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Christ Is The Center By Jesse DeDeyne
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This is a devotional which focuses on finding Jesus Christ in every book of the Bible. While the name "Jesus Christ" may not appear, the concepts and teachings of Jesus Christ are indeed... More > present everywhere in the Bible; thus making Jesus Christ the 'true' center of the Bible.< Less
Christ Centered Goal Setting By Randy Hollingsworth
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Everyone Needs Set Goals, But Not Everyone Knows How To Let Christ Be The Author of Their Goals. This Work-Book Shows You How To Include Him While You Design Your Life And Goals Together.... More > Communications Is An Essential Part Of Goal Setting. The Strategies Inside This Workbook Will Guide You In Making Sure That Christ Is The Center Of Your Goals. This Is Done Through Prayer, Q&A and Looking At Both Short Term and Long Term Goals For Your Life.< Less
Building Christ Centered Families By Edison Bynoe
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Building Christ Centered Families is a resource to help families bond spiritually. The basic premise is that families need to spend time developing a family relationship with God.
Jesus In The Center By Tyler Nash
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“Jesus In The Center” will take you on a pragmatic and practical process to experiencing a life overflowing in abundance with the freedom, wisdom, submission and the direction of Christ... More > our Lord. “Jesus In The Center” is a 31 day devotional that will guide you day by day to a life of centralizing Christ in every area of your life from financially, to relationships; this book provides an in depth look on how to keep your life with “Jesus In The Center”. Published through both the ministry founded by Minister Nash “Tyler Nash Ministries” and marketed through the business wing “TWN & Associates LLC” this book has a promising delivery to bless your life.< Less
A Misplaced Joy: (re)Discover the Christ-Centered Gospel By Ryan McCoskey
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This book is about Jesus, the Gospel, and your joy. Its purpose is to show you why Jesus is worthy of your highest worship, adoration and praise. Regardless of where you stand, this book was written... More > for you. May it help you (re)discover the Christ-centered Gospel.< Less
The Set Apart Way for Christ-Centered Creative Artists By Sepia Gladden
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The “set apart” way is the straight and narrow path God is calling all of His creative artists \ ministers to (Matthew 7:14). Because of this call, this book will literally break down... More > many different principles on how you can use your gifts and talents in a set apart way for God’s glory. This book emphasizes the truth and that truth is that there truly is a set apart way God desires all of His Creative/Worship Arts Ministers to walk in so as a result we may be the salt of the earth and light that blazes in the midst of a world that is so desperately in need of knowing Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.< Less
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THROUGHOUT the ages of man's history, the quality of calmness, of quietness, of serenity of spirit, has been associated with the thought of the spiritually developed person. The scriptures of the... More > great religions are full of this idea. There is the beautiful story of the Jesus-Christ who calmed the stormy sea, saying, "Peace; be still." "Be still and know that I am God," sang the psalmist. To know "the peace that passeth understanding" is spoken of as an ideal toward which to strive.< Less
The Body of Christ By Katie Shockley
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What does Scripture say about the church? What encouragement can the church take from Scripture? What does it mean for the church to be apostolic, Christ-centered, unified, and a holy nation? What... More > is the mission of the church? Engage in Scripture readings, discussion, and a spiritual gift survey. A six-week study.< Less
Marriage In Christ By Fr Mark Hodges
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MARRIAGE IN CHRIST: THE WITNESS OF THE SCRIPTURES AND THE CHURCH ON WHAT MARRIAGE IS INTENDED TO BE is an examination of the unity of husband and wife. Marriage is explained as a gift of God, given... More > from the beginning to mankind, in which a man and a woman become “one” in love. The Bible calls marriage a “sacred covenant.” It is God Himself who created the state of marriage as a reflection of His divine nature, and it is God Himself who unites the two into one. This encouraging essay gives the Orthodox Christian perspective on the eternality of marriage, and demonstrates how our very personhood is transfigured for our salvation in Christ-centered matrimony. After the essay, three extensive appendixes explore current issues in the remarriage of clergy within the Orthodox communion: The Remarriage of Clergy in History, The Responsibility of Laity to Correct an erring Bishop, and A Detailed Critique of “Widowed Priest: A Crisis In Ministry.” Recommended for all Orthodox Christians.< Less
Christ in Tibet By Joseph Babinsky (Editor), Murdo MacDonald-Bayne
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This book is a one volume edition of what was originally published in two separate books. It is more than a history of the travels of Murdo MacDonald-Bayne in Tibet. It is meant to open up and awaken... More > the inner Being that is closed up and asleep, to become aware of the powers and possibilities of the Real Self, so that you are no longer the little personality with a limited life, but a center of Universal action and in direct contact with Cosmic Forces. Then you will no longer be the unwilling plaything of fate but a conscious Master of Nature, liberated from the imprisoned smallness and sufferings of the frail human body. The author writes: “The glorious revealing of the Christ Yoga is beyond price; it is the foundation of the coming age when Love and Wisdom will prevail. What we know now as a civilization will be as ashes like similar civilizations of the past.” Thus, the intent of this book is to set the reader free to be his/her authentic and true self.< Less