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Home Cleaning Services in Gurgaon By Radiance Space
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Cleanliness is important to maintain hygienic conditions. In the accelerating time period, cleanliness has become a norm to depict one’s elevated lifestyle. In our busy and hectic lifestyles,... More > we can’t get time to clean our homes and office properly. Though, we know cleanliness is a must for safer and happier living. But we can’t spare time for our daily chores to do a thorough cleaning of our homes and offices.< Less
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Whether we are gods or not doesn’t matter because we have available to us at higher levels more than any god could wish for, let alone what a human could ever wish for. I have put into book... More > form my discussions, questions, and answers, from my threads on the ATS conspiracy site, into this book, and other books. I edited the questions and answers for clarity and punctuation, and removed most of the offensive posts that were generated by a few people who attempted to stop the spreading of this material. Those interested in reading the unabridged version can go to the ATS site: "I'm coming clean on Extraterrestrials" The segment in this book begins on January 12, 2007 and ends on March 18, 2007.< Less
Stark Space By C Thorin
Paperback: $5.49
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Space is dark. Space is cold. Space is deadly. This isn't a universe of clean cut heroes saving the day or plucky rebels fighting an evil empire. This is a universe of corrupt mega-corporations,... More > uncaring governments, and living for the moment because it could be your last. This is Stark Space. Stark Space is a humancentric, dystopian supplement. It has an implied setting of a rough and corrupt universe. Stark Space contains three new classes designed for gritty space adventure: The Brains, The Face, and The Muscle. It also contains three new "races". Max-Gene's: Humans who have been genetically altered to be superior physical specimens at the cost of their minds. Simulants: Bio-mechanical androids who are so close to being human that there's doubt that aren't. Psi's: Humans who developed extraordinary mental powers. Also included are optional combat rules, equipment, and antagonists. Compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.< Less
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This book contains discussions, questions, and answers, from my threads on the Above Top Secret Internet site (ATS, concerning the existence of extraterrestrials and their agenda for humans on Earth.
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Questions answers and comments concerning extraterrestrial beings and UFOs visiting planet Earth.
Fit Mom Joslin: Clean Eating 101 By Joslin Winters
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $9.00 | You Save: 40%
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This short book is a beginners glimpse into clean eating. The book includes space for taking notes as well as a fitness tracking calender and meal planning calendar.
Deep Space Doris: The Trilogy By Paul Woodward
eBook (ePub): $4.88
This is the story of Doris Crowther, just another old aged pensioner who decides to take a cleaning job without knowing the adventure that lies ahead of her. In this compilation of the three books... More > you can follow Doris' adventure across time and space and find out if she really can save the world!< Less
Deep Space Doris: The Beginning By Paul Woodward
eBook (ePub): $3.04
Doris Crowther was just another old aged pensioner leading a boring life...until the day she saw a cleaning job advertised in the newspaper. Little could she know just how her life would change when... More > she applied for it. This is the story of Deep Space Doris, the world's first old age astronaut. A 70 page illustrated story for confident young readers. On sale for a limited time at up to 50% off retail price.< Less
How to Cleanse Your Space By Ashley Gail Miller
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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Smudging is a good way to cleanse you home and aura. You might want to try smudging when you've been feeling depressed, angry, and resentful, if you’re going to participate a spiritual ritual... More > or ceremony, as part of a general spiritual housecleaning, or to cleans items of negativity. This book will guide you through the steps of smudging your home and clearing it of negative energy.< Less
Space-Based Solar Power: A Technical, Economic, and Operational Assessment By Jeffrey L. Caton et al.
Paperback: $15.98
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With growing international awareness of energy security challenges, the promise of space-based solar power for clean and unlimited energy for all humankind is certainly appealing. While significant... More > progress continues in the enabling technologies of such systems, is there compelling evidence that space-based solar power systems will provide the best energy solution? How does the Army’s current approach to incorporating a diverse portfolio of renewable energy sources in distributed locations compare with the potential of enterprise ventures that beam energy from solar collectors in space? For more than 4 decades, many credible organizations in government and industry have explored the concept of space-based solar power. But their serious studies often conclude that such systems remain on the future horizon, usually at least 10 years away from practical application.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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