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Mage Hunter By Vincent Trigili
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Lyshell is a super warrior. He represents the best that technology can produce in the face of the growing threat from magi, but he shelters a secret so deep that even he does not know it. While he... More > searches for himself, the Cyborg Nation is making a move to grab power and threaten the foothold the Wizard Kingdom has achieved in the Phareon Region. Can Lyshell find himself in time to save what is left of his humanity and stop the cyborgs, or will the very technology he depends on enslave him? The Lost Tales of Power is an open-ended series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy books set in a vast multiverse featuring a mixture of traditional fantasy and science fiction elements. Lost Tales Series: Volume I - The Enemy of an Enemy Volume II - The Academy Volume III - Rise of Shadows Volume IV - Resurgence of Ancient Darkness Volume V - The Sac’a’rith Volume VI - Spectra’s Gambit Volume VII - The Sac'a'rith: Rebirth Volume VIII - Mage Hunter Volume IX and beyond - TBA< Less
Declutter Your Bathroom: with Clara Clutterbuster By Clara Clutterbuster
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A Bathroom – it’s only one small room in a home, right? Maybe, but it is the first room we go into in the morning and can often define how we start the day. Not being able to find the... More > toilet roll and discovering the toothpaste has run out when running late for work doesn’t bode well for the day, but if we’re greeted with a fresh, clean, organised space where we can find things with our sleepy eyes half closed, then the day is off to a good start. Same for the evenings, it’s the last place we visit before bed so standing on an errant Lego brick or finding the last clean towel on the floor will make you feel stressed rather than relaxed and calm for a healthy sleep.< Less
Remnants of Sol By Robert P. Wills
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After witnessing the Sun disappear from the dark Arcturian sky, Nick and the rest of the landing party return to Space Ten. Even though he was told Earth was gone, Nick tells his staff that he wants... More > to see for himself. He hopes to find at least some survivors to add to the meager remnants of the Human race; not even one-hundred fifty aboard Space Ten. While the ship heads to Earth, the crew is able to read the now-digitized Bible. As they grapple with their newfound faith and what has happened back on Earth, lines are drawn between new believers and those that refuse to read it, or take to heart what they have read. As the tension rises between the new believers, One Gen terrorists, as well as unbelievers, Nick asks for patience from all parties. His offer is safe passage to Earth where he will allow those that want to leave Space Ten the opportunity to do so. Even so, old habits and hardened hearts make the return trip treacherous.< Less
Roommates - How To Solve Tensions And Live In Harmony With A Roommate By Francisco Bujan
eBook (ePub): $19.00
The goal of this book is to give you solid strategies to solve tensions with roommates and be more effective as a house manager, host or guest - So many people suffer from ongoing stress, irritation,... More > tension or anger related with their roommates - If you check in your social circle, you will hear ongoing complaints and tensions that can go on for years! - It's not nice! - When I first started coaching one of my clients on this topic I realized that most people who share their flats or houses with others have little to no effective communication tactics - Yes! It's all about communicating effectively, creating respect and emotional safety in your personal space - To do this, you need to know what you can expect and how you can manifest the ideal roommate partnership - In this short book, I cover ways to establish rules and guidelines without getting frustrated, how to reinforce them, how to share them - I will tell you about simple agreement points and how to discuss them.< Less
The Temporal Guild By George W. Bailey
eBook (ePub): $8.99
While searching the archive in the Temporal Guild library, young Jon Seymour discovers a book, filled with secrets and political intrigue. Written by an expelled member, the book includes plans to... More > overthrow the Guild. Jon and his mentor are sent on a mission through space and time, to arrest the conspirator, but disaster befalls them and the Temporal Guild is taken over. Forming a small group of survivors, they plot to retake the Guild. Eventually, they uncover the meaning of a secret that changes the course of their lives and the future of the Temporal Guild.< Less
Moon Rising By Jerry Kaczmarowski
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Frank Sawyer controls a business empire on earth, but it isn’t enough. The crowning achievement of the 21st century will be the commercialization of space, and he wants to be part of it. ... More > He’s developed the means to move people cheaply into earth orbit. The question is—what do they do when they get there? The answer comes in 2030 when China perfects clean burning nuclear fusion using Helium 3. While almost non-existent on earth, the moon has enough of the rare Helium isotope to power civilization for ten thousand years. The winner of this race will control global energy production. They will also control access to space. To win, Frank must battle totalitarian China, domestic terrorists, a nuclear-armed Iran, and hostile forces in his own government. His competitors know the stakes, and they play for keeps. Frank risks not only his fortune, but his life and the lives of those closest to him.< Less
Over 100 Practicable Proven Household Tips and Tips for Life By Joachim K. Stiller
eBook (ePub): $9.20
Life is the best school because it teaches us the best lessons. Most of the following tips come from experience of working in the household for more than 50 years. Many more ideas have been collected... More > from sources in different media and different languages, all of them checked and a lot translated into English. The result was a useful reservoir of tips, and here it is, our unrivalled helpful collection, showing you … … how to ... … save money … save time … save effort … save space … save energy … and thus make your life easier on the whole. You can do your own thing. Think about solutions. Each of our tips starts with the relevant key-word and is thus easily retrievable, making an alphabetical index unnecessary. Get a profit from being clever in the household.< Less
A Subtle Transformation By S.A. RASMUSSEN
Paperback: $14.99
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Poetry and a story by S.A. RASMUSSEN. Often spiritual and simple in nature. Poems and a story that explore the mystery of life. Read an amazing Science Fiction story about our simple and spiritual... More > life in the future. The poetry will leave you contemplating existence and the miracle of life. Explore poems like Metamorphosis, Space, Thoughts on Plants and if I should Water Them, The Flower Man, and The Clean Woman. Be one of the first to discover this power prose that you will enjoy reading again and again. Not your typical modern poetry. There is something special here, something fresh. If you have an open heart and a curious and adventurous soul, this is the book for you!< Less
THE POWER OF SIX A Six Part Guide to Self Knowledge By Philip Harland
Paperback: $28.35
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POPULAR PSYCHOLOGY "A fascinating, brilliant book on an extremely important subject," as one reviewer has said. Philip Harland is uniquely placed to write it, having worked for an... More > extended period with the originator of the approach, the innovative and highly regarded therapist, the late David Grove, creator of Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor. What is EMERGENT KNOWLEDGE, what are the POWERS OF SIX, and what role do they play in therapy, counseling, coaching, and self-development? In this account by a leading authority in the field, you will learn a great deal that is new about the psychology and the step-by-step practicality of change. When conventional commonsense or intelligence fail us, the Power of Six is a means of tapping into the reservoirs of our own wisdom. More information at< Less
Eats for You By Deborah Dooley
Paperback: $15.52
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At Retreats For You in the Devon countryside, Deborah Dooley gives writers the space, peace and encouragement to let their stories take shape. Central to the Retreats For You experience is Deborah's... More > delicious home cooking, which uses the freshest of local ingredients to nourish her guests in both body and mind. Now everyone can bring a slice of the retreat atmosphere to their own kitchen with this handy coil-bound collection of Deborah's favourite recipes - including her famous banana bread.< Less

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