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Purgatory By Moreno Dal Bello
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"In every system...except that of the Bible, the doctrine of a purgatory after death, and prayers for the dead, has always been found to occupy a place. Go wherever we may, in ancient or modern... More > times, we shall find that paganism leaves hope after death for sinners..." According to the Roman Catholic Catechism, issued with episcopal authority on the occasion of the 4th Plenary Council in 1937, purgatory is "...a place or state of punishment in the next life where some souls have to suffer for a time, because they are not yet fit to go to heaven." The Roman Catholic Church teaches that purgatorial sufferings vary greatly in intensity according to the degree of sinfulness on the part of the sinner. For some the torment will be light and mild, lasting perhaps a few hours. For others, however, the pain is no less than that of hell and can last for several thousand years.< Less
Roman Catholicism The Pagan Connection By Moreno Dal Bello
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The world is convinced that Roman Catholicism is Christianity. Yet when one examines the Bible—even the Roman Catholic Bible—one soon discovers the obvious difference, and the many... More > distinct contradictions that exist between Roman Catholicism and true Biblical Christianity. This difference reveals Roman Catholicism as nothing but old paganism clothed in a Christian veneer. This book will prove that Roman Catholicism has sustained the traditions, teachings, rites and practices of some of the darkest elements of satanically inspired paganism!< Less
Mary By Moreno Dal Bello
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The Roman Catechism states that not only was Jesus free of sin but that Mary, too, was "...conceived and born free from original sin..." "(Roman) Catholic theology understands... More > Mary’s role in redemption to be directly related to her status as the mother of God. "(Pope) Pius IX stated: ‘The most blessed Virgin, conceived without original sin, was chosen to be the Mother of God so that she might be made an associate in the Redemption of mankind.’" Pope Benedict XV also held that Mary "...herself may justly be said to have redeemed together with Christ the human race." Rather than go directly to the Lord Jesus, as the Roman Bible teaches, Roman Catholics are told to go to Mary, who will act as intercessor between them and the Lord Jesus Christ. From the Papal encyclical of 1897, we read the proclamation: "As no man goes to the Father except by the Son, so no man goes to the Son except by His Mother."< Less
THE MASS By Moreno Dal Bello
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Roman Catholicism teaches that, in the Mass, Jesus Christ repeatedly offers Himself for the salvation of the world. The Council of Trent has proclaimed this ‘sacrifice’ as... More > "...identical with the sacrifice of the Cross, inasmuch as Jesus Christ is a priest and Victim both. The only difference lies in the manner of offering, which is bloody on the cross and bloodless on our altars." The Roman Catholic Catechism explains that the whole reason for attending Mass is " offer sacrifice to God." Cardinal Francis J. Spellman says: “The Sacrifice of the Mass forms a pivot on which all else turns. If it is what Catholics believe it is, then here is the greatest external manifestation of the love of God for man, and the most magnificent testimonial to the validity of Catholicism; but if it is false, it is the worst farce and blasphemy ever perpetrated upon God or man, and the catholic faith collapses into nothingness.”< Less
WAKE UP! By Justin DuBose
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Legalism is rampant in the church, and it is dividing and killing people. We love to invent rules, and add more to the teachings of Jesus than we see in Scripture. This is not a new problem,... More > though. The early church struggled with these same issues, and this call to "WAKE UP!" was addressed in the book of Romans. Born from a burdened heart by seeing too many trapped and bound by legalism, Justin was moved by this call from the Holy Spirit to focus on what matters. Written with the hope of seeing people smitten and wooed by Jesus, it is his prayer and hope that God's people wake up to the realities of a Spirit-filled life.< Less
The True Symbolism of Christmas By Samael Aun Weor
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This book explains the Ancient hidden meaning behind the great Pagan/Christian celebration known as Christmas. The symbology including that of the three wise men,the resurrection and others.
Julius, A Champion of the Cross By S. A. Hurlin
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Julius is a Roman centurion with big dreams. When he is put in charge of a strange prisoner, he might just have to rethink his future.
Roma y Sus Niños Excomulgados By Templo de Alhym
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Roma y Sus Niños Excomulgados. Historical letter from Desposyni concerning the excommunication of the Roman Catholic Church and its later schismatic groups. Available in English upon request.... More > Translated by Roberto Díaz.< Less
Studies of the Acts of the Apostles By Dennis Dinger
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Luke wrote this historical book of the Acts of the Apostles. In it, he covered the first thirty years of the early Christian church — from Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven until... More > Paul’s arrival and ministry in Rome. This history includes coverage of the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was first given to believers, through the ministries and travels of Peter, Stephen, Philip, Paul, Barnabas, and Silas. Details of early church practices are explained throughout the Acts. Apart from Luke’s history of the early church and the ministries of the apostles, we would have missed the stories of the early development and spread of the church throughout the Eastern Mediterranean region. This includes the ministry of Peter in and around Judaea, and the ministry of Paul and companions throughout the lands of the present day Middle East, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus, Crete, Malta, and Italy.< Less
Leonardo's FRENCH 'Last Supper' By La Cène Report
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Where are Leonardo's canvas oil paintings he described? This report analyzes the historical and scientific details of a powerful, large painting bought at auction in France. Carbon-14 dates the... More > canvas to around 1460s and the painting to 1514, the time Leonardo was in Rome. It encapsulates the geopolitical strategy of Medici Pope Leo X to create an alliance with France and stop the early church reform. It shows striking improvements to the Milan 'Last Supper' incorporating a mathematical structure, the only painted self-portrait of Leonardo and a replacement of the 'Christ' figure by Julian, the brother of Pope Leo X, who married into the French royal family of Francis I. This great work captures the turning point to the modern era, freedom of thought, religious and political emancipation from the tyranny of the sword and superstition. X-ray photography reveals Leonardo signaled his initials on his final masterpiece, not once with his hands, nor twice but three times.< Less

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