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Sleeping City on the Farm: Volume 1, A History of Missouri's Confederate Home Cemetery By Jeff White
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This is the first and only recorded history of the Missouri Confederate Home Cemetery (part of Confederate Memorial State Historic Site). There is also a discussion of the recent controversial... More > removal of the Confederate battle flag in 2003. In addition, the author discusses options concerning the flag issue from a historic preservation viewpoint. It also contains the latest research findings concerning veterans with two graves, empty graves, conflicting records, "rediscovered veterans," and information on women and children. There is also a chapter dedicated to the possibility of identifying the "Unknown" soldiers buried there. The last chapter presents the interesting problems that occur when comparing all of the previously known graves registers. Finally, historic maps and photos orient the reader to the cemetery and the Home surroundings.< Less
Australasian Confederates of the American Civil War By James M. Gray
Paperback: $24.95
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The 'Australasian Confederates' is a compilation of all the presently known and confirmed American Civil War Confederate veterans that were either born in, were from or are buried in Australia and... More > New Zealand; those individuals that elected to serve in either the Confederate States of America's Army or Naval forces, or in other positions beneficial to the Confederate States of America. Some of those born in or from Australia and New Zealand never returned to their home countries and were buried elsewhere; some in the Southern states of the United States.< Less
Reflections of a Confederate Soldier: Duty Honor Courage By Michael L. Godfrey
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This incredible book documents the personal saga of a Confederate soldier from Texas who fought with General Forrest and other southern heroes. It’s a true account of Obed Christian’s... More > encounters against the Union Army in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. 'Reflections...' contains original letters and documented eye witness accounts of many battles fought between the Union Army and the Confederacy.Through an assemblage of captivating handwritten letters, my Great Grandfather vividly depicts the massive destruction of cities, homes, incomprehensible suffering of families along with hardships encountered by military existence. The stunning eye witness account of his brother’s death, horrifying massacre at Fort Pillows, Tennessee and bloody combat at Harrisburg and Old Town Creek, Mississippi, recaptures the devastation of the Civil War. With ultimate precision, the true essence of these letters are revealed through the skillful blending of amusing anecdotes, brief narratives and life force of biographies.< Less
Three Years in the Confederate Horse Artillery (selections) By George M. Neese
Paperback: $7.00
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Historical narrative. Charlottesville, war-torn, one hundred forty years ago. The motives of those who wore gray. A Private, a common soldier. Yet eloquent and captivating prose of home and friends... More > and family, of defining sense of duty, and of mortal combat. Private Neese’s memoirs shine light on Charlottesville’s rich history. Snapshots of the buildings, the streets, the mountainsides, and the people who lived here, and who fought and died here. Neese felt no animosity for the enemy, no glee in bloodshed. A warrior poet, he experienced homesickness, melancholy, happiness, satisfaction, mournfulness, hunger, aggravation, camaraderie and fatigue. In these memoirs he forged a bridge across time to leave in today’s reader a new and appreciably different perspective of Charlottesville. —Michael Waitz, USAF. by George M. Neese, introduced by Henry D. Molumphy, former officer of the United Nations< Less
Home Of The Brave By Les Rolston
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Les Rolston was born in 1954 and has studied American history for most of his adult life. His greatest interest is in the lives of ordinary people, who in times of crisis go on to do extraordinary... More > deeds. His first book, Lost Soul: A Confederate Soldier In New England (Mariner 2007 (second edition), described his efforts to preserve the unmarked grave site of a Confederate soldier buried in Rhode Island. As a result of this book Rolston gained national attention, telling his story through the Associated Press and television programs. He has received citations from the Rhode Island House of Representatives and a letter of commendation from former United States Senator Claiborne Pell. He was also awarded the Jefferson Davis Medal, the United Daughters of the Confederacys highest award.< Less
Heading Home By John Malone
Paperback: $15.00
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A fast-moving tale of life on the river... This is the story of Tom and Roxa Malone, who lived and loved in the Ohio River Valley many years ago. The story starts as the Confederate Army crosses the... More > Potomac in September, 1862, invading the North. Tom tries to run away from his strict Irish immigrant parents to enlist in the Pennsylvania Volunteers but is rejected because he is too young and receives a beating when he returns home to his parents. Two years later he finally breaks away from his overbearing parents and goes to work as a deckhand on the towboat Shark, beginning a series of adventures and narrow escapes in both war and peace. The annual rise and fall of the Ohio River begins to dominate Tom's life as he searches for his dream, finding happiness at last with his beloved Roxa. But he is not yet free of the bonds that still tie him to his family and to his Catholic faith... Based on a true story, this little book is full of fascinating real-life characters, traditions, places and events.< Less
My Old Kentucky Home at War By Roy Young
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The hills and mountains of the Commonwealth of Kentucky were the scene of a bloody and long conflict between two enemies of one nation, the Confederate States of the South and the Union of America.... More > The one thing, however, both sides had in common was the knowledge of the importance for control of Kentucky.To the Union, it was a holding position for an invasion into Tennessee and further South. For the Confederacy, the bluegrass state was truely a "Gateway to the North." If the Confederacy had control of Kentucky it would have access to all major bodies of water and direct access to the roads leading to and from Washington, D.C. By late 1861, both sides had moved into Kentucky. What was to come, wouldn't be resovled until many years later. This short era in Kentucky's history was a defining moment in which the Commonwealth took its stand to become neutral during this conflict, in a time when America was on a course with history.< Less
My Southern Home: or, The South and Its People By WM. WELLS BROWN, M.D.
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My Southern Home: or, The South and Its People
Amazing Journals of James Taylor: Lieutenant, Cavalry, Mounted Scouts, Headquaters Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America- CitizenUnited States of America- Deputy United States Marshal- Deputy United States Marshal By Charles Pocock
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Told in daily journal format, the story of a young C.S.A. soldier who returns home to find death and destruction. He strikes out for the west and finds adventure, love and disappointment, mystery and... More > outlaws as a U. S. Marshal. A heart warming story set in 1865-66 with a surprise ending.< Less
Sleeping City on the Farm, Volume 2, Register of Graves (2nd Edition) By Jeff White
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This volume contains the only comprehensive and accurate list of people buried in the Missouri Confederate Home Cemetery (Confederate Memorial State Historic Site). It is a summary comparison of all... More > headstones with information from all of the various known Missouri Confederate Home records. Soldiers from across Missouri and every Confederate state except Florida, as well as several foreign citizens that fought for the South, are buried here. A note section includes personal items of interest, record discrepancies, and some local newspaper verification dates. Personal tidbits include: the men who lived to be over 100 years of age, the last Confederate widow buried in 1961, and a two week old baby girl. There are also a prolific group of women quilters, a friend of Buffalo Bill, and a Confederate spy from Canada! Organized by row and grave number, this volume also contains a cemetery map and a complete index of names. No other register has all of the above research included.< Less

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