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Daring Dames: Bettie's Babes By Mini Komix
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The Queen of Pinups lives on, even before she hit it big! Bettie Page is a cultural icon for both comics fans and beyond, but there were a few other banging brunettes that helped pave the way for the... More > curvy queen. This collection of Golden Age comics showcases several raven-haired heroines that live up to Bettie's measurements! There's two tales of the magical superheroine Yankee Girl, Rulah the Jungle Empress, caped crusader Kitty Kelly, and the classic catwoman Ms. Fury. All this, and some prime pinups of Bettie herself, as well as a special tribute comic! Don't miss out on this fabulous fanzine!< Less
Rain, Volume 2 By Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick
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As if the Halloween party didn't traumatize Rain enough, we return to find her contending with grades, relationships, family, and even more holidays. Can't a poor girl catch a break? Sure, but not... More > without a healthy helping of laughs and drama. Volume 2 includes from chapters 7 through 14 as they are seen online at DeviantArt, SmackJeeves, and Comic Fury. Also included are an exclusive bonus chapter that you won't see online!< Less
Rain, Volume 1 By Jocelyn DiDomenick
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In public, Rain appears to be your average teenage girl. She enjoys shopping and dressing pretty and whatnot, but the fact is that she's hardly average. Some would debate she's even a girl! In... More > truth, Rain is a male-to-female transsexual. Join Rain as she attempts to survive her senior year in high school passing solely as a woman in this slice-of-life comedy. Volume 1 includes the first six chapters of the story as they are seen online at DeviantArt, SmackJeeves and Comic Fury. Also included are the many "Rain Delay" gag segments and an exclusive bonus chapter that won't be seen online.< Less
Legacy of Justice: The Pulp Era By Fred Graves
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Legacy of Justice: The Pulp Era, BFG's first creator-owned Superlink release, presents a variety of characters and archetypes for your M&M System game. The imaginative cast of characters are all... More > rooted in the historical context of the pulp genre. They include heroes, villains, and vigilantes such as The Arachnid, Athena, Boss Khan, Dr. Orphic, Don Patelli, Fury, The Judge, and The Strangler. The eight included archetypes also evoke the tropes of the pulp era. They include the Peerless Detective, Shadowy Vigilante, Man of Action, Mesmerist, Hardboiled Detective, Two-Fisted Archaeologist, Queen of the Jungle, and the Femme Fatale. Finally, Legacy of Justice: The Pulp Era includes a brief timeline detailing notable events from 1912 to 1934. A handful of adventure hooks also appear throughout the book, each tied to a particular historical event.< Less
An Insupportable Light By Donna Barr
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An Insupportable Light is the original Stinz novel, featuring Donna Barr's half-horse hero back when she thought of him as having two legs instead of four. The story begins at the end of one war,... More > with the hope of peace. Then one small incident after another, building and combining like pebbles tossed down a slope, become an avalanche of misunderstandings, broken hearts, fury and revenge. It's about how wars start: nobody wants them, nobody can see them coming and nobody can stop them. “This is not so much a story about a war as it is a portrait of human folly at its most resplendent. It is as poignant and relevant today as it was when humanity first formed civilizations; as it will be so long as we exist.” -- Carlos F. Chancellor, Tales from the Cold; The Comic Art of the Northwest.< Less