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Colossians By Study Notes
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Bible study notes on the Book of Colossians written by the Apostle Paul.
Colossians By Gerald Flurry & Philadelphia Church of God
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The book of Colossians ties in directly with Revelation 3 and the Laodicean era. Paul was in jail, absent from the problems that were beginning to creep into the Church in the first century. Today,... More > Herbert Armstrong is dead, absent from the problems that have steadily increased in the very church God founded through him. God removed both of those leaders for a very important reason. He wanted to see what we would do individually when a strong spiritual leader is removed. In other words, God wanted to see how well we could follow our true Leader-Jesus Christ! In this booklet: • First Century Parallels • The Mystery of God • Worldly Scholarship< Less
The Letter to the Colossians By James Gregory
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This commentary provides a fresh, contemporary translation, explanation, and application of each section of Colossians.
The Letter to the Colossians By James Gregory
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Prints in 3-5 business days
This commentary provides a fresh, contemporary translation, explanation, and application of each section of the Letter to the Colossians.
The Epistle to the Colossians By Mark Allfree
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A detailed study of Paul's epistle to the Colossians, showing that the letter was written to counter the Jewish threat to the ecclesia at Colosse. The common theme of the development of the Christ... More > body, and the New Creation in Christ, is explored at length.< Less
Lessons on Colossians By John Hendershot
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A series of Bible lessons from the letter to the Colossians, developed for the Becoming Closer fellowship ( These lessons are suitable for individual study, but are also... More > intended to be teachers' notes. Originally delivered in 2013, they comprise a series of lessons which should provide a thorough examination of Colossians for the typical adult Bible fellowship or Sunday School class. Specific Lessons included are: Saints and Faithful Brethren - Colossians 1:1-14 Icon - Colossians 1:15-29 Fullness of Christ - Colossians 2:1-12 Set Your Mind - Colossians 2:13 – 3:4 The New Man - Colossians 3:5-14 Submission - Colossians 3:15-4:1 Personal Notes - Colossians 4:2-18 These lessons are also available at the web site above, which includes the audio of the lessons. (Listening to the audio when available is recommended for those using this as teaching material.) The site is; click on Colossians as shown on the bookshelf icon.< Less
Colossians Commentary By Donald Cantrell
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This book offers the reader nine individual bible studies or sermons that are well designed and ready for use. The sermons are fully alliterated and the commentary is well thought out and prepared... More > with bible students in mind.< Less
Reflecting on Colossians By David M. Parker
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Using just my Greek NT, prayerful reflection and the hope of blessing readers I have attempted a first skim through the book of Colossians.
Colossians Virtues By April Beaver
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Throughout the Bible, God lovingly shows us what character traits He desires for us to cultivate. In this study we will look at seven virtues in Colossians 3:12-14 that we are instructed to "put... More > on" in regard to how we treat each other… compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, and love. The beautiful thing about our Creator is that He will only ask us to clothe ourselves with virtues that are at the center of who He is. In this study we will look at not only the meaning of each virtue, but also at how God uses them in His interactions with us. These virtues may stretch you, make you feel uneasy, and challenge you. But with God's help we are able to change how we interact with others. That change will help us know God better and help us show the love of God to the world.< Less
Commentary On Colossians By Vincent Cheung
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Paul's letter to the Colossians weaves together high theology with holy living, and exhortations with warnings. Its main theme is the fullness of Christ, and the fullness that Christians have in him.... More > Christ's person and work are complete, and Christians have benefited from this completeness. Any attempt to supplement or replace the person and work of Christ therefore undermines and devalues him, and compromises the Christian faith. This commentary confronts several controversial doctrines, including the incomprehensibility of God and the origin of sin and evil. Other features include a summary of systematic theology from the perspective of christology, discussions on true versus false philosophy, true versus false spirituality, what it means to see the Father by "looking at" Jesus, the priorities of Paul in life and prayer, and the true nature of the Great Commission.< Less

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