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Measuring the Civil Society Legal Environment in Developing Nations: The Case of Nigeria By Alvan Quamina
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Examines the impact of the Nigerian legal environment on nonprofit (non-governmental) organizations
The Sirius Civilization By Silviu Suliță
eBook (ePub): $33.99
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Sirius (Ash-man-kha - in the native language) is the brightest star in the Earth’s sky and one of the ancient civilization from the Milky Way Galaxy. From this location Sirians (Ash-man-kha-os... More > - as they name themselves) came uncountable times to Terra. The influence of the Sirian (Ash-man-kha-o) culture can be found everywhere on planet Earth and their fingerprints can be seen in numerous human cultures. Sirians revealed themselves many times to humans but, the dust of eons covered the memory of humankind leaving behind only glimpses of mysteries and wonders. This work is an attempt to bring forward one of the roots of humans’ spirituality and source of inspiration by describing the following aspects of the Sirian civilization: the universe, the star system, the physical structure, psychical characteristics, society, special social hierarchy on planet Antha, the soul, the stages of the soul development, the special spiritual hierarchy, healthcare, education, arts and pieces of technology.< Less
Searching Civilization By Jennifer Ott
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After leaving an abusive ex, Andy Daniels heads back to Las Vegas to reunite with Earl, the love of her life, only to find him gone. Devastated from losing him, she realizes her life holds for her... More > several choices —return to her burnout hippie days at Berkley, succumb to society expectations with a suitable companion, or hold onto her faith in love and wait for her lost love to return. Andy choses the latter. To her friends, Andy’s clinging to love seems futile and even a little pathetic, yet no one seems to be able to deter her. As the years pass, Andy’s love grows past her lover. She learns to appreciate the love of friendship, coworkers, neighbors and everyone who crosses her path, but mostly she learns to love herself. Her love grows to such epic levels that she simply cannot help to be a magnet and attract what she desires most of all—the love she lost so many years ago.< Less
Reminiscences of the Civil War: With Photographs of the American Civil War By J. Mitchell & Cora Mitchel
eBook (ePub): $7.88
My father, Thomas Leeds Mitchel, of Groton, Connecticut, was a cotton merchant in Apalachicola, Florida, a small but important city at the mouth of the Chattahoochie River. As there were few... More > railroads, all the cotton raised in the interior was shipped down the river to be compressed and taken down the bay, where steamers and sailing vessels were waiting to carry it to England or the Northern States. Father was one of the earliest settlers, and held important positions of trust in city and church. His wife, Sophia Brownell, of Providence, Rhode Island, a woman of strong character, was well fitted to stand by his side and help him establish a home in an almost new country. The society of Apalachicola was unusually good. A number of Northern families who had been drawn there as my father had, and families from Virginia and other Southern States, brought together elements of culture and refinement unusual in so small and primitive a town.< Less
A Prescription for our Civilization By Michael Dow
eBook (ePub): $9.00
Doctors give prescriptions to patients to treat illnesses and for preventative medicine. If they are not complied with, the patient’s health cannot be guaranteed. This book is a prescription... More > for our Civilization. The Descent Checklist is to ready us for limited resources through the use of a personal daily calorie budget. A calorie budget is something all cultures can implement. The Before Landing Checklist is a list of 31 steps that must be completed to prevent a crash landing our civilization is headed for without implementation of the steps. Case Management Theory, the fourth book that comprises this collection of books, shows people how to case manage. This theory will help people manage our civilization’s descent, landing and after landing as well as their personal lives. This book with my other book, An Instruction Manual, are a complete prescription to enable us to live the Good Life as a Civilization.< Less
The Legacy of Ancestral Andean Society By Mario Osorio Olazábal
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Knowledge developed by the Andean civilization is being permanently explored and investigated, mainly due to the continuous apparition of new remains generating novel theories and proposals about its... More > ancestral applied sciences. While time fears the Egyptian pyramids, as the saying goes, now memory fears the ancestral Andean Architecture.< Less
Cornwall in the Civil War By Raechel Guest
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In 1861, the people of Cornwall became embroiled in a war that tore the nation apart. Cornwall's men enlisted in the Union army, spending years away from their farms and businesses. The lucky ones... More > returned home and recovered from their wounds; others returned home but were never able to recover from the trauma of war; still others died in battle or from disease. On the home front, the South Cornwall Ladies’ Charitable Society raised funds and put together care packages for the troops, ministers rallied the spirits of their congregations, and dissenters and Southern sympathizers struggled to remain part of the community. Cornwall’s best known soldier, Major General John Sedgwick, was the highest ranking Union casualty of the war. Other Cornwall soldiers included William Cogswell, Connecticut’s first Native American to enlist in the war; and Charles Blinn, Connecticut's “boy Colonel.” Their stories, and those of nearly two hundred Cornwall soldiers, appear here.< Less
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Civilisation, Culture, Civility By Andreas Polydorou
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An exposé of present day Society and a comparison with ancient civilisations. Dr Andreas Polydorou established himself as a thinker over the years through his various sophisticated writings... More > and lectures around the world. This booklet contains the text of a lecture that he has presented on numerous occasions in various countries. It presents a strong challenge to the norm on our thinking concerning our apparently civilised Society. It is certainly a very interesting and fascinating thesis on this subject. Arthur Johnson, Freelance Journalist< Less
Essays on Western Civilization By Stephen E. Seale
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What does it mean when we talk about Western Civilization? What are the constituent elements that make up this civilization? Do we look to Ancient Greece and Rome? Do we look to the Judeo-Christian... More > religious traditions that have shaped the society? What about the traditions of secret societies such as the Masons? Do any one of these things define Western Civilization, or is it a mosaic of all these things, and many more? While not meant to be an exhaustive study of the history of Western Civilization, the essays in this volume should give a glimpse into some of the elements mentioned above, and spark some interest in the subjects covered.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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