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Journal of Mobile's Southern Cookery By Drick Perry
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Full edition 'coffee-table' 11"x8.5" - 198 color photos of food preparations - step-by-step instructions A collection of favorite foods that also reflect the history and folklore of Mobile... More > and the surrounding areas of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Many ways of Southern cookery contained in this collection hail our surrounding area. Featuring images of vintage postcards of our area. Each recipe in this collection is prefaced by a “story” that is either based on facts derived from our area’s historical chronicles or is drawn from traditions that have been passed down for generations. All stories either reflect upon a past time and place or offer an insight into our cultural “personalities”. Many recipes refer to our harvested crops -- especially seafoods -- that are so important in our area, and that we are fortunate to have in abundance. We believe you will enjoy our “stories” for their lightness as well as their facts, and we feel sure you will enjoy these recipes!< Less
Alchemy Of Ayurvedic Cookery By Shazia Gogia
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Alchemy of Ayurvedic Cookery” guides you through the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic wisdom to teach you how to use a plant-based diet, complex layering of spices, and healthy adaptations of... More > cuisines from all over the world to cook healthy, nutritious, Ayurvedically balanced food that nourish, your body, mind and soul. It offers practical solutions for modern day cook by replacing time-constrained traditional practices with skillful use of choppers, blenders, soaking, and short cuts that do not sacrifice freshness, health, nutrition and taste. Shazia takes you step-by-step through stocking up a healthy pantry, starting with basic spices that you can find at any health foods store, and using local and seasonal produce. Shazia also unveils mystery out of traditional Indian cooking and Ayurvedic unfamiliarity. Each recipe includes an Ayurvedic key that presents the dish’s effects on each dosha, health impacts, and seasonal suitability.< Less
Paper-Bag Cookery By Vera Countess Serkoff
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When Primitive Man first ventured on the daring experiment of applying heat to his newly-slain prey, he would most naturally adopt the obvious plan of suspending it on three sticks over a fire. The... More > result, though no doubt to a certain extent tasty, would be smoked, charred on one side, raw on the other, and this, coupled with the frequency of burned fingers gained while rescuing the meat from the fire into which it fell when the sticks burned through, caused Primitive Man—or, more probably, Primitive Woman—to evolve the method of cooking known to us to-day as Paper-bag Cookery. Paper not having been discovered, the prehistoric cook could not use the bags now placed at our disposal, but a very fair substitute was always ready to hand in the shape of green leaves, in which the meat was carefully wrapped. A hole was dug in the ground, and partly filled with large stones, on the top of which a fire was kindled.< Less
Parker Family Cookery By David Parker Food Service Specialist
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Over 500 Family Recipes. Handed down over the years. Some dated back to over 100 years.
Parker Family Cookery By David Parker Food Service Specialist
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Over 500 Family Recipes. Handed down over the years. Some dated back to over 100 years.
War Time Cookery By Edith Blackman
eBook (ePub): $4.99
There is often a need to conserve food. Sometimes the conditions of life require food conservation, for example during the war time or other kinds of severe hardships, and sometimes it is useful to... More > conserve food and eat sparingly just for the health of the body. This book will teach you how to prepare meals while conserving and economizing food resources, that is, saving in waste and lessening the over 150 food consumption. Despite the economy, the recipes offered do not require a radical change in daily menu or habits of living, but teach how to prepare food that is attractive, tasty, wholesome and sufficient for the daily needs of the body.< Less
The Book of Potato Cookery By Mary L. Wade
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115 potato recipes suitable for tables of rich and poor alike, showing how to prepare economical and nutricious dishes from the "noble tuber".
Cookery Book for my Mother By Marlis Rodio
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I was born and educated in Denmark. I worked two years in The Black Forest, Germany, where I became a cook in a Spa Hotel, before I went back to Denmark for my final education as a Technical... More > Assistant. Once finished I moved to Zurich, Switzerland where I switched into IT in 1968. I migrated to England in 1976. My love for cooking has never waned. I love experimenting with food and when I began this book, with my now deceased mother’s help, I really started to exercise more creativity. The recipes are easy to follow and do NOT require any specific skills. Most of them only take 10-20 minutes from preparation to serving.< Less
The Best of British Cookery Book By Juliet Sullivan
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The essential collection of delicious British recipes
The Indian Cookery Book By vinnys website
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This ebook is a must have for anyone serious about Indian cooking.It contains 100s of old recipes that were published in Calcutta before 1900.

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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