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Chinese Zodiac By Xi Wang
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Traditionally these zodiac animals were used to date the years, and the Chinese zodiac is a repeating cycle of twelve years. People born in a certain animal year are believed to have personal... More > qualities of that animal. Therefore, this book is good for children to know the qualities of these animals. The parents or teachers can also use this book to teach their children to inherit the excellent qualities of these animals.< Less
Animals Of The Chinese Zodiac By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $5.98
The Chinese associate each year of a 12-year cycle with an animal, and they refer to the years as "the year of the dragon," "the year of the ox," and so forth. The 12 animals and... More > the years associated with them are often represented on a circular chart, and for this reason they are known as animals of the zodiac.< Less
Chinese Zodiac Furry by Jiló By Ronaldo Santana
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Known in furry circles his erotic art, but funny and perverted at the same time, Ronaldo Santana, better known as Jiló, his alter-ego likewise shameless, debuts in literature with these 11... More > stories and 1 comic inspired by the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Without compromising the art style that he’s devoted, these pages are full of exciting images and situations that will make your imagination fly away! Let it take you to a naughty world with your best guide, Jiló, and that cool friend of yours who introduces you to the best party girls. Now relax and enjoy!< Less
Pillars of Destiny, Foundations in the Chinese Zodiac for Psychic Entertainers By Matt Pulsar
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Pillars of Destiny, Foundations in the Chinese Zodiac for Psychic Entertainers is a book for Mentalists and Mystery Performers on exploring Mysticism in Chinese culture. Matt Pulsar is a western... More > entertainer who has been living in Asia for 7 years and performing for mostly Asian audiences. This is his story of exploration and learning about Chinese culture and how the zodiac functions in Chinese society. Pillars of Destiny teaches how to learn someone's Chinese Zodiac sign, how to tell the day of their birthday, the basics of Feng Shui, what the Ba Zi is and how an entertainer can use it, giving readings based on the Chinese Zodiac, incorporating western star signs with a reading, full routines with a Chinese Zodiac theme and much much more.< Less
Moonslipper's 2014 Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Year of the Horse By Deirdre Shawd-Smith
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Moonslipper's 2014 Chinese Horoscopes - The Year of the Horse. A comprehensive and positive guide for all the signs of the Chinese Zodiac for 2014. Love, life, health and wealth is all covered in... More > this horoscope book.< Less
Kanji/Hanzi Tattoo Designs: 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs By Claus Liepke
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Get inspired by this selection of Chinese characters ("Hanzi" in the Chinese language, "Kanji" in Japanese) for your next tattoo. Table of contents: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit,... More > Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. You might consider to write and learn some Chinese characters to understand the importance of the correct stroke order and the resulting balance and symmetry within one character. Please refer to my store here at Lulu and download the free excerpts of the eBooks 333 Kanji-in-a-Day and 333 Hanzi-in-a-Day each with tracing sheets for 90 Chinese characters.< Less
Bad Zodiac Rising By Jacob Oritt
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Every myth you've ever heard is true. The American Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac are but two threads in a vast pattern that stretches across all of time and space. This is the story of a Chinese... More > Zodiac god gone rogue, and how the entire American Zodiac teamed up to bring him down.< Less
Sherlox Holmes and the Zodiacal Conspiracy By Klaudio Zic
eBook (ePub): $2.22
Zodiacal conspiracy could not actually happen since there was no zodiac at all. Apart from still glorious attempts from the Chinese, the old Egyptian and shreds of zodiacality as still found through... More > rural Germany, the zodiac was never known, exposed or presented unto humankind at all.< Less
Academic Zodiac RTRRT By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $16.22
(a) Saturn is in Ophiuchus 1929-1987-present. USA ascendant is Serpens Cauda. (b) Chinese market crash happens with Venus in Hydra – to the minute second. (c) Taurus is most rare as... More > auspicious in an ascendant. See on Taurine Ascendants. (d) The BoE – Bank of England – has Moon in Corvus – see on Corvine Moons. (e) Venus is in Pegasus 2017-2025 thus Age of Pegasus. (f) Profit from early 2014 investments due to bullish Venus in Scutum. (g) Financial cornucopiae miracles happen with Venus in Crater.< Less
The Chinese Dragon By L. Newton Hayes
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Almost a century ago, after 14 years of studying the creature that is the Chinese Dragon, L. Newton Hayes concluded that there are real dragons living in China today, such is the belief of at least... More > seven out of every ten Chinese. His findings, published and illustrated in The Chinese Dragon, tell of a magnificent creature – the king of beasts – who’s spirit and authority is woven throughout China’s 5,000 years of culture and held in the highest esteem by the Chinese people. 90 years later, The Chinese Dragon reads more like a work of fiction than the non-fiction study it was when first published. While the facts of the dragon remain unchanged, today’s modern society provides a new context for the book that the author could have only imagined. Read The Chinese Dragon and, through this glorious beast, experience the wondrous beliefs of the Chinese that have endured for centuries.< Less

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