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Kalami-Pir-Kitab-Kashf By mansur yaman & nasir khusraw
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Qur’an is divine but its interpretation is human and hence there have been different interpretations of various Qur’anic verses. The differences in interpretation of the Qur’anic... More > verses was not a later development but began shortly after the death of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Different prominent companions of the Prophet began to differ from each other and with the passage of time these differences also deepened in their scope. There were various reasons for these differences. First and foremost was, of course, the differences due to understanding any text, and much more so the divine text which also tends to be symbolic, is understood depending on ones own mental and intellectual capacity. Also, the understanding of these verses depends on ones own personal or family background; the tribal background and the community ethos also would play an important role.< Less
What Happened?: How Biblical Judaism Became Christianity By Michael Calpino
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When Yahushua (Jesus) arrived on the scene in the early first century and began preaching, he did so as a Jew in a Jewish context. His talmidim (disciples) we all Jews who practiced Judaism as it... More > was understood in the second temple period. So how did what was simply another sect of Judaism become Christianity? What were the historical and theological changes that resulted in an anti-Semetic religion claiming a Jewish Messiah? This work, drawing on a variety of historical sources, traces the history of the Natzrim (the followers of the Nazarene) from "Pentecost" to Constantine. It explains the historical reasons for the abandonment of Judaism and the theological justifications developed to support it. In addition, it explains the role of Jew and Gentile in the early community and what they could or should be. The consequences of these changes were, and are, catastrophic for both Jew and Gentile. By understanding them, we can rebuild what Yahushua intended for his people.< Less
Osun Osogbo Goddess of My People By Steve Carlos
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Osun Osogbo, revered across the globe as goddess of fertility, is the focus and main attraction in the annual Osun Osogbo Festival celebrated by miracle-seeking people from all over the world. The... More > case of the Osun Osogbo renowned by devotees as a benevolent deity is the more complicated being intricately interwoven with the founding of the ancient community of Osogbo, South-west of Nigeria, which zone is the best developed in the entire West African sub-region. A tourist attraction, the Osun Osogbo Festival holds annually at the peak of the wet season usually around August. The author of the present work, an indigence of the town, which today is the seat of government of Osun State, named after the river goddess, takes the readership through the series of events leading to the grand finale of the festival in addition to a bold critique of the interconnectivity of humankind with the unseen forces.< Less
Suleiman's Bisexual Tales By Teejay LeCapois
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Follow the life of Suleiman, a big and tall, openly bisexual Black Muslim man living in the City of Ottawa, Canada. Delve into his days at Carleton University where he develops a fascination with... More > Hijab-wearing ladies and masculine men. Explore his adventures in the Canadian workforce. Rejecting the mainstream LGBT community for their Biphobia and subtle racism towards Black men, Suleiman forges his own path. Meet Laban, the macho Somali hunk whom Suleiman has a crush on, and the tall, athletic, big-bottomed and curvy Lady Jannah of Rwanda, whom he also lusts after. This is one man's quest to find himself while breaking all the rules. Calling out the racism and Biphobia of mainline LGBT society while seeking others like him, Suleiman fights for justice in his own way, and really doesn't care if you hate him.< Less
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Social defence By Brian Martin & Jørgen Johansen
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Social defence is nonviolent community resistance to aggression and repression, as an alternative to military forces. Given the enormous damage caused by military systems, social defence is an... More > alternative worth investigating and pursuing. Since the 1980s, Jørgen Johansen and Brian Martin have been involved in promoting social defence. In this book, they provide an up-to-date treatment of the issues. They address the downsides of military systems, historical examples of nonviolent resistance to invasions and coups, key ideas about social defence, important developments since the end of the Cold War, and the role of social movements. Social defence challenges deeply embedded assumptions about violence and defence. It is also a challenge to powerful groups with vested interests in systems of organised violence, especially militaries and governments. Popular action against aggression and repression is a radical alternative – and a logical one.< Less
Sonic Electronics Festival By Laura Netz
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SONIC ELECTRONICS FESTIVAL Borns with the need to create a place where to combine DIGITAL ARTS with ANALOGUE DEVICES and it is interested in showing processes of technological evolution. So, SEF... More > has as a reference the use of CODE as an original TECHNOLOGY for making MUSIC. It enjoys the DIY and HANDMADE spirit which ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, CODERS, MAKERS & HACKERS share. The activity fosters a community of tool DEVELOPERS and creative PRACTITIONERS interested in supporting creative practice through DIGITAL and ANALOGUE tools. The festival also opens to OS / OH practices in a counter-laboratory and participatory process. SEF is curated by Laura Netz, curator, artist, and director of EAM elektronische-art-and-music, a curatorial agency and record label, altogether with a network of collaborators and artists who support and facilitate the event.< Less
Federal Plain Language Guidelines By U.S. Government
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The Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) is a community of federal employees dedicated to the idea that citizens deserve clear communications from government. We first developed this... More > document in the mid-90s. We continue to revise it every few years to provide updated advice on clear communication. We hope you find this document useful, and that it helps you improve your writing — and your agency’s writing — so your users can: • find what they need, • understand what they find; and • use what they find to meet their needs. We’ve divided the document into five major topics, although many of the subtopics fit within more than one topic. We start with a discussion of your audience because you should think about them before you start to write your document or your web content. In fact, you should start to think about them before you start to plan.< Less
Victim Impact: Listen and Learn (Facilitator Manual) By U.S. Department of Justice
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Picture a juvenile correctional facility from the 1970s, one that houses offenders who committed murders, serious assaults, gang-related crimes, robberies, and sex offenses. Juvenile offenders are... More > sent to the facility to participate in treatment programs. A visitor might find offenders playing ping-pong, lifting weights, or watching television. “Is this the best we can do with offenders? Why can’t they learn about their victims and about the harm they caused?” The newly appointed director of the California Youth Authority (CYA) posed these questions in the early 1980s, triggering the development of a powerful and innovative program known then as the Impact of Crime on Victims (ICV). CYA staff asserted that traditional models of offender programming were ineffective in curbing delinquent behavior and that, subsequently, offenders returned to the community unchanged. Treatment programs at the time addressed what offenders needed: education, vocational training, substance abuse intervention, and life skills...< Less
We're The Super White Army By Adam Ford
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In 1988, Adam Ford became a supporter of Tranmere Rovers, Merseyside's 'deadly submarine' of a football club. That was a great time to be a fan. In August 2014, when the Palioses first took over the... More > club, it wasn't such a great time to be a fan. Relegation out of the Football League soon followed, and things looked desperate. But the Palioses had a plan to unleash the power of the 'Super White Army' to turn things on the pitch, off the pitch, and in underprivileged communities of Wirral. This is the story of how all that happened, and how Tranmere Rovers is now a club on the up once more. Featuring interviews with staff, former players, and - most importantly - many members of the Super White Army themselves, the book combines features on developments at Prenton Park over the last few years, with a blow-by-blow account of the incredible 2017/18 season, which saw Rovers promoted back to the football league.< Less

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