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What do ELVIS, BILL CLINTON, GEORGE W. BUSH, MADONNA, DONALD TRUMP, and MICHAEL JACKSON all have in common? Yep, they're DOGS!! According to Chinese Astrology. But THAT's just the sign for the... More > YEAR they were born. Astrologer Ed Augusts, with more than 30 years of experience, discovered that we also have MONTH, DAY, and HOUR Chinese Zodiac animals, as well! Easy-to-Read TABLE OF CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMAL YEARS and TABLE OF ELEMENTS & POLARITIES will show YIN-YANG Balance as well! Taken together with one's Western Zodiac Signs, this tends to show the MALE-FEMALE Energy & Mental Balance in a person. Potential violence and danger appear to be related to the astro-factors in this 128-pg breakthrough book. 112 famous or notorious people are examined to see THEIR Secret Chinese + Western astrological components! This includes Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary, Bill, and manhy others In & Out of the News! You'll LOVE "Chinese Western Astrology".< Less
The Essence of Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui By Alvin Yap
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Get a fundamental knowledge of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. What you need to know about the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny and Feng Shui is found in this E-Book which acts as a learning resource... More > to teach you the methodologies and applications of Chinese metaphysics. Download this E-Book and start your journey on an amazing discovery of these ancient arts and sciences in their simplicity and essence.< Less
Get The Life You Want - The Chinese Astrological Way By FS Zi
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This is the book that will help you to make the most of your potential in life based on what is written in your Birth Chart. The secret to living the life you want is embedded in your Destiny Code... More > which is derived from the analysis of your birth chart. The Four Pillars of Destiny is a branch of Chinese Metaphysics that empowers the learned practitioners of this ancient art to create luck through understanding the elements, animal signs, stars and luck pillars for success in life.< Less
Astrology for Dogs By Aeriel
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Astrology has different implications and interpretations when applied to the fury companions of our homes...our dogs. This book combines the east and west to come up with an in-depth interpretation... More > of our canine companions. Their personality traits, best suited companions, lifestyle and personal relationships are summarised for each star sign as well as the 12 Chinese Zodiac years. The results may entertain you.< Less
Astrology for Cats By Aeriel
eBook (ePub): $5.99
A book that provides an insight into your cats' personality traits, defined by Western and Eastern Astrology. Find your cats star sign and Chinese Year Sign and you may discover the reason your cat... More > sits in the bath or howls at the moon. A light hearted look at the way astrology influences the habits and personalities of the other members of your family, who they are best matched with, their likes, dislikes and health.< Less
Astrology for Dogs By aeriel
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Astrological interpretations written for the canine companions of our households. Combine Eastern and Western astrology to interpret your pets' personality traits, lifestyle choices, likes, dislikes... More > and bad habits. This book looks at the year and month your pet was born and provides a look into their personalities.< Less
Astrology Theory By Dani Kain
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Astrology Theory on Steroids. FINALLY!! Learn Astrology Theory And Tap Into The Mysterious Universal Forces That Will Allow You To Predict Nearly ANYTHING!! This book has everything you need to know... More > on Chinese, Western and Vedic Astrology.< Less
Astrology from Origin to Predictions: Love Signs, Chinese Horoscope By Linda Hand
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Yes, astrology is the study of influence of stars and planets in our visible Universe on each individual for it is said to play a major role in shaping their personality along with their future. It... More > is the five thousand year old study of the influential effects of the sun, stars, moon and planets on events on the earth and horoscopes are predictions or insights into our lives, made by studying the stars in our sign on the zodiac. Astrology aids in discovering the innate power to create each day and design your destiny by merging ancient wisdom with your practical living. The principles of astrology along with its different methods came up after the Babylonians started following the celestial omens. This method of following the astrology with the celestial omen soon spread in different other parts of the world like Asia, India, China, Europe, Greece and the Middle East. In this book is everything you should know about it.< Less
Chinese 2006 By Klaudio Zic
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Chinese New Year analysis using modern astrologic tools. The stars predict a difficult year for the planet...
2015 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar By Safrina Kadri
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This Annual Monthly Planner makes a great personal Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac companion. Any feng shui and bazi enthusiast will find this planner a great basic date selection tool to keep track of... More > your good and unfavourable days in 2015. This calendar highlights Daily Four Pillars, Monthly Flying Stars, Year Breaker Days, Month Breaker Days, Dong Gong date tracker. Tutorial videos will also guide you on how to plot your personal Heavenly Wealth Days and Heavenly Doctor Days.< Less

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