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The Night Land By William Hope Hodgson
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The Sun has gone out: the Earth is lit only by the glow of residual vulcanism. The last few millions of the human race are gathered together in a gigantic metal pyramid, the Last Redoubt, under siege... More > from unknown forces and Powers outside in the dark. These are held back by a Circle of energy, known as the "air clog," powered from the Earth's internal energy. For millennia, vast living shapes - the Watchers - have waited in the darkness near the pyramid: it is thought they are waiting for the inevitable time when the Circle's power finally weakens and dies. Other living things have been seen in the darkness beyond, some of unknown origins, and others that may once have been human. To leave the protection of the Circle means almost certain death, or worse, but as the story commences, the narrator establishes mind contact with an inhabitant of another, forgotten, Redoubt, and sets off into the darkness to find her.< Less
Malawian Children By Karen Roller
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Malawian children at their best! Playing, laughing, loving life. From Circle of Hope International.
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Museum of Reminiscence gained much appreciation and recommendation from international literary circles. The book is consisted upon 60 poems focusing not only on the past memories but also having the... More > poems on social concern, beauty of nature and life. This poetry transposed combined feelings of hope, passion, anger and lasting affection. The short nature poems clearly reveal life long love of the natural world.< Less