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Portraits litteraires, Tome III [French] By Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve (French: [sɛ̃t... More > bœv]; 23 December 1804, in Boulogne-sur-Mer – 13 October 1869, in Paris) was a literary critic of French literature.He was born in Boulogne, educated there, and studied medicine at the Collège Charlemagne in Paris (1824–27). In 1828, he served in the St Louis Hospital. Beginning in 1824, he contributed literary articles, the Premier lundis of his collected Works, to the newspaper Globe, and in 1827 he came, by a review of Victor Hugo's Odes et Ballades, into close association with Hugo and the Cénacle, the literary circle that strove to define the ideas of the rising Romanticism and struggle against classical formalism. Excerpt from:< Less
El molino silencioso; Las bodas de Yolanda [Spanish] By Hermann Sudermann
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Hermann Sudermann (30 September 1857 – 21 November 1928)... More > was a German dramatist and novelist.He was born at Matzicken, a village just to the east of Heydekrug in the Province of Prussia (now Macikai and Šilutė, in southwestern Lithuania), close to the Russian frontier. The Sudermanns were a Mennonite family long settled near the former Elbing, East Prussia, (now Elbląg), Poland).His father owned a small brewery in Heydekrug, and Sudermann received his early education at the Realschule in Elbing, but, his parents having been reduced in circumstances, he was apprenticed to a chemist at the age of fourteen. Excerpt from:< Less
王国时代的智慧全书 A Comprehensive Book of Wisdom From the Era of Kingdoms By Xuanjun Xie
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作者谢选骏构思本书于1975年,完成于2010年,连绵了三十五年... More >头。其动机开始于从《春秋·左传》中发现了“先秦王国时代”的精神与“秦后帝国时代”的差异,其主旨在于通过阅读《左传》来阐扬“先秦王国时代”的精神、克服“秦后帝国时代”的弊端。因为在作者谢选骏看来,“先秦王国时代”的精神,具有封建骑士的美德,他们不愿苟活的精神,全然不同于几百年来“识时务者为俊杰”的“好死不如赖活着”的中国人,而接近欧洲甚至日本的现代化前夜的社会风尚。这种“先秦王国时代”的精神,真正有助于中国的现代化。 Synopsis: By reading Zuo's Version of the Spring and Autumn Annals, Xie Xuanjun the author detects the difference between the ethos of the Pre-Qin Kingdoms era and that of the Post-Qin Imperial era. The author elucidates the former and points out the drawbacks of the latter. The author believes that the spirit of the Pre-Qin Kingdoms era represents the integrity of the feudal knights and is close to the social ethos of the pre-modern Europe and even Japan. The spirit of the Pre-Qin Kingdoms era is, therefore, conducive to the modernization of China.< Less
Essays of Stochastic (Non-Equilibrium) Geochemistry By Gregory Menaker
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Stochastic geochemistry completely closed the wide and deep gаp between classic geochemistry (nanoscopical physical level – level of single atoms) and geology (macro-scopical chemical... More > level – level of minerals and rocks). Sto-chastic geochemistry describes the microscopical scale of the structure geological substance (level of fluctuations – irreguralities in spatial distribution atoms). Microscopic regime characterizes initial stage in geological structural evolution. Fluctuations arise and grow only in regime of hot liquid magma and are preserved invariable and indi-visible in all subsequent macroscopic transformations between two meltings. Stochastic geochemistry opens the possibility to examine with new views general aspects of mineral, rocks and ore genesis; it is a central goal of this book< Less
Cloning Aura. Art in the Age of Copycats By Chiara Moioli
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Cloning Aura. Art in the Age of Copycats is an essay that explores the close relation between practices of appropriation and the questioning of authorship, from the avantgardes to Post-Internet,... More > going through Postmodernism, 70s-80s subcultural movements, and the Surfing Club generation. Written in Italian, the essay is made of thousands of text quotations mined from hundreds of papers, glued together in a sort of “crazy quilt” that nonetheless holds a linear narrative. The writing technique employed is usually referred to as patch-writing, here used to speak about appropriation through an act of appropriation, and to make a statement about the information overload era we have come to inhabit. Chiara Moioli is an artist and researcher.< Less
Mon livre à couverture souple By noa peer
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DesignYOURcity (DYC) is a custom-made participation and network design process bringing together manifold stakeholders by giving them a mutual cause – a project to design. This process is... More > meant to engage and activate the public in the future development of their cities, with the strategies and objectives subscribed by the municipalities. By working closely with the different stakeholders from its preliminary phase, the project is building a community and strengthening the existing ones, which are naturally becoming more attached to the future project and the city in general. The inclusion of the final users into the urban regeneration process and the future design provides an immediate interest in the local urban development, in a pleasant and intriguing atmosphere. DesignYOURcity is a part of a worldwide contemporary movement where interdisciplinary groups act to place communities at the heart of urban projects agenda (BMW Guggenheim Lab for instance).< Less
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.......Nel suo ultimo lavoro, The Park, da il via ad una vera e propria denuncia socio-politica e lascia libertà alla sua sensibilità artistica cercando continuamete analogie tra la... More > finzione e la realtà. Le riflessioni alle quali ci spingono questi scatti di forte espressività vengono accompagnate e rafforzati dai titoli che li accompagnano; piccoli pensieri, poesie che racchiudono un grande significato. ............................................................................................................ In his latest work, The Park, he starts a proper socio-political condemnation and gives full freedom to his art sensibility with a continuous research of analogies between fiction and reality. These shots of deep expressiveness lead to deliberations which get close and grow stronger by their titles. Small thoughts, poems that contain great meanings.< Less
A Bíblia Sagrada: Almeida Recebida 1819 By João Ferreira Annes d'Almeida
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This is an 1819 public domain reproduction of the Holy Bible, the Portuguese language equivalent of the King James Version. It is in a printed form reproduced containing what is considered to be the... More > original 1819 imprinting, the first one of the Old and New Testaments. Almeida, a Christian minister who lived in the Far East, contributed greatly to this service. In this first printing of the Portuguese Bible, the Portuguese spelling is noticeably different than what we see in modern Portuguese. For example, SÃO is spelled "saõ". NOTE: This book is in Portuguese. If you speak Portuguese (or a similar language) or are interested in the Bible or learning about it in its wisdom, this is is a good book to give freely to purchase. It is a big book with a good cover of one volume of the Bible, priced to at-cost or close to it. Now it is available, praise Jesus Christ.< Less
Serengeti By Tomasz Adam Fularski
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Jak zatrzymać czas? Jak sprawić, by wspomnienia zamknięte w pamięci uwolniły się choć na chwilę i powróciły nasyconymi barwami? Jak podzielić... More > się własnymi przeżyciami z innymi? Album ten, jest plonem wyjazdu do Kenii, Ugandy i Tanzanii w lipcu i sierpniu 2006 roku. Wyjazdu, który był realizacją marzeń z dzieciństwa i jednocześnie utwierdzeniem w zafascynowaniu obrazami Afryki. ____ How can you stop the flow of time? How can you free the memories closed in your mind at least for a while and make them come back in full intensity? How can you share your own experience with others? The album is the fruit of my journey to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania in July and August 2006. This journey was the fulfilment of my childhood dreams and at the same time strengthened my fascination with the images of Africa. It was my second visit to this continent.< Less
Psalm 84 By Steve Cohen
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Psalm 84 is one of the many sacred poems attributed to King David. No one can be sure, but it seems likely that it was inspired by David’s flight from the wrath of King Saul, and his search for... More > refuge in the land of Philistia. Far from his homeland, David yearned to return to the Holy Ark and the sacrificial altar. The psalmist evokes many great and eternal longings: a desire for wholeness, a drive toward spirituality, and a determination to see the glory of Israel restored. In its opening line—“How lovely are your dwelling-places, God of all being!”—it bears a close kinship with the Mah Tovu prayer (“How lovely are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling-places, O Israel!”), which is recited while entering the sanctuary for daily morning services.< Less

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