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Onyx By CG Blade
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In this fourth thriller in the Pseudoverse Series novels, we take you into an ancient time and new direction. Caught between the past and the present, a young archaeologist is thrust forward into the... More > future as a pawn in a twisted game hosted by the corrupt, the greedy, and the underworld. In this fourth novel in our Pseudoverse, the year is 2049, twenty-seven years before Cobalt. Who was the very first Pseudosynth? A detective working a case of murders become a casualty of Ray Nelson’s early work as we follow her and her partner through the wasteland of lies, cover-ups, and mummified remains. This thrilling and mysterious follow-up to Emerald will have you on the edge of your seat as we unveil who was ‘the first genetically engineered conscious being’ in this tale of Egyptian lore turned painfully bloody, and cubed.< Less
B.A.T.T.L.E. By Christian Washington
Hardcover: $37.32
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Over a year has passed since Royce defeated the powerful being that had plagued the earth known as the Zibaka. But the days are growing shorter, a sign that they now only have a bit of time before... More > the world comes to an end. This however is only one of the many new challenges that they now face. The Blue Dragons have been summoned to the eastern continent where they have been invited to participate in the biannual C.L.A.N. world tournament. It is here that hundreds of clans, the strongest from all over the globe will gather and battle it out for the title of undisputed world champion. Upon their arrival, they are immediately faced with a number of familiars including the Black Dragons, Raphael's old team the Phoenixes, and Vincent and Natasha's cousin's team the Cobalt Blades. With so much at stake, can Royce and his teammates face their force and manage to stay alive? Or could this be the end of Royce, the Blue Dragons, and the planet itself.< Less
Spirit of Aphrodite By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.55
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece have not left us. They reappear when we seek their golden wisdom by proving our desires. How do we become Aphrodite? What are the secrets of hypnotic... More > seduction and eternal beauty? How is a man enticed to our splendour? Can he be lured to the pool of love-roses where you lay beside the violets whose dew is diamonds? Drape yourself upon the garden altar, near the columns of Adonis. Read the words that are sweet sprinkles on your lips. Athena shall pour olive oil on your brow; pure, smooth thoughts, for the mind to enter its most sacred place. We must depart from our island of disbelief to sail the tumultuous seven seas. Prepare your ship and crew. Set forth with the winds of assurance, for the Gods are with you if your heart is translucent. Cross the cobalt blue waters that represent study, and focus with the sword of the sun firmly in your hand. When you gain the pearl of Neptune you will be honoured with succulence from Olympus. Dive deeply.< Less
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Introduction a la metallurgie extractive des terres rares By Roger Rumbu
Hardcover: $100.00
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La dénomination "Terres Rares" est évidemment des plus intrigantes. Les métaux de ces terres rares ne sont pas si rares mais c’est plutôt leur... More > métallurgie ou leur extraction métallurgique qui a fait que ces métaux sont qualifiés de métaux de terres rares. La présence des terres rares dans l’écorce terrestre est relativement importante paradoxalement. Comme pour tous métaux stratégiques, les puissances industrielles et économiques comme les Etats-Unis s’inquiètent de ne plus avoir la main mise sur ces métaux et sur leur métallurgie les rendant ainsi dépendants pour leur propre développement, leur sécurité industrielle, militaire et économique. Ce nouvel ouvrage de métallurgie extractive cerne les terres rares de leur découverte à leur utilisation particulière en passant par leur production. La crise du cobalt de 1977 n’a pas secoué la terre, la crise des terres rares en 2012 l’a fait. Ces terres rares ne seraient-t’elles pas devenues la nouvelle arme de guerre chinoise ? Roger RUMBU, Met. Eng.< Less

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