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Эликсир бессмертия, или Любовь неземная By Тамара Квитко
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Книга Тамары Квитко «Эликсир... More > бессмертия, или Любовь неземная» представляет собой трилогию, в которой рассказывается о внеземной цивилизации, открывшей эликсир бессмертия и строящей гармоничное общество во всех сферах. Любовь переплетается с необходимостью следовать идеалам, а борьба за эликсир, омолаживающий и продлевающий жизнь, приводит к непредвиденным последствиям, в корне меняющим и судьбы героев, и судьбу самой цивилизации. Книга предназначена для широкого круга читателей. The science fiction book «The Elixir of Immortality, or the Extraterrestrial Love» by Tamara Kvitko is a trilogy about an extraterrestrial civilization that had discovered the Elixir of Immortality which rejuvenates and prolongs life. This civilization is building a harmonious society at all levels. Love is intertwined with a necessity to follow ideals, and the struggle for the Elixir of Immortality leads to unforeseen consequences that radically impact the destiny of heroes and the fate of the civilization itself.< Less
A Brief History of Minority Nationa Control China By Xuanjun Xie
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观察一下中国历史,能够入主中国的,多为少数民族的游... More >牧社会。而所有入主中国的少数民族,都是军事贵族带队的。这些蛮族,虽然野蛮,却有等级尊卑,具备整合力量。蛮族注重血统,而轻视文明,但是等到蛮族开始重视文明之后,他们的军事整合力量也会受到削弱。游牧民族的军事贵族制度,和农耕地区易于形成的神权政体大有区别。而丧失了这种蛮族武力的社会,只有依靠神权政治甚至神汉崇拜予以整合了。在《缠足战略论》里我曾写道:平民主义的汉人社会,只能受到金鞑、元蒙、满清、日寇等军事贵族社会的鱼肉,直到今天,依然无法摆脱苏联“军事共产主义”的等级制度所带来的僭主政治。 A Synopsis of the Book Observe the history of China, to control China, mostly for the ethnic minority nomadic society. And all the control of China's ethnic minorities, are led by the military aristocracy. These barbarians, although brutal, there are hierarchical system constraints, with the integration of power. Barbarians pay attention to descent, and contempt for civilization, but until the barbarians began to attach importance to civilization, their military integration forces will be weakened. The aristocratic system of nomadic people is different from the theocracy in the farming area. And the loss of this barbarian force of society, only rely on theocracy and even shaman worship to be integrated.< Less
Deciphering Chinese Characters 1 (Simplified Chinese) By Lot Tertius
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365 Chinese characters are hand picked for studies of their surface and hidden meanings in light of their implications to modern societies on these three levels: value of worth, life and death, and... More > worldview. The content of this book contains 6 major sections and 33 units for great enlightments from the ancient Chinese characters. It enhances the communications between the Chinese cultures and the western civilizations. It also gives a shortcut for those who are willing to learn Chinese characters.< Less
The Christian China 基督教中国 By Xuanjun Xie
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本书搜集了谢选骏先生有关“基督教中国”的100篇文章。作... More >;者认为,经过五百年的准备,基督教已经渗透到中国社会文化政治经济军事生活语言观念法律习俗的各个层面,正在形成一个全新的“第三期中国文明”。与此相应,政治领域的“基督教中国”(基督-教)作为“国民党中国”(国民-党)和“共产党中国”(共产-党)的统一者和“第三中国”,正出现在历史的地平线上! Synopsis: The book anthologizes 100 articles on the Christian China by Mr Xie Xuanjun. It is the opinion of the author that Christianity, after 500 years of preparation, has infiltrated into various aspects of the life of Chinese society such as culture, politics, economy, military, language, ideology, law, and customs, constituting an entirely new phase of the Chinese civilization. Correspondingly, in terms of politics, emerges on the horizon of Chinese history another China-- the Christian China, which is a unifier of the Nationalist China and the Communist China.< Less
A Comprehensive Advanced Version of Analects of Confucius Revamped by Xie Xuanjun 论语谢选骏翻新升级版大全 By Xuanjun Xie
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内容简介 孔子门徒所编辑的《论语》,是中国两千多年以... More >;来影响最大的一本书。但是这本书也对中国的社会与文化甚至制度设计构成了极大的限制。第三期中国文明如果不能突破《论语》限制,就无法正常发育。本书作者谢选骏试图通过对于《论语》的“翻新”、“升级”,来使之更加符合现代人的需要。这是历史上从未有过的颠覆活动。 Synopsis: Analects of Confucius compiled by the desciples of Confucius has been the most influencial book over the last two thousand years and more. But the book also constitues great restrictions over China's society, culture and institution designs. It would be impossible for the third phase of Chinese civilization to normally develop and grow, if people do not break through the restrictions imposed by Analects of Confucius . The author Xie Xuanjun tries to adapt Analects of Confucius to the needs of the modern man by revamping and updating it. It is, in a way, a subversion unseen in history.< Less
Der Antieuropa 敌西方 By Xuanjun Xie
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本书是谢选骏先生的早期著作:欧罗巴,异教主神宙斯 ... More > 〔也就是魔鬼领袖〕的众多妻妾之一,象征着人性的堕落。本书反《敌基督》〔Der Antichrist〕之意而作之。 《敌西方》〔Der Antieuropa〕这个标题是针对性的——反对五百年来西方社会流行的“敌基督”〔Der Antichrist〕思想。本书阐述西方文明由于“敌基督”势力的作祟而日益沉沦;描述“敌西方”力量正在崛起,改造世界历史的版图。 Synopsis:This book is Mr. Xie Xuanjun's early writings:Europa, the pagan god Zeus (that is, the devil leader), one of the many wives, a symbol of the degeneration of human nature. This book deals with the meaning of Der Antichrist. The title of the "Der Antieuropa" is targeted - against the idea of the "Der Antichrist" popular in Western societies over the past five centuries.Describe the Western civilization as the "antichrist" forces of the mischievous and increasingly sink; describe "anti-Western" forces are rising, transforming the world history of the territory.< Less
Ο Κινεζικός πολιτισμός και οι Ελλαδικές επιδράσεις By Δημήτριος Κονιδάρης
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This book, written in Greek, critically examines the view that China developed a complex society and high culture without external influence. It is here illustrated that contact and interaction did... More > take place, based on mobility, migration and exchange processes mainly along the Eurasian Steppe Highway. Not solely via the nomadic tribes but certainly through their agency as well, said interaction included the Mediterranean and Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex. The Hellenistic civilization is shown to be a significant party in this cultural encounter, mainly through its local cultural hybrids of Greek–Bactrian and Greek-Indian polities! The use of gold and silver as preferred luxury materials and the appearance of realistic life-size sculptures are only indicative examples with a rather pronounced Greek dimension; the above, together with architecture, landscape painting, various jewellery techniques, martial arts, and so much more, all owe a great deal to the Aegean heritage.< Less
Italy inquadrament of Police and Magister of Sorvegliance By Pasquale Russo
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Pasqual Russo is an writer of book of Sicencefiction as Alt Lepre Messia,Justice,Abra Cadabra iac a Re Bravo,Bull Ryu Jitsu unità Speciali CIA and many others books.Pasquale is specialized in... More > sociology and in laws as also armed and civil vigilance and personal defens of special corps.This book is a book on the Italy laws of inquadrament and on matters of no violation privacy and of articles on Hero of the second war of the world on inquadrament of Hero in reconstruction carrier in article 56, 10 October 1974 relative to number 7 and 496 also 1 Gennary 1971 of Police of State.There are laws on process and his procedure and laws in relations psicology and state of interation on society. L. 3 dicember 1947,n. 1546 . - Norms for the repression of the fascist activity and the direct activity of the restauration of the monarchic Institute. L. 20 Giune 1952,n. 645, - Norms of attuation of the XII transitory disposition and final (Fist Comma ) of the Costitution.< Less

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