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The Amazing Early Church: ROMANS By Jeanne Gossett Halsey
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The study of God's Holy Word is a privilege! The opportunity to read deeply and connect our souls with His own heart is a necessary practice, a discipline, an essential that Christians of every age... More > and experience should enjoy. It should also be nourishing to the spirit, informative, uplifting — and certainly never a drudgery or obligation. Sixth in "The Bible According to Jeanne" Series.< Less
Church From the Eyes of a Saint By Nakiska J.
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The book From The Eyes Of A Saint captures the real life spiritual growth of a young African American woman living in the South within a four year span from the age range of 25 to 30 years of age.... More > Each chapter recaps the author's transition from a lifestyle of spiritual bondage into the spiritual awakening of her spiritual gifting's and her true identity to include the prophetic realm while giving accounts of different experiences she has had within the different church ministries she has attended and a few recaps of childhood experiences that helped her grow and identify with her new found identity in Christ as a \"Saint\" (one set apart).< Less
CHRISTIAN CHURCH HYMNAL By Rev. Dr. Steve Joel Moffett, Sr., M.A., D.Min.
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Rev. Dr. Steve Joel Moffett, through brilliant editing and assemblage of the sheet music in this Hymnal has preserved many of the traditional historic favorite vocals and musicals of the Great... More > Christian Church and Religion. Compared to many contemporary Christian Musical scores that lean toward "rock, pop, soul, hip hop and R & B" this hymn book helps to preserve the beautiful and melodic classical Gospel Hymns of this age and ages past. It will make an excellent addition to any soloist, duo, trio, quartet, group or choirs performance selections. It will bless you and your audiences' soul! This hymnal would make a lively addition to any Christian Churches program and is truly a “Jewel of The Christian Faith”. Critically Reviewed by Editor< Less
In Sickness & in Health: The Memoir of a Church By Wendy Pemble
Paperback: $12.80
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Have you ever looked at an old building and thought, ‘I bet that has seen a few things?’ Well, at the age of 154, Christ Church, Falkirk certainly has. This book explores its history and... More > the lives of those who have worshipped here and joined in the community of saints. All profits from the sale of this book will go towards critical repairs that are required to save our Church, the first to be designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson who has been described as "The premier architect of Scotland".< Less
The Diary of a Church Girl By Shamequa Parks-Graham
Paperback: $12.99
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Personal diaries often carry deep secrets that the writer never intends for others to discover.Shamequa chooses to transition from a writer to an author, disclosing the hidden struggles of her bout... More > with mental anguish and physical disability. The book holds twenty-six diary entries that offer a poetic journey, moving you from the valley to the mountaintop. While she writes to her peers, male and female of all ages benefit from her transparency and uncanny wisdom.< Less
Carrie Joins The Church Choir By Blaque
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Carrie Joins the Choir is a great spiritual lesson. Carrie attends church and is fascinated by the children’s choir. Seeing her ten year old friend makes Carrie anxious to join. Carrie learns... More > about the goodness of God which opens her mind to crave more. This is a Must Have, very interesting and educational for young children and readers of all ages. Carrie is waiting to join your children’s library. The Carrie series is designed to educate and prepare your children in the early stages of their lives. * All proceeds donated to Charity *< Less
Hymnal of the Primate Church By Alan Aubrey Atchley
Hardcover: $37.74
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The past fascinates, fascinates more when it is partially here today echoes in a long gone language or intertwines antique ruins. In these poems collected as Hymnal of the Primate Church, old Latin... More > titles of great music of the past are used like Found Art to label modern poems by an inspired, insightful poet. Read these and you might understand how fragments from an age of faith can catalyze reactions among the realities of today.< Less
The Origin of the Christian Church By "INVESTIGATOR"
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This is a classic reprint of a hard-to-find, religious treatise. It posits a fair & rational exposition that provides authoritative timeline context to its argument & refutation (historical... More > analysis). Simply stated, it dispassionately questions the factual existence of Jesus and the Apostles, while calmly & intelligently questioning and/or discrediting some of the "superstitions," historical atrocities, and general religious assumptions of the Christian faith, with regard to the benefit, good sense, and integrity of the common man. It was written during the height of the golden age of freethought in America (circa 1900), even though it was penned (by text evidence) in the United Kingdom. And the author chose to remain faceless by simply using the nondescript moniker of "Investigator."< Less
Church and State On Corruption By Kelly NGYAH
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History portrays the Church and State as sisters in combating the phenomenon of corruption within separate agendas but political philosophies deny their Unitarian focus while extremist religious... More > theology forbids their missionary similitude. However, the Church and State have an obligatory responsibility as partners to eradicate chronic societal ills―both from religious and circular perspectives. As a religious body, the church sees corruption in ‘sin’. As a circular concept, corruption is an unethical egoistic opportunity and a societal development ill. Reflecting on the works of both institutions, the conceptual values that instigate either liberal or religious citizen-ships in the fight against corrupt practices is addressed. Since corruption is an age-longed phenomenon in existence before the Church and State and seemingly heavier to be handled singly, there is therefore significant need to combine efforts and fully dedicated wills of both institutions in the legendary combat.< Less
Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland By George Gillespie
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George Gillespie (1613–1648). George Gillespie, according to Principal John Macleod, was “one of the mighties of his age which was so fertile in massive heroic figures in the field of... More > evangelical Christian theology.” His brief ministry stamped an indelible impress on the Westminster Confession of Faith, particularly those chapters dealing with ecclesiology. More was wrought by him in eleven years, for the good of the Reformed churches, than most men accomplish in a lifetime. ... His … Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland, shows how Presbyterians can claim a Divine Right for the institution of ruling elders, and of the various courts which form a part of their polity. This edition has been re-typset and compared to the first edition of 1641 when necessary, and an extensive amount of bibliographical work enhances this new edition.< Less

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