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Con Men, Bootleggers, and The Preacherman By George Stever
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This is a collection of short stories about the hard life, the life of characters, the life of miscreants and misfits. Crude, sexual, violent, witty, thoughtful, and full of wisdom and lessons never... More > learned by those who lead sheltered lives. This book is intended for a mature audience.< Less
Men on the Inside By Tyrone F. Muhammad
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Men On The Inside- Observations of Deviance: 13 Prison Character Types. The United States, with 4% of the world's population now in prisons more people than any other nation in the modern world,... More > incarcerating more than 25% of the world's total prison population. Increasingly the facilities are prisons for profit, managed not by government, but by private for profit corporations, yet still paid for by taxpayers money. Men On The Inside examines the resourceful and sometimes deviant behaviors men use to retain their sense of autonomy, meaning, and humanity in a system designed to deprive them of all those qualities of life. After serving a 40 year sentence in the Illinois dept. of corrections Tyrone F. Muhammad was released in June of 2017. During his incarceration he earned two college degrees and certifications in various fields of studies. He has dedicated his education and prison experience to serve at risk youth. He is the founder and Executive Director of Ex cons for community and social change(ECCSC)< Less
Con-Fessions: Truths, Myths And Stereotypes ABOUT MEN AND WOMEN AND RELATIONSHIPS By E WEEMS
eBook (PDF): $7.99
There are many Truths,Myths & Stereotypes out there about relationships. This book was derived from interviewing many different people from various walks of life. Be it if a person is... More > heterosexual or homosexual they all have opinions on relationships thay have had or currently are in. This book points out some very interesting peoples opinions. To learn more you must read for yourself!!!!< Less
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Shadow Of Con City By Viktor Zólyomi
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The Wild Boys, the best Black Ops unit in the Republic of North America, invade Con County and take the entire town of Black Lake hostage. Their leader, a decorated General, attempts to blackmail the... More > President, threatening to unleash weapons of mass destruction on Con City if his demands are not met within twenty-four hours. His plan begins to fall apart when his soldiers have an altercation with some of the locals in a diner: two waitresses, a cook, and the local psychopath. The General and his men are about to find out why Con County is the most dangerous plot of land in the entire universe.< Less
Gia Tộc Nguyễn Văn Nho - Nguyễn Thị Trợ By Con Cháu Nguyễn Văn Nho
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Quyển sách nầy sẽ giúp con cháu tìm về nguồn gốc của mình. Hiểu rõ hơn về các bậc cha... More > mẹ, ông bà, chú, bác, cô, dì đã có công sinh thành và góp bàn tay vun đắp cho tương lai của mình. Quyển sách nầy cũng phần nào phản ảnh lòng mến thương của anh chị em dành cho nhau từ thưở bé, lúc chung sống trong một mái nhà cho tới ngày thành gia thất và chia tay nhau đi khắp bốn phương, như đàn chim rời tổ ấm khi đã đủ lông cánh. Những người đã khuất bóng cũng được nhắc nhở với lòng trìu mến tri ân của con cháu và anh chị em.< Less
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PUEDO ESCRIBIR Y NO DISIMULAR Puedo escribir y no disimular, es la ventaja de irse haciendo viejo. SIN VERGUENZA Están tratando Directa Mente con un conmovedor Sin Vergüenza. LA... More > HONESTIDAD En todas las épocas la Honestidad recibe el nombre de Audacia. CUALQUIER PERSONA ES CAPAZ DE CUALQUIER COSA ¿Confiados? ¿Por qué? Cualquier persona es capaz de cualquier cosa. No somos tan previsibles como parece. Se trata de KIMIKA Nos “enamoramos” exclusivamente porque estando Suficientemente Cerca físicamente, las Feromonas, nuestras hormonas sexuales, están en trance bioquímico que se llama “enamoramiento”. Y sigue siendo la Kímika la que nos aleja de unas personas y nos acerca a otras ¿Qué podemos hacer sino obedecer? Es nuestra materia constituyente la que determina nuestros deseos.< Less
Yellow Men Sleep - Limited Edition Hardcover By Jeremy Lane
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Limited edition hardcover... only 100 made! Join explorer Con Levington as he searches for a lost civilization in the Gobi desert. Originally published as "The Fragrant Web" in All-Story... More > Weekly in 1919. A lost classic of the Lost Race genre. Another book in the Altus Press Lost Race Library.< Less
FORTUNE IN HER WITS, and the Hour of All Men By Francisco Quevedo
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The brilliant translation (1697) by John Stevens of LA FORTUNA CON SESO, y la Hora de Todos (1650), a biting social and political satire by Francisco Quevedo, the greatest stylist of 17th-century... More > Spanish literature. Edited and revised by Leon Stephens.< Less
We're All Men Here By John Flanagan
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Visit Bahrain, Baghdad and the restored Babylon, walk through the Friday Souk, see the Kuwait Towers up close, sit for a while in the gardens of the Grand Mosque and spend time in a dark and inviting... More > coffee house. Listen to Bloodshot Jim and the story of his loss, ride the night train with Major Adnan and his one thousand men and read an eyewitness account of cold-blooded murder. Meet Slippery Sam, The Arrow and The Platypus, Ned O'Brien and his bits of chalk, David the Waiter and Con the Monk, Big John Manzoni, Cassandra Franklin and Douglas Jay, Patrick 'The Omniscient One' Alexander and Nickel Ass and his colts. They're all here, the crafty and the open, the wise and silly, the pompous and the unassuming, the considerate and the careless, and John Flanagan's a born storyteller.< Less