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Proceedings of the Russian Academy of DNA Genealogy, 2011 December, vol. 4, No. 12 By Anatole Klyosov
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This is an ongoing edition in the field of DNA genealogy with implications in history, linguistics, anthropology, and family studies
Genes, Flies, Bomb and a Better Life By Geoff Meggitt
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The mysteries of heredity began to succumb to science in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Key steps were the adoption of the fruit fly as an experimental subject and the discovery by Hermann... More > Muller that nuclear radiation causes mutations. These led to maps of the fly's chromosomes as a chain of genes – essentially today's model. Muller's career was nearly ruined by his socialist views and he exiled himself to Germany and then Russia. He left Russia in a hurry in 1937and after a few years in Edinburgh he returned to the USA, where he struggled to find a suitable academic post. Nonetheless, he warned of the genetic hazards of radiation, particularly weapons fallout, when this was officially unwelcome. He also promoted eugenics – racial improvement – right up to his death. This book is not just a brief biography of Muller but a history of how the ideas he inherited, supported and originated subsequently evolved and flowered or foundered.< Less
Standing Tall with Turner Syndrome By Claudette Beit-Aharon, Editor
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A compilation of 18 essays - edited by Claudette Beit Aharon - by women of various ages who have Turner syndrome, and their life experiences living with this condition. There is a foreword by Lynne... More > Levitsky MD, chief of pediatric endocrinology, Massachusetts General Hospital and an introduction by the editor. In addition there is medical information on diagnostic tools and treatments, a FAQ about the syndrome and its ramifications, and a glossary.< Less
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Cancer is established as a consequence of the accumulation of chromosomal mutations and epigenetic alterations of the genes involved in the regulation of the cell cycle. Genes that undergo variations... More > in their methylation pattern are more predisposed to mutations and loss of functionality. Epigenetic marks imprinted on cells exposed to physiological stress of cancer-free individuals are similar to those found in tumor cells in their early stages.< Less
To Your Health By Stewart Wigdor
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Merry Christmas. When a cell divides without control it begins the cancer disease. This occurs when the DNA of the cell is damaged.Never did I think I would discover the elements that protect the... More > cell from going into mitosis with unhealthy chromosomes. Every cell in the human body that divides is discovered to use the same Cell Cyle. This means if elements are found that prevent cell division it would prevent cancer too This protection occurs at the phase DNA is replicated to initiate cell division. It is called the S phase of the cell cycle. P 53 protein is the natural guardian of the genome. It does not allow epigenetic stress like lack of oxygen, lack of glucose, free radical attack, UV radiation, viral assault and others to cause DNA damage. By this shield p53 protein prevents cancer. But when cancer does begin it will mutate the gene for p 53 creating a mutated p53 protein in the cell. This will end the p53 proteins's ability to protect the cell's DNA. Discover the science of cancer prevention.< Less