspect that she may not be alone in her programming glitches and that any conversation could result in discovery.< Less
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Volume 2 of a 4 part series that goes further than even Tom Clancy's classic, in a tale of truly global, world war. Washington DC, Taipei, NATO's North Cape naval picket, and two carrier combat... More > groups have been destroyed by nuclear weapons. NATO is on the back foot and her potential allies are thinning out, as China shows no hesitation in levelling entire cities. Major Bedonavich and Svetlana Vorsoff are our spies with a conscience and now they are in from the cold, but someone will go to any lengths to exact revenge. Perhaps baiting the Bear in his lair is their only hope of survival? The NATO army in Europe, with the battered but defiant Coldstream Guards and US 82nd are holding the line. Vital supplies are enroute from America but the determination of those in the convoys and escorts is matched by those charged with sinking them. NATO needs to level the playing field, and then tilt it in their favour.< Less
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The Reluctant Warrior: The Journey Begins By Andrew Burans
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This adventure novel is a multi-faceted exploration of colliding and conflicting worlds. The main character is an up and coming young businessman who is suddenly thrust into a dangerous new reality.... More > Intellectually, he realizes he must overcome seemingly untenable odds in order to survive. His journey explores his business acumen, the clandestine machinations of the 1980's cold war between the United States, Russia and China, the intricacies of Eastern Martial Arts training and a thorough examination of weapons and their proper use. Our main protagonist does come with flaws. He smokes and drinks too much and is highly attracted to beautiful women even though he dearly loves his wife and wants to remain faithful. The story centers in Beverly Hills but is international in scope and has numerous finely developed and intriguing characters. Readers will experience the central figure's growth as he grapples with the challenges which confront him while he struggles to remain true to his core values.< Less
Gate Of Tears By James Marinero
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An up-to-the-minute (and beyond) thriller setting a ruthless psychopathic Serbian female terrorist against an ex-Royal Marine and an Australian gold mining oligarch. Set in the context of the... More > politically volatile Red Sea region and reflecting the revolutionary changes sweeping the region, political expediency with high level betrayal in Government and the Intelligence Services culminates in naval and aerial confrontation between NATO and Israel on one side, and China and the Yemen on the other. The emergence of China as a financial, industrial and military superpower is a key theme, with gritty and realistic action from Alaska to Australia, Britain to Djibouti.< Less

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