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Communism By Kiyoshi Kobayashi
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Whether communism is theoretically right or wrong, whether communism can be put into practice or not, Kiyoshi Kobayashi writes that the world must not forget the fact that it was the leading ideology... More > of the world from the end of the 19th century to the early 1990s. "Communism has contributed to the welfare of the human race to an unknown degree. We cannot quantify its input into human society in any way but its negative impacts on society are a lot harder to assess." This new volume is essential reading for all scholars of political economy, both "for" and "against" communism.< Less
Communisme et complotisme By communisme lasoluce
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Cette étude s’adresse à tous ceux qui croient que le communisme est un complot Juif financé par les banques, à tous ceux qui croient aux Illuminati, et enfin... More > à tous ceux qui sont communistes, mais qui n’ont pas d’arguments à opposer à ces gens qui croient à ces délires complotistes. Je pense notamment aux « complotistes » qui gravitent autour de LLP (Le Libre Penseur) , autour de Pierre Hillard, autour d’Alain Soral et Egalité et Réconciliation, aux lecteurs d’Antony Sutton, aux Nationalistes-Révolutionnaires, aux Soréliens (dans la lignée des Cahiers du Cercle Proudhon) et à tous les « spécialistes » anti-maçonniques de la « droite nationale », pour qu’ils se rendent compte de leurs erreurs sur ces sujets la, et que les solutions politiques économiques qu’ils proposent ne sont pas anti-capitalistes. Tout l’art du nationalisme consiste à se dire anticapitaliste sans s’attaquer sérieusement au capitalisme.< Less
Communisme et complotisme : Contre les délires complotistes anti-communistes. Pour une approche réelle des faits By communisme lasoluce
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Cette étude s'adresse à tous ceux qui croient que le communisme est un complot Juif financé par les banques, à tous ceux qui croient aux Illuminati. Enfin une approche... More > réelle des faits contre les délires complotistes anti-communistes. Contre ces différents mensonges : Les bolchéviques ont été les agents de l’Allemagne. La révolution bolchévique a été financée par les Banques de Wall-Street (dixit Pierre Hillard, Antony Sutton) La révolution bolchévique a été financée par les Juifs (Jacob Schiff, Parvus, etc.) Le Manifeste communiste de Marx est un plagiat du Manifeste de Victor Considérant La lettre d’Albert Pike à Mazzini Le Judéo-bolchévisme Le rôle des Illuminati Etc., etc…< Less
The End of Communism By Sang Hun Lee
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An overview of communism, and a critique and counterproposal from the viewpoint of Unification Thought
Why Communism? By M. J. Olgin
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This book explains in simple terms the basic principles of communism. Olgin was a leader in the Communist Party USA and the editor of its Yiddish language paper, Freiheit
The ABC of Communism By Nikolai Bukharin
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Nikolai Bukharin and Preobrazhensky outdid themselves in 1922 when this fantastic beginner's guide to communism was published. Elucidating the main concepts of communism and Marxism, as well as... More > practical challenges they faced in building the Soviet Union, they do so in a simple, straightforward, witty, and accessible manner.< Less
Communism & Religion By PCUSA Religious Affairs Commission
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Marxism is not about atheism, Chairman Gus Hall was famous for saying, “Our quarrel is with capitalism, not God.” Karl Marx was absolute in opposing oppression and not religion. However,... More > a true Marxist is about the worker and their rights. Religion should not necessarily be a focal point in our struggles, but to each to their own. Our focus is on the oppression. Oppression keeps us struggling for our rights/dignity which keeps us from working for a more loving peaceful existence. Each culture has their own creation mythology. The Judeo-Christian beliefs are those of the tribe Israel. Yet the oldest known culture are the Sumerians which pre-dates Jewish cosmology by thousands of years. Within the Sumerian cosmology are a flood, savior born, death, and resurrection. The Jewish retelling of this mythos does not negate it’s possible truth but yet presents itself to their own cosmos. This book is designed to elicit inner questions to wrestle with and better understand Communism.< Less
On Love and Communism By K. Fustich
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On Love and Communism is Katie Fustich’s highly-anticipated debut essay collection. The essays in this volume shed a leftist perspective on relationships, self-expression, mental health, and... More > more.< Less
Victims of Communism and Their Persecutors By Gabriel Gherasim
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Part One speaks to how can the restorative justice process provide restitution and transform future relations between the victims of Communism and their persecutors. Part Two includes reviews of... More > several important components; Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding literature; Intragroup, intergroup and extragroup approaches; Research Design and Interpretation; Communication and Conflict; Negotiation Tactics; Mediation; and Intercultural Conflict. Part Three discusses several aspects of the Literature Review: Restorative justice; Methodology; Introduction; Intrapersonal; Interpersonal; and Societies. Part Four analyzes a satisfactory solution to a proposed question about conflict management and conflict resolution. Part Five addresses a future program with conferences, exhibits, research, college and university curriculum geared to both educate the public on Communist violence and to help the victims of Communism engage in conflict resolution with their perpetrators.< Less
Illuminating the Truth: Progression of Communism By Chris Pilie & Trey Roberts
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