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Jesus and Mary were Kosher Vegetarians, the Evidence from the Bible, the Early Church and Nutrition By James C. Tibbetts
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This book is perhaps the most complete scholarly book out today showing that Jesus and Mary were kosher vegetarians! The evidence from the scriptures, the early Church period, the Jewish... More > literature, the mystics, and nutrition indicates that Jesus and Mary were kosher, and also that they were vegetarian. This book proposes that Jesus and Mary were the new Adam and Eve who ate a plant-based diet. They were the first penitents of the Christian era, leading us into a penitential lifestyle, a lifestyle of purification, involving a kosher plant-based diet and fasting. There is evidence from multiple sources that people in the early Church believed that Jesus and Mary and some of the disciples were vegetarians. The monastics have carried on the plant-based practice for centuries.< Less
Fayth's Christian Cookbook By Rev. Dr. Fayth Silveus, N.D., D.N.M.
eBook (PDF): $8.95
This is a vegan cookbook that uses no sugar, artificial ingredients or animal products of any kind. It is full of recipes for a good, Biblical diet.
Christian Insight into the Eucharist Simplified By Fr. Bill McCarthy and James Tibbetts
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The book on the Holy Eucharist gives some background not usually found in most books on the Eucharist. Other books separate the Mass from the context of the first and second centuries. By the third... More > century the Breaking of the Bread (1st and 2nd centuries) became the Eucharist (3rd century) with a formal Mass similar to what we know today, such as one of the oldest masses, the mass of St. James, which is similar to an orthodox mass. This book is focused on the biblical lifestyle and insights of the Breaking of the Bread in the early Church and its history, background and development in relation to kosher and related Jewish practices which are foundational in the Mass. Jesus just didn’t create something new out of nothing; the Breaking of the Bread is tied in with the Jewish Tradition in a very deep way, kosher, Pentecost, tongues and related practices. It has a miraculous and healing aspect to it that most forget about.< Less
Curate By Jorge Claudio Christian
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This book features delicious Spanish vegetarian, Mediterranean diet, and tapas recipes from an authentic Spanish chef who uses only the best natural ingredients including his favorite superfood... More > quinoa. This Spanish cookbook offers you a complete range of Spanish and Mediterranean food ideas ,and reveals secret recipes for many of Spain's most popular vegetarian dishes. All recipes are tested and prepared by chef Jorge Christian who knows from experience on how to cater to American taste. Here you have a guideline with quick and easy to do vegetarian, full meal and tapas recipes from Spain; the recipes are a complete presentation to the wonderful world of Mediterranean diet for you and your family. In this diet cooking book, you will learn that Spanish, Portuguese and most Mediterranean diet dishes consist of fresh, whole foods, and moderate amounts of dairy foods and healthy fats.< Less
101 Fruits: Fruit Dietary Nutrition, Health And Additional Information, E-book (Volume 1) By Christian, Food And Diet Reference Guide Publications
eBook (PDF): $4.00
PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE E-BOOK DURING SABBATH TIMES, FRIDAY TO SATURDAY SUNSETS, UK, US OR YOUR OWN. Fruit nutrition e-book, with information on health, nutrition, gardening, related web links, etc..... More > Book is 115 pages long. PDF, at time of writing, may be best viewed in Adobe® Acrobat® and viewed in slightly lower viewing in free Adobe® Reader® 7.0 (or 5.0+) from Support Websites: http://p3.forumforfree. com/christianfood.html (PLEASE NOTE: SMALL BOOKMARK MISTAKE: WATERMELON LINK MAY GO TO TOMATO PAGE: SCROLL TO THE NEXT PAGE (WATERMELON) AND CAN STILL SEE IT: REDUCED BY 1$ AS COMPENSATION, TILL CORRECTED).< Less
The Great Fast Cookbook By Dale A. Johnson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This is a cookbook based on a collection of recepies gathered from monasteries around the world.
Familiar Strangers By John Gilheany
Paperback: $17.21
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A history of the relationship between the Churches and organised vegetarianism in Britain over two centuries. PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE FOR AN ACCURATE DISPLAY OF THE BOOK COVER:... More >< Less
A Woman of Worth Fall 2007 By Melissa Ringstaff
Paperback: $8.75
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A Woman of Worth Fall 2007 By Melissa Ringstaff
eBook (PDF): $6.75
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The Forbidden Fruit By Ras Lij Tafari Selassie I Makonnen Woldemikheal Gudussa
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