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Church and State By John Maynard
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This book focuses on Star, N.C. and the old Country Life Academy. If you love to read about North Carolina and its early progressive schools, this book is for you. One of the first, if not the... More > first, folk schools in the United States, the Country Life Academy brought vocational and academic instruction to a section of North Carolina which until that time hade been very poor. Most of the discussion in on Dr. Edward F. Green.< Less
Church and State On Corruption By Kelly NGYAH
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History portrays the Church and State as sisters in combating the phenomenon of corruption within separate agendas but political philosophies deny their Unitarian focus while extremist religious... More > theology forbids their missionary similitude. However, the Church and State have an obligatory responsibility as partners to eradicate chronic societal ills―both from religious and circular perspectives. As a religious body, the church sees corruption in ‘sin’. As a circular concept, corruption is an unethical egoistic opportunity and a societal development ill. Reflecting on the works of both institutions, the conceptual values that instigate either liberal or religious citizen-ships in the fight against corrupt practices is addressed. Since corruption is an age-longed phenomenon in existence before the Church and State and seemingly heavier to be handled singly, there is therefore significant need to combine efforts and fully dedicated wills of both institutions in the legendary combat.< Less
Separation of Church and State By ANTHONY J. FEJFAR,
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In this short Tract Book, Anthony J. Fejfar explores the arguments both for and against the separation of Church and State.
Separation of Church and State By ANTHONY J. FEJFAR,
Paperback: $5.56
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In this short Tract Book, Anthony J. Fejfar explores the arguments both for and against the separation of Church and State.
The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy By United Church of God
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Why are economic blessings—and democratic ideals—so evident in the English-speaking nations? Who are the British and American peoples? How do these two great powers—the United... More > States and the nations comprising most of the former British Empire—fit into Bible prophecy?< Less
The United States and Britain In Prophecy By Herbert W. Armstrong & Philadelphia Church of God
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People of the Western world would be stunned-dumbfounded-if they knew! The governments of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australasia, South Africa would set in motion gigantic crash programs-if... More > they knew! They could know! But they don’t! Why? In this book: • The Lost Master Key Has Been Found • Prophecies Closed Until Now! • National Greatness Promised Israel—Yet the Jews Never Received It—Why? • The Separation of the Birthright and the Scepter • The Davidic Covenant • Children of Israel Become Two Nations • The Mysterious Breach • Israel's New Land • Birthright Withheld 2,520 Years! • Why Israel Lost Identity • The Birthright—at its Zenith—and Now! • And Now What? The Prophecies for the Immediate Future • What's Prophesied to Happen, Now—to America and Britain< Less
English Church and State: A Short Study of Erastianism By David Fuller
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A short study of Erastianism in the Church of England covering the period from the Norman Conquest to the Present Day
It's Separation Of Church And State, Not Divorce by Randy Russ By Randy Russ
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The phrase "separation of church and state", is one of the most well known and least understood phrases in modern American lexicon. A majority of Americans are certain it is contained in... More > the Constitution but the dirty little secret is the term is not mentioned anywhere in that revered document.The phrase entered the American political environment when President Thomas Jefferson responded to a letter he received from constituents.Why could a portion of a single letter trump the United States Constitution? Why would a metaphor be taken literally and used for settled law? Jefferson was not even in the United States while the amendment was debated and adopted. Jefferson and Madison comprise less than 6% of the total number of founders cited, but their words are used by Supreme Court Justices more than 79% of the time. Heck, eight percent of Americans think Elvis is alive. Founders such as, George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Patrick Henry are virtually ignored.< Less
Catholic Church and Christian State, vol. I By Joseph Hergenrother
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This is the first part of a two-volume work (translated from the original German) by the eminent canonist and ecclesiastical historian Joseph Cardinal Hergenröther. Its object is to examine... More > modern errors and certain events in ecclesiastical history through the canonical and theological principles of the Church, explaining what is the true and proper relation which must subsist between the Church and the State. Among other things, he examines with great juridical, theological, and historical acumen the questions of civil allegiance, papal infallibility, the First Vatican Council, episcopal authority, the Syllabus of Errors of Bl. Pius IX, the conditions and powers of the Church and the State in the Middle Ages, and the Church's indirect power.< Less
Underappreciated: The African-American Church in the United States By Michael Pabarcus
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This book is an appreciative survey of the history of the Black church.

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