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Assassin Codex By Altair Ibn-La'Ahad
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assassin's creed codex
The Codex file By Miles Etherton
Paperback: $13.36
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Forget everything you think you know about the internet. If you think nefarious web sites peddling a cocktail of scams, illegal pornography, racial hatred and vicious computer viruses was all you had... More > to worry about - think again. The government has banned access to the internet, dubbing it an illegal, unregulated zone. Sounds good news doesn't it, until you know that its replacement controls every aspect of your life, from digital content, provision of your gas, water and electricity, and all your money. With everything and everybody connected, we're all now potential targets if we oppose it. Michael Robertson’s family has been murdered to protect the covert project linked to establishing a new UK internet. Piecing together what happened leads him to four hackers, vehemently opposed to the new network, who provide the only means to hunt down the killers. But uncovering the truth leads to industrial espionage and a plot that leads right to the heart of government as he seeks the truth behind the Codex file.< Less
The Frozen Codex By Fraser McCrorie
Paperback: $11.44
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A desperate kingdom, on the brink of destruction... ...must trust it's salvation in a warrior from the north. A great force is stirring in the Kingdom of Aer and Hraki intends to find the source of... More > the whispered words, said to come from the Gods themselves! His coming marks the end of a delicate balance of power amidst the onset of a civil war which threatens to consume them all. The Frozen Codex is a gripping Fantasy Epic set to the backdrop of a cold and unforgiving landscape.< Less
EGGHEAD CODEX By Edwin Vazquez
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A fun book combining Pre-Columbian Mayan codices with the styles & characters of American cartoon pop culture. For Mature Readers.
EGGHEAD CODEX By Edwin Vazquez
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
A fun book combining Pre-Columbian Mayan codices with the styles & characters of American cartoon pop culture. For Mature Readers.
Mirgonian Codex By Mirgonael
Paperback: $14.99
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Unlike the vast majority of Occult books on the market, the "MIRGONIAN CODEX" leaves out the New Age philosophy and Metaphysical dogma. This first book in the CODEX series is divided into... More > three sections: "Training", "Spells",and "Symbols, Sigils & Scrolls". The "Training" section presents seven easy to use lessons that will quickly and concisely teach you all of the basics needed to progress in the Art. "Spells" presents more than one hundred and fifty ready to cast spells divided into two categories of spell types. "Symbols, Sigils, & Scrolls" details how to create magickal sigils, gives a brief list of runic correlations, and presents in-depth instructions for the creation of magickal scrolls. If you're looking for religion or philosophy, this is not the book for you. However, if you're seeking a text of spells and occult instruction presented in a straight-forward, ready-to-use format, then look no further. The "MIRGONIAN CODEX" is the Grimoire you seek.< Less
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Unlike the original Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon, the GOETIAN CODEX has been written to be more readily useable by the practitioner. Information previously scattered about the text has been... More > collected, organized, and presented in a more user-friendly format. Each of the 72 prime sigils for the Geotic spirits has been meticulously redrawn to remove any imperfections resulting from years of copying and reprint of the original text. These sigils, combined with the collected information, have been organized alphabetically for easy reference. Additionally, a series of appendices have been added to include a list of the demons by rank, a collection of their known aliases, a rewritten conjuration and banishment, and a collection of instructions translated from the steles found in one of the source texts. The Hexagram, Pentacle, and Circle of Solomon have also been remastered, and are included within the appendices. For any student of demonology or the occult, this book is a must-have.< Less
The Añaquito Codex By Jas W Felter
eBook (PDF): $8.87
The Añaquito Codex is an epic visual poem of great scope in the Mraurovian Script, believed to deal with the discovery of Mu and the founding of Mraur.
Cerebral Codex By Brian Smith
Paperback: List Price: $23.74 $14.24 | You Save: 40%
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In a unique and mysterious environment, two friends find themselves in a strange place with only a book, the Cerebral Codex, to help guide them. They find that the codex is riddled with mind bending... More > and mysterious mental challenges, which when solved lead them on an adventure like no other. Readers can enjoy the book as a work of fiction by simply reading the story cover to cover and experiencing the adventure. Curious readers can work to solve the puzzles and uncover hidden information in the codex using the same techniques utilized by the books characters. Advanced puzzle solvers can search for hidden information beyond what the characters were able to find. But wait, there is still more…< Less
Asher Codex By Dr. Shmuel Asher
Hardcover: List Price: $75.95 $60.76 | You Save: 20%
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Scholarly yet readable, with an emphasis on the currently active, proselytizing cults, and the predecessor ancient cults that led mankind to this point. The Asher Codex is an engaging, unique voice... More > in defense of the Creators original, but suppressed instruction to man. "The Asher Codex" evaluates early Babylonian Judaism’s ancient cultic history, beliefs, their break from our Northern Hebrew tribes, and their over-reaching influence over the texts and rituals that have come forward into our modern Western religions, in great detail. The Asher Codex resource text is written for those who are truly searching for the original paths, and willing to put in the required study to know it.< Less

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