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The Experience By Apostle Augustine Idehen
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This book will prove to be one of the most Shocking REVELATION about the Christian walk with the Lord that you have ever seen! It brings to this generation a very rare revelation of what it mean to... More > have a real Christian walk with the Lord. It’s really mind blowing and rich. It will definitely take your walk with the Lord to a deeper, wider Dimension.< Less
Christianity By Traumear
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I think of this book as a cross between a personal testimony and a study aid. Everything I put forward, whether historically or experimentally, has been hammered out on the anvil of personal... More > experience and tested on the ground in community during the past thirty years. I go into the depth of things because it is my nature to do so and because I strongly feel that such a treatment of the topic is of contemporary relevance. There are more than enough bland books about Religion and God and Faith and all that on the market to do us for the next century.< Less
The Christian Epic: An Experiment in Beauty, Truth and Goodness By Kent Richter
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The Christian Epic is an effort to tell the story of Christian belief as theological poetry, from the glory of the eternal, Triune God through creation, fall and redemption, to the recreation of... More > wholeness and glory in heaven. Attempting to combine truth and beauty, its poetry is meant to contain rigorous Christian apologetics, philosophical argument and comparative theology. It defends the Christian faith and faces challenges as diverse as Vedantic Hinduism and Nietzschean deconstruction. Yet all is written as verse, meant to inspire, to be felt as well as understood.< Less
The Experience Of A Lifetime By David Ramsey
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Make Life An Experience, Not Routine. This book is a collection of devotion-style topics providing scripture reference for the times when you need them most. Putting God's word in you to apply it... More > when you need it is one of the best ministry tools there is.< Less
The Jesus Experience By Wendy Anderson
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This is the story of an ordinary woman named Wendy – a housewife/volunteer/artist, and her brother Dennis – a builder/steel mill worker/car fanatic. This book is all about how they handle... More > being Christians amidst the joy and turmoil of the circle of life. There is drama in the high mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Stories told with humour and charm. Real answers to prayer along the way. Plus other surprises and page-turning adventures. And a personal visit from Jesus. Neither Wendy nor Denny claim to be perfect or particularly extraordinary – far from it, their short comings are all too obvious – but they have a real live relationship with Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Father God – the God who wants to reach out to us.< Less
Abraham's Experience By Jana Tether
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This is a short monologue of the Biblical character Abraham telling the story of his experience when God asked him to sacrifice his only son Isaac. *Dramatic, yet conversational, MONOLOGUE *Based on... More > Genesis 22:1-14 *1 character (1 male) *Approximately 3 minutes long< Less
The Garden Experience By Dexter Peggins
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In the Garden Experience, Dexter Peggins Jr., reveals practical yet insightful keys that will help the reader begin to connect with God’s plan for their life. The Garden Experience provides the... More > necessary tools to help readers understand what it means to have their identity rooted in God and to exercise dominion authority in every facet in life. This book was written for people who are ready to live an intentional life of victory, and to discover what it means to” Live a Life of Purpose, on Purpose!”< Less
Hegel's Philosophy of Mind: How the Mind Experiences Art, Aesthetics and the Christian Religion By Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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This exceptional manual of philosophy, presented here complete, details the method and theory of Hegel's examination of mind. In Hegelianist philosophy, the notion of the mind commences with a... More > consideration of the subjective (i.e. individual) mind. After some contemplation however, it is realised that this 'individual' sort of mind is but the initial stage of the process - the so-called 'in-itself stage'. The stage which follows this is that of the objective mind - it is this type of mind that finds itself object of law, morals and government. The final stage of the Hegelianist posit upon the mind is that of the 'absolute mind'. At this point, the mind ascends above the constraints of the natural world and of mankind's institutions and laws. It is at this high stage that concepts of art, faith and philosophy have been birthed. The concept of free thinking is here encountered: that the mind may only be truly free and capable of itself when having separated from the worldly restrictions of everyday life.< Less
Varieties of Religious Experience By William James
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This collection of 20 lectures was presented by William James at the 1901-1902 Gifford Lectures in Edinburgh. In these lectures, James explores individual religious experience as it varies among... More > humans. James associates religious experience with the feelings and actions of individuals in a relationship with what they believe to be the Divine. James digs deep into the psychological underpinnings of religious experience; he is less concerned with studying religious institutions and theology. He discusses the origin, nature, and variation of religious experience and raises questions about its power. Some of his lectures focus on conversion, others on mysticism or virtue. His empirical study of human nature and individual religious experiences is remarkable complex, and yet his style of presentation is accessible to a wide variety of audiences. James' lectures come together to form the brilliant intertwining of religion, philosophy, and psychology. -Emmalon Davis, CCEL Staff Writer< Less
Passion Week Experience By Chad Balthrop et al.
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No single individual has had more influence on the history of the world than Jesus Christ. For generations, His life and teaching have transformed individuals and communities. Our modern view of... More > freedom, civil rights, generosity, compassion, and humility are the direct result of His influence. His life and the message of the cross is so compelling that even skeptics find themselves living in a cruciform shaped culture. It's a life worth knowing. The Passion Week Experience is an interactive experience through the stations of the cross. You will discover the events that led to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This modern approach to an ancient practice will connect you with the most significant moment in history. Each station will immerse you in an environment that enables you to experience the meaning and emotion of that time. This book will be your guide.< Less

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