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Agentive Cognitive Construction Grammar By Sergio Torres-Martínez
Paperback: $58.51
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This book introduces an alternative reading of linguistic phenomena from the angle of agent-conceptualizers. Now this clearly and distinctly points up the fact that agency is integrated in linguistic... More > constructions by way of specific semiotic hybridations, which has a number of consequences, for example, the idea that constructions are not pairings of form and function, but triads of form, function and agency.< Less
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Book contains basic information about specifications used for construction projects. This material augments the drawings to provide the contractors with all the information they require to build the... More > project.< Less
Building Construction Technology By Thusaanth sasiyanantham
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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its fully engineering book includung this book building construction technology tricks soil test ,bearing capacity all details are including this book
re-construction By Jamie Kreher
eBook (PDF): $1.25
Jamie Kreher's "re-construction" at Ellen Curlee Gallery
Construction Equipment Manufacturers By Bull Machines
eBook (PDF): $8.99
BullIndia is the leading Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India. We provide heavy doze suppliers for Road construction machinery equipment. Bull India which also helps in Agri Such as Dozer... More > Blade for Tractor, Sugar Cane Grab Loader.Bull Indiais an innovation that contributes to India’s agricultural productivity. It is a front end loader with multipurpose 6 in 1 bucket with BAS (Bucket Adaptive System).Agri-Bull can be used for all type of agricultural material handling requirements like manure, cereals, fodder, feed, harvested commodities, fertilizers,pulses etc.< Less
Resilience: An Engineering & Construction Perspective By Robert Prieto
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Resilience: An Engineering & Construction Perspective reflects my continued research and work on the challenges of large scale engineering & construction programs. At one level, this book... More > considers a special type of such a program, namely the recovery following what I have termed an “event of scale” reflecting the fact that these events may be both manmade as well as natural in origin. At a deeper level, it reflects my observations from witnessing the good, bad and ugly of large scale disaster response and recovery efforts from an engineering & construction perspective. This second perspective was initially built not by design, but rather by happenstance and circumstance, but continues to intersect my professional life to this date.< Less
Essentials of Heavy Construction Estimating By Lance deStwolinski
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One of the essential skills one must develop to succeed in the construction business is estimating. There are several factors that go into winning contracts at a buildable and profitable value, but... More > the primary factor is an estimate that is well thought out and executed. Estimating is a combination of cost accounting, engineering skills, and the art of visualizing how things are built. With this in mind, the book will focus on the fundamentals and key processes that give an estimator the ability to dissect a project into quantities, work components, schedules, risks, etc. that allow an estimator to provide management with a competitive and buildable cost evaluation. This book—by a construction professional—focuses on estimating for the submittal of a firm or hard money bid on design-bid-build projects. Whether you’re an engineering student, estimator, architect, professional engineer or construction professional, there are key fundamentals and processes presented that can be beneficial to you.< Less
Constructing the Shape of the Square By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $5.99
"Using the line AB given below and the instructions outlined. Construct a square ABCD. 1. Bisect the side AB and the side CD and label the new points where the lines are bisected at point X and... More > point Y respectively. 2. Join point X and point Y with a straight line, what do you notice this does to the Square? 3. Extend the side DC out pass the point C by about 6cm. 4. Now draw a perpendicular from point W down to the line AB which has been extended to meet this perpendicular line at the point of intersection I. 5. When the line WI intersects the extended line AB what do you have? "< Less
Tennis Court Construction & Maintenance By Boris Johnson
eBook (PDF): $0.00
1. Getting Started With Tennis Courts Construction. 2. Common Tennis Court Maintenance Problems & Ways to Resolve It. 3. Different Types Of Surfaces You Will See in Tennis Courts. 4. Tennis Court... More > Resurfacing - The Importance of Guide Specifications. 5. Tennis surface options: clay, grass, or hard courts?< Less
Clearwater Pond Construction By G.W. Bunch
eBook (PDF): $14.95
This book was designed to give you a joyful, rewarding, maintenance free, fish ponding experience. Clearwater's pond building design guide will keep unwanted animals out, maintain perfect water... More > quality, support, and grow, healthy and happy fish with the absolute minimum of required maintenance. You will learn how to keep your water crystal clear (year-round) without any added UV lights, equipment, chemicals or gadgets. This book is full of information and photo's. You will be happy you found this pond construction book.< Less

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