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Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls: Second Chances By G. L. Gooding
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It has only been a few days since George Bailey and his building and loan faced ruin. Thanks to the generosity of many friends however, disaster has been avoided. Yet as 1946 dawns, an uneasy feeling... More > plagues George. Something tells him that the ruthless Henry F. Potter is still plotting to destroy him once and for all. George’s fears are confirmed with the arrival of state bank examiner, Mark Jerome who immediately launches an investigation. Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls tells the compelling story of what becomes of George Bailey’s wonderful life as a result of a determined stranger and the string of shocking revelations he discovers. “Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls is a sweet and surprising follow-up that adds unimagined dimensions to a holiday classic.” —Foreword /Clarion “fans will come away with a familiar sense of warmth in their hearts.” —Kirkus ... “creative and moving follow-up to a beloved story.” —Blueink< Less
Big Picture Perspectives and A Pursuit of Social Activism By Tiffany Twain
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This Book Eight of the Earth Manifesto contains incisive essays, including "The True State of the Union" and "A Clarion Call for Common Sense Action and "Climate Change... More > Considerations", along with provocative Pope Francis-inspired "Views on High from an Angular Unconformist", and "Sad Implications of the Two Dueling Santa Claus Strategies in Political Economics". It also contains renewed assessments of optimum economic and social planning for the United States and nations around the world. And it contains an interesting Open Letter to President Obama and the American People, written back when he was president, which articulates ways to achieve political reforms that would contribute to the common good over the long run. And there is a provisional Film Script for this manifesto.< Less
The Prostitute State - How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought By Donnachadh McCarthy
eBook (ePub): $16.27
A Political Insider’s Account of How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought. Donnachadh McCarthy, former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats, describes how a corporate elite have captured... More > Britain’s democracy. Legions of former and current British politicians are in the pay of corporations. Party political funding is awash with tax-haven donors. Our media has been hijacked by 5 right-wing billionaires. Academia is being captured by corporate interests. The production of thought, the dissemination of thought, the implementation of thought and the wealth arising from those thoughts, are now controlled by a tiny,rich elite. The UK is no longer a functioning democracy but The Prostitute State. This State has 4 Pillars: A Corrupted Political System, A Prostituted Media, A Perverted Academia and A Thieving Tax-Haven System. It has resulted in wealth flooding from the poor to the top 1% and in ecological destruction. This book is a clarion call for A Great 21st Century Democratic Reform Act.< Less
Stranger in the Mirror of My Life: Poems for Everyone Affected By HIV/AIDS By Senator Ihenyen
eBook (ePub): $3.75
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Stranger in the Mirror of My Life contains poems for everyone affected by HIV/AIDS around the world. In this collection, you will hear your own voice, feel your own tears. But beyond these, HIV... More > positive or negative, you will discover that mirror, helping you rediscover life, hope and dreams in ways profound. Senator Ihenyen believes that the cure the world seeks for HIV/AIDS is hidden in the heart of mankind, and that cure is love. Stranger in the Mirror of My Life is a clarion call to the human race for compassion and empathy in dealing with the epidemic facing humanity. Its pages are open hands stretched out to people living with HIV/AIDS, and others affected by it. This book is the story of all of us. In one way or the other, there is an unwanted, an unwelcome stranger in the mirrors of our lives. Stranger in the Mirror of My Life can be described as a moving compendium and a companion for all people living with HIV/AIDS and the rest of the world.< Less
Diary of a Prisoner in World War I By Josef Sramek
eBook (ePub): $2.99
An authentic diary of Josef Sramek, a Czech soldier drafted to the Hungaro-Austrian army to fight from the beginning of World War 1. In Diary of a Prisoner in World War I, Tomas Svoboda presents... More > every record his grandfather, Josef Šrámek, kept from the time he joined the army and was subsequently captured by the enemy, to the death marches and concentration camps he entered in Serbia, Albania, Italy, and France before finally returning home to resume his life. "Clarion Foreword Reviews" have given the book four stars and commented: "Šrámek’s diary is both informative and eye-opening. His grandson has done a masterful job putting it into a format accessible to a broad audience." and continue "... is a mustread for any student or aficionado of twentieth-century history. No historian could have written a more poignant tale."< Less
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Angels Always Come On Time By Chaim Linder & Mark Linder
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KIRKUS REVIEWS: An American immigrant explores the sprawling history of the Jewish people...through the struggles of generations of his family... The illuminating rich in history...The... More > author tells his family's story with passion, charm, and exquisite detail...As a memoir, it's beautifully rendered, and as history, it's masterfully engrossing and important look at the Jewish experience of the last century and a half. CLARION REVIEW ****: Chaim Linder's remarkable memoir reaches into widely interesting territory...This memoir stands with the best of its kind, rendered in delicious detail by a brilliant yet ordinary man...with an unflagging sense of aliveness... BLUEINK REVIEW: ...Linder transports readers from his childhood in Palestine to his pursuit of the American Dream...skillfully combines personal detail with historical engaging memoir about an uncommon individual...particularly compelling.< Less
A Matter of Degree: LL.B. Large Legal Barriers & JD Justice Denied. A Diagnosis of the Cause and Prescription for the Cure By John G. Kelly
eBook (ePub): $9.99
A Matter of Degree – LL.B. – Large Legal Barriers & JD- Justice Denied; A Diagnosis of the Cause and Prescription for the Cure presents a clear and concise outline of the full extent... More > and nature of the root cause of the problem with the practice of law. Access to Justice is a problem created by an insular legal profession and perpetuated by its lack of accountability to the public. This book is a clarion call for law to be removed from the self-interest of the established legal profession and repositioned in the public interest. This book is also makes the case for the establishment of a my next mission driven organization; Association for Legal Education Reform and Training (ALERT). It’s time to stop talking and complaining and to take action to create affordable legal services in the public interest. Read this book and then contact me to inquire how you can become a change agent by joining ALERT.< Less
Where Have All the Black People Gone?: The Paradox of Race, Culture, and Politics In the Shadow of Barack Obama By Dr. Michael T. Solomon
eBook (ePub): $8.00
Using a unique blend of history, storytelling, and fact-finding, Where Have All the Black People Gone? takes the modern face of politics and uses it as a prism to make a clarion call that awakens the... More > nation to the state of black America today and to the promise of tomorrow, not just for minorities, but the nation. Dr. Michael T. Solomon digs deep to unearth and define the crisis in homes, schools, communities, and relationships. In doing so, he shakes those most vulnerable—minorities and black Americans—from their complacency. Solomon presents a provocative discussion as he talks candidly about the volatile issues of race, politics, culture, and the state of black families. He examines the contemporary issues confronting black America while examining society’s role in contributing to the problems facing many families, homes, and communities.< Less
Gospel in the Stadium By SAMUEL A. ALABI
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What is the relevance of a church in any neighborhood that the neighbors do not feel her presence? How can a church be surrounded by unbelievers and yet they do not even feel its presence? The book,... More > Gospel in the Stadium, may be a serious parable for many of our churches; yet, it is a clarion call for us to engage in paradigm shift from what has become a tradition that must not be broken. Sports have become serious gods that some people worship on Sundays, and it may continue to grow given the forces of economics behind them. The media of all types are involved. The author has provided ideas as to how we can make good use of sports to share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. I fully recommend this book for all our pastors, youth leaders, men and women leaders who will find the contents helpful in organizing sporting activities in the local churches.< Less

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