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Awakened Dracaena By B. L. Foxxe
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Fantastical draconic elements drive contemporary teen, Elle Hakke from an abusive life. Learning her dragon heritage will set her free or send her into a psychiatric hospital. Either way, she's... More > escaping.< Less
Awakened Dracaena By B. L. Foxxe
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Fantastical draconic elements drive contemporary teen, Elle Hakke from an abusive life. Learning her dragon heritage will set her free or send her into a psychiatric hospital. Either way, she's... More > escaping.< Less
The House at the Center (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $6.99
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(1 Ratings)
A paranormal fantasy romance, The House at the Center of the Worlds is a novella that reaches across time and the boundaries of the universe itself to right an old injustice and bring union to two... More > sundered souls.< Less
Variations on a Theme By Simon Forster
Hardcover: $29.71
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(2 Ratings)
A collection of 34 short stories from the mind of Simon Forster, author of 10 little Stories and The Pixies Did It! Horror mixed with romance, fantasy and science fiction, end of the world stories,... More > mermaids, talking clocks, and the last light in the world; just some of the wonders inside this book. Best read with the light on.< Less
The Caretaker By C. C. Brower
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A Writer Recluse Places an Ad for a Caretaker and Gets More Than He Asked For This quiet contemporary fiction has a calm romance beneath the seeming gruff exterior of a reclusive writer who wants... More > his solitude above all else. When a caretaker arrives who is every bit as quietly headstrong about keeping the place tidy, there have to be some adjustments. As a reclusive writer, he didn’t much care for what he got, but had some wishes. Since he’d never married again, the idea of having a female moving about the big empty house made him both worried and content. He had been happy to live quietly at the end of a long, dusty road, but found his cleaning habits left too much dust around. Maggie was herself quiet and happy to have such a job. She was a student of writing, but had never published. Her shyness found her many admirers, but never a long relationship. How she got hired was a bit of a mystery... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
Stirring Sagas By Dennis K Hausker
Paperback: $12.95
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Princess of Varik Is an epic fantasy in which Evan Storic, fifth and lesser son of King Grieg, much beloved by the common soldiers, is sent on a quest to a neighboring realm to woo a princess. ... More > Orbis Veritas Dillon Craig is part of a team exploring a newly discovered planet. He is brilliant and he is competent, but when it comes to the area of love, he suffers galling setbacks and he reacts poorly. It sends him on a quest to escape his shame, but it leads him into discovery of an ancient city and the hazards located there. Battle Master A consummate warrior crashes on a primitive planet and suffers temporary amnesia. During this phase, a beautiful village woman decides she wants him and it starts a sequence of events that starts out comically, but ends with deadly dangers. Family Lost Crown prince Falen has led a terrifying life of severe training and deprivation. He believes his father wishes him dead, but developing events show him a different view of his life.< Less
Toward A New Dawn By J. R. Kruze
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An Epic Road Trip and Fantastical Semi-Memoir Living life is nothing that any moron or better couldn't accomplish, even without setting one's mind to it. The trick is to do something with that life.... More > Or live several at once, so that one could at least be a success in one of them. Herbert, having endured his mid-life crisis with all the aplomb possibly available to him, now was set on making a new life for himself. This is his book. Such a book has parallels with our own. That is life for you - it sneaks up on you and drops some odd segue or link into some other person's scene and then just nips away, as if it was mainlining pixie dust or some super-quantum Dune drug. Blue eyes and all. You see, Herbert does live more than one life at once. Shackled to the mundane world of the Midwest warehouse laborer, he yet lives in worlds of extreme science, wild fantasy environments and incredibly sensuous surroundings... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
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Owl Woman By Elen Sentier
eBook (ePub): $3.72
Vicki wakes out of a dream just as the phone rings. She answers it and her father's housekeeper tells her that Jacob, her archaeologist father, has been killed just as she saw in her dream. She goes... More > home to find out what has happened and old things begin to surface. And the village is in turmoil because Sylvie, her father's mistress, has capped the spring and the village is dying for lack of water. Vicki meets Merle again, her ex-lover from whom she ran away, and learns Jacob had found the village's famous 4000-year-old gold cup that he'd been searching obsessively for all his life. This re-awakened Sylvie's own grail-obsession. She and Jacob fought and now the cup has disappeared again. Vicki and Merle begin the hunt to retrieve it. Events are exacerbated by Vicki's resumed but still rocky relationship with Merle, and by the shadowy Owl Woman, the spirit-of-place, who has her own agenda. Vicki finds herself becoming this spirit ... and the Owl Woman is wanting to settle old scores.< Less
Proposition By Ola Wegner
Paperback: $14.95
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Proposition By Ola Wegner-- Librarian Amy Carpenter decides to marry a wealthy man, whom she barely knows and whom she does not love. She agrees to the arranged marriage with Jake Barry in order to... More > rescue her father's company. She is a both pretty and intelligent, but she underestimates herself in many ways. Jake Barry is an entrepreneur and owns a building company, among others firms. He is very successful professionally, but feels less fortunate in his personal life. Jake is ruthless and even manipulative if he wants something – and he wants Amy. Amy wants to develop feelings for her husband, but is wary though she sees the tender side of Jake. Can the two learn to understand one another, as well as to deal with their painful past relationships and past partners; in order to find the true love both are learning they deserve?< Less

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