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The Classic Motorcycle Diaries By Paul Grace
Paperback: $14.19
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A year in the life of a classic motorcycle enthusiast. The adventures and rides in a monthly diary. From the local shows to riding to the snow in the Himalayas.
Improving Classic Motorcycles By Graham Blighe
Paperback: $23.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of modifications developed over 32 years riding BSA singles and Triumph twins. How to make single leading shoe brakes provide real stopping power. Almost all sls brakes have an inbuilt... More > design flaw. The simplest fix costs nothing and can be completed in an hour. Improve the performance of your electrical system. Have a headlamp as bright as a modern car, extend battery life and make blown bulbs a thing of the past. Get the best from your ignition system whether electronic or contact breaker. A detailed look at Concentric mark 1 carburettors. Is your bike being held back by a bad silencer? Baffle design is key to good performance. Find out what works and what doesn't. Modifications to cylinder heads and rockerboxes to improve longevity and stop oil leaks. Plus mods and advice on clutches, gearboxes, tyres, steering head bearings and many other topics. More information, videos and reviews at< Less
Improving Classic Motorcycle Engines By Graham Blighe
Paperback: $22.41
Prints in 3-5 business days
How to stop oil leaks including areas not catered for on early machines like gear and kickstart shafts. Top condition gaskets and seals are a must but won’t last long if the crankcase breather... More > is malfunctioning. Why timed breathers are better than untimed, how to measure and adjust the timing, one-way and reed valves. Why you should check your valve timing and not rely on marks on camwheels. How to check and set it accurately. Valve lift graphs showing quietening ramps, how sports and touring cams vary. Methods to reduce vibration and lessen its effects. The baffles in many pattern silencers are just a guess at what might work and harm performance and cause vibration. I have developed and tested theories about exhaust systems and turned this into guidelines for silencers that work. Plus the effects of balance pipes and anti-reversion devices. Before crank balancing or pulling the engine apart - read this book! More information, videos and reviews at< Less
No way to treat a classic british motorcycle By Paul Grace
Paperback: $13.34
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If you're at all interested in old motorcycles then I'm sure you'll enjoy this book. The author had a plan to have a go at building a bike himself in order to have a first try at an exciting,... More > exhausting and dangerous sport at an age when many would consider a round of golf the most taxing thing they'd undertake. He did so with no background in the sport, and having very much to feel his way on every step of the journey. Despite all the trials and tribulations, Paul reached his goals; he raced on his home-made bike and he more then held his own against the other riders all on much faster bikes. As a bonus he can now always say that he did it - he got out there and raced, pitting himself shoulder to shoulder against a wide variety of other riders, some famous, most not, who have in common a love of old bikes and a willingness to ride them as fast as possible over punishing terrain. What you also get is an honest, no-holds barred narrative of the writer's experiences.< Less
No Way to treat a Classic British Motorcycle By Paul Grace
Paperback: $14.63
Prints in 3-5 business days
Classic scrambles
Tom Swift and His Motorcycle By Victor Appleton
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This 1910 adventure story, the first of the popular series about a teenage boy, showcases Tom Swift's ingenuity and mechanical aptitude. The action takes off when a group of scoundrels set their... More > sights on stealing Tom's father's newest invention, a turbine engine. This book is a wonderful window on life in America at the beginning of the twentieth century. The main character embodies the positive traits of courage, ingenuity, hard work, determination, honesty, virtue, and service to others. Tom Swift was a popular American fictional hero who had a profound influence on the young people of the time. The story has been completely revised to eliminate racial and gender bias which was unfortunately evident in the original story. None of the excitement or the twists and turns of the adventure have been diminished. The Riverflow Heritage Classic series presents classic books, revised for today's students. The positive message of these books is one which can and should be appreciated by today's youth.< Less
Gilera Motorcycles In Argentina By Sebas Camandrett
Paperback: $40.00
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Classic Gilera Motorcycles in Argentina. Gilera 150 Sport, Super Sport, Giubileo, Spring, Gran Turismo, Extra, Macho, 215, Hiro, Chancha 300, Marte and custom. Pictures from the popular blog... More >< Less
Motorcycle Restoration for Beginners By Dean Miranda
eBook (ePub): $7.97
Motorcycle restoration has grown in popularity over the years and and increasing number of people decide that they want to take on the task of restoring a bike every year, so the purchase a... More > motorcycle so that they may do so. They buy a motorcycle that they feel can be given new life, which brings about a sense of pride. This book covers several aspects of motorcycle restoration such as: - A Great Hobby That You Can Surely Get In To - Great Hobbies And Investments Motorcycle Restoration - How To Properly Begin The Restoration Process - A Fun Hobby That You Will Surely Enjoy - Projects The Three Important Factors In Bike Restoration - Helpful Tips That Will Make The Project A Lot Easier - Classic Motorcycle Restoration Project How And Where To Find Spare Parts - How You Can Make Your Own Parts For Restoration - Learning How To Properly Restore Motorcycles and so much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Walneck's Classic Cycle August 2009 By Heidi Boe
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader Volume 306, Issue 8 August 2009
A Fools Folly By Sven Sanburg
Paperback: $21.75
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The account of one man's travails as he prepares and then rides the breadth of Route 66's route from St Louis to Los Angeles on his 1971 BSA Thunderbolt.