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Raphael: 118 Paintings By Crichton Alcorn
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Raphael's paintings along with that of his older contemporaries Leonardo and Michelangelo defined the High Renaissance style in central Italy. Raphael was enormously productive, running an unusually... More > large workshop and, despite his death at 37, leaving a large body of work. He was a popular personality, famous, wealthy, and honoured. His posthumous reputation was even greater, for until the later 19th century he was regarded by almost all critics as the greatest painter who had ever lived — the artist who expressed the basic doctrines of the Christian Church through figures that have a physical beauty worthy of the antique. He became the ideal of all academies and has been a major inspiration to great classical painters such as Annibale Carracci, Poussin, and Ingres. Raphael was seen by 20th century critics like Bernard Berenson as the "most famous and most loved" master of the High Renaissance.< Less
An Artist of Modicum Success By Armando Heredia
eBook (ePub): $4.99
An Artist of Modicum Success, A Retrospective is a collection of work by Armando Heredia, who once had an exhibit slated for 30 days that was so overwhelming, it come down in 48 hours, and considered... More > it a smashing success. A wide ranging collection of work that encompasses traditional and non-traditional media, drawing, painting, sculpture and reclamation art. Armando is also an Art Activist, the founder of Art Against Oppression, an art collective devoted to "Not just making good art, but art that does good." This collective also includes works by Awareness 2012 collaborators Christian Burkett, Kimberly Lorrene (Kavanagh), and Jonathan Schellhardt. Full color images, links to online content, unfinished concepts, and insight into the inspiration of some of his most exciting work. Armando Heredia may be one of the most important artists you've never heard of.< Less
FIASCO Magazine - THE ANNUAL By FIASCO Publishing
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FIASCO MAGAZINE - THE ANNUAL ISSUE A comprehensive and inspiring look back over 2010, in some 310 pages of vivid color! The FIASCO team have pulled out all our favourites from Fashion, Photography... More > and Art. Contributors include Shannon Sinclair, Lope Navo, Christian Rios, Dave Wise, Jason Mickle, Justin Wu, Anthony Meyer, Jahn Hall, Karel Losekicky. Some of the world's newest fashion photography talent, with some of the worlds biggest and best models! This is a stunningly creative book for all lovers of photography, fashion and art, it's also the perfect collectors edition for any FIASCO fan too! We're extremely proud of it, and think you will love it too. Your coffee table won't be the same without it!< Less
Is this what you expected? By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Twenty-five years after graduation I am re-examining my faith & redesigning our minds. Because my Christian faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen; as an... More > alumni graduate I will exhort my highest devotion next to God. Respectively I am also singing. I clearly have graduated from an A+ accredited University sought by me awkwardly again for its respect. Lacking a devoted camaraderie I in turn have been inspired by the pages of time; and though not seeking the hard knocks of our Alma Mater; revel in their joy. In my book I express a keen sense of due diligence. I detail my gifts, reservations, and even callings with a gentler system designed to make me feel good; while leaving room for an enveloping underworld. My hope is that you see me through the trials of mid life and remember me!< Less
AN INTERPRETATION OF THE ARTWORKS In St. Francis of Assisi Church – Fitchburg, MA By JOHN L. BISOL
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AN INTERPRETATION OF THE ARTWORKS In St. Francis of Assisi Church – Fitchburg, MA, was originally written by my father to be used as an instructional aid during his religious education... More > classes. The need to enjoy and understand the artwork in a church was best explained by Pope John Paul II: Letter to Artists on the Place and Significance of Art Pope John Paul II - April 4, 1999 “…In the history of human culture, all of this is a rich chapter of faith and beauty. Believers above all have gained from it in their experience of prayer and Christian living. Indeed, for many of them, in times when few could read or write, representations of the Bible were a concrete mode of catechesis. But for everyone, believers or not, the works of art inspired by Scripture remain a reflection of the unfathomable mystery which engulfs and inhabits the world…”< Less
Five Moons of the Golden Moss By Fraser MacIver
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An ‘Epic of Light and Darkness’, written in rhyming quatrains. The Poem is a ‘tour de force’ inspired by the coastal Scottish landscape of Argyll. The Poem takes the form of... More > an imaginative ‘Creation Myth’; filtered through observations based on meteorological and natural elements, site specific to the ancient ‘Kingdom of Dalriada’, wherein the Author has happily resided as a working professional artist for over two decades now. Illustrated by the author with over 40 of his pen & ink vignettes, the reader is transported back to prehistory and forward from a pagan past up to the early Christian period finishing with the Viking invasions around 700 A.D. It is Nature poetry comprising a ‘seminal work’ that functions on several levels including the sub conscious mind of the reader. Thought provoking (at the very least...) ‘Five Moons of the Golden Moss ’ is a lyrical, complete harmonic wedding of images and text, and a pocket sized first publication that packs a powerful philosophical punch.< Less
THE CHOICE By Joseph Babinsky
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This book is a memoir created with the unique blend of writings in spirituality and story-telling (fiction), joined with excerpts from the spirit communications received by James Padgett between 1914... More > and 1920. It is a confluence of a manuscript started and left unfinished 5 years ago, and selections from writings done since 2006. It covers a short but important period in the life of Joseph Babinsky from 2006 to the present. The book is in two parts. The first part uses an allegory to picture a massive transformation in which the author shifts from one understanding of reality to another. In the second part we are shown a glimpse of the author’s Journey of Faith, where he travels from a life as an ordained Christian minister to a place many years later where the influence of spirit communications change the course of his life. "The Choice" is a thought-provoking book, well put together, and entertaining and inspirational – a good read.< Less
Whispers of the Heart By Debra S Mascarenhas
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Trauma isn't good for anyone, although poets seem to thrive on it. The more traumatic an event the more inspired they are to write about it. My best guess is that it is because the process of... More > expressing one’s feelings through writing is cathartic. So when a husband and father of three is suddenly gone, it is a boon to poetic activity. Do not be prejudicial, although Debra’s book is scattered with poems about love lost, on the whole it is a very uplifting spiritually oriented book. Since Debra speaks English, basic Hindi and Arabic, she is familiar with three of the four most popular religions on Earth. Her commitment to Christianity, and her awareness of Islam and Sanatana Dharma is apparent as she spreads her wings and blesses her readers with her smiling words. Take a moment to be entertained by the poetic musings of Debra S Mascarenhas< Less
Brotherly Love: The Essence of Man By Bobby John Richard, Jr.
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"Brotherly Love: The Essence of Man" is the First Major Book Publication of Bobby John Richard, Jr. in hopes that we all learn a very Powerful Lesson at the end of this Story: We Are All... More > Responsible For One Another: in other words: We Are All Our Brother's Eternal Keeper. Brotherly Love: The Essence of Man" is the Official Autobiography of Christian Author Bobby John Richard, Jr., describing my Life Experiences that have enabled me to become the man I am today: this Book was written In Loving Memory of The-Late Travis Orlando Zachery (1981-2002). This was a young man whose life was tragically cut short, because his "friends" had made up their minds to take this young man's life. The Story of Travis' Death serves as a Wake-Up Call to the children of this lost generation and is a True Story which was the Inspiration behind "Brotherly Love: The Essence of Man".< Less
The Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry By Charles H. Vail
Paperback: $13.99
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The Series of Sunday evening lectures which comprise this book were first given in Pullman Memorial Church, Albion, NY. The many calls for the lectures in printed form led to their publication. We... More > trust that the book may contribute to a better understanding of the Order by the general public; inspiring our Brother Masons to greater appreciation of and loyalty to the Fraternity, and encouraging all to labor for the realization of the great principles and ideals embodied in the Ancient Mysteries and our Modern Masonry. Contents: Origin and Object of the Ancient Mysteries; Egyptian, Hindu, and Persian Mysteries; Druidical, Gothic, Grecian, and Jewish Mysteries; Christian Mysteries; Meaning of True Initiation; Origin and History of Freemasonry; Origin and History of the Knights Templars and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite; Symbols and Legends of Masonry; List of Masonic and Kindred Books.< Less

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